Scribed by Jean

Spring 1084 AD

Our financial difficulties continue. Sylvester refused to lend us money except on most unfavourable terms, and dealings with the Jewish usurer Abraham did not go as well as we might have hoped. Still, we managed to scrape together enough to pay the King's tax.

Idris and Petrus travelled to inspect the Regio in the forest. It seems that it is tied to the Infernal realm and inhabited by the Devil's wolves. Idris says that the time is not far off when these creatures will break out from the Regio, and he therefore intends to keep a close watch on this place. While they were there, Cadog, one of the more uncouth Welsh grogs, and a man with whom we have had trouble before, was perhaps lucky to escape unscathed after venturing into the Regio against Petrus' direct instructions. Oscytel keeps good discipline on the whole, however.


Brought by tales of the 'Welsh wizard', some peasants from a village a few days west of here came asking for aid against a giant who had attacked their homes. Idris travelled with a few grogs travelled to the place, and, after a brief skirmish, succeeded in driving the creature off. Some of the men sustained minor injuries. Apart from this incident, the season passed peacefully.


We finally received a visit from a Redcap. He did not tarry long, but imported news of some importance, both Hermetic and mundane. There is the possibility that we may be able to arrange to trade magical resources with the covenants of Morstow and Scarfell, and the latter also sent thanks for the aid we had given them in the past. Ruaridh received some personal correspondence.

Some of the grogs encountered Radulfus to the south of the covenant. A fight ensued, and one man was killed and several more badly injured. He made no further appearances throughout the season, for which I can only give thanks to the Lord. We have decided to prepare a longevity potion for Oscytel as it will not be long before we raise him to the position of castellan.


A testing time for all at Severn Temple. A young boy, from a poor home I am told, was brought back to the covenant, but he was soon sent away to Gloucester after an incident with some of the grogs, including the man we wish to become the steward. We later discovered that the boy was really a foul imp, and he used his witchery to persuade two grogs to let him stay in the covenant's grounds. We eventually found out what was going on, and the creature was despatched with little effort. However, an argument ensued over whether we should keep the infernal Rego vis found in the imp's horns, and Ruaridh and I fought Certamen. He won and we destroyed the vis.

Of the events surrounding Midwinter I know little, for I was at the centre of the matter and sorely wounded. The dark fae launched a major attack on the covenant, and the Aegis failed. I was wounded and carried off into the night, but the grogs managed to beat the rest of the creatures off. Of my subsequent encounter with the Morrigan witch I remember little save that I bested her and gained my liberty, aided by my sodales who had come to rescue me. As the year ends, we wonder as to what the future will bring. The mine is now producing some ore, but money is still tight, and we have many problems to resolve.