Scribed by Jean

Spring 1083 AD

After the events of the winter, it was imperative that we had an Aegis in place as soon as possible so I was given the task of inventing a version of the necessary spell. It was put in place at the end of the season. During the spring, several other interesting events occurred. Perhaps the most significant was the visit of Darius of Solis Castle. He brought just one year's money with him, and demanded three years' vis in exchange. Darius and Ruaridh engaged in Certamen over the matter, and Ruaridh was swiftly defeated. We then revoked Darius' invitation to stay, and relations between our two covenants would now seem to be on a rather shaky footing.

Idris discovered a new Regio, and met an unusual woman named Deanne, while hunting for herbs in the forest. He also told us that he had had a disturbing dream about wolves, and he intends to investigate further. At the end of the season, Idris and Ruaridh, accompanied by a pair of grogs, set off to fetch the Mentem vis. This they achieved, though I understand that there experienced some minor difficulties during their journey.


Problems struck close to home when the mine on which we will soon so depend collapsed one evening. We rushed to the aid of those who were trapped, but during the course of the rescue attempt another collapse occurred and two of the Magi were fortunate to survive. Idris chose to transform his skin into tough serpent's scales, but did not realise the effect this would have on the miners as he was dug loose. Work was delayed for much of the season as several miners fled in panic.

Petrus returned from his journey around Midsummer, and he was therefore present on Midsummer's night when the faeries came bearing a gift in recognition of the part played by some members of the covenant in saving the Regio several seasons ago. The gift was a bundle of bound twigs, and we quickly determined that it contained vis. Petrus intends to examine it in greater detail in Autumn. He has also scribed his version of the Aegis of the Hearth to ensure that we are not left unprotected again. Finally, word has reached us that a hedge wizard named Myrnyddawn attacked a Maga named Manaeddwi. We will be sure to keep a lookout for this rogue.


The season began with Certamen between myself and Petrus over his unremitting insulting behaviour. However, after being defeated, I was forced to concede the matter, and the incident was soon forgotten. Indeed, Petrus soon rendered useful service to the covenant by identifying the faerie gift as some sort of healing device.

Little else occurred during the season save for an encounter between one of our grog patrols and a local nobleman. It ended with the grogs fleeing into the Regio discovered by Idris, where the old woman Deanne rescued the man. I have been invited to spend Michaelmas with Sir Bernard of Lydney.


Again, a largely peaceful season for the covenant. The faerie attacks of last winter were not repeated, though a few flying creatures were seen flying around the edges of the Aegis, and one was shot down. We hope that this will bring the enmity between the covenant and the dark fae to an end. Idris has continued his Latin tuition, and he becomes ever more proficient. Cedewith has spent some time teaching her healing skills to the other covenfolk.

While attending the Michaelmas service in Gloucester, at which King William himself was present, I learned that a new tax will be levied in the New Year. We are therefore concerned about our lack of mundane resources, but otherwise things appear to be better at the end of this year than they were twelve months ago.