Scribed by Idris

Spring 1088 AD

There was a civil war of some sort in the land, and Jean, being the recognised landowner, went off to fight as requested by the Earl. However, he wasn't wanted, it seems, and he returned without having fought. The moon finally became full in the Dell of Wolves, and they crossed over into this world. I tracked them south from the dell and saw their tracks change from those of wolves to those of men wearing boots and carrying weapons. From a safe vantage point in one of the tall oaks overlooking Lydney, I saw them attack the village. I had warned the inhabitants to expect an attack, but the knight was away warring and the village had few defenders, too few to stave off the terrible onslaught. The man-wolves bore weapons of bronze and bows, and they swiftly overran the village, slaughtering all within. I saw not one of them fall. Come dawn, I climbed down and made to return to the covenant with all haste, assuming the form of a wolf. On the way I was attacked by Radulfus, who bore the guise of a man no more and I only narrowly escaped with my life as a hail of preternatural fire exploded at my heels. As I caught sight of the covenant I was shot by one of the archers on the walls and sorely wounded. I know that this was an unfortunate accident, the archer, Aelfwold, panicked and failed to recognise my wolf-form but I have laid a curse on him such that the next time he fires his bow in anger the string will break.


We have decided that it would be for the best if Jean 'returns to Normandy' so he and Ruaridh went to Gloucester to transfer the land holding to Ruaridh. While in Gloucester they discovered that Sylvester had left a Will branding Jean a sorceror, Petrus an alchemist and Reeve Baldwin a bastard. Sir Bernard of Lydney sent to us for help as a Welsh war party attacked his village. I was out of the covenant at the time fortunately. We sent a force of grogs to help, but all at Lydney save Sir Bernard were slain. The Welsh though were also killed to a man. I wonder if Lydney truly is cursed. We have now seen two villages destroyed there in the years that I have been at the temple alone, and magic appears to be dangerous and unreliable there.

It seems that, despite my efforts to replant it, the Vervain was completely destroyed by the sound of the Church bell at Lydney. Also my attempts to brew a herbal salve to heal Jean's arm have failed. I journeyed to the site of the Ignem vis with Ruaridh and Jean to investigate the creature that has taken residence in the cave where the vis is found after our scouts reported claw marks around the entrance. We found that some sort of flying reptilian creature (some relation to the drakes perhaps?) which walked upon two legs had made it's home there. We drove it off with arrows but all the vis was gone.


Ruaridh has learnt through Eadric's contacts that thankfully no action is planned against Jean by the citizens of Gloucester: the witless city-dwelling fools are too scared. Now that he has 'left' hopefully rumours will subside after his last visit when he spooked horses in Gloucester castle, the room in which he was staying burnt down and he was implicated in the disappearance of a priest there. There was an argument in council when Ruaridh accused Jean of lying about knowing nothing about the priest's disappearance. I could see it in his eyes that he was lying to us. Petrus suggested that Ruraidh cast Frosty Breath of the Spoken Lie on Jean but Jean refused to allow it. Ruaridh challenged Jean to certamen (Perdo Auram) and won. The spell was cast that evening, Jean repeated that he knew nothing about the priest's disappearance and there was no frost. Ruaridh apologised for his mistake and the matter was dropped.


The season passed relatively uneventfully for once. Petrus produced a lead arm torc which can protect people from evil spirits and Ruaridh an elm wand to hurt them. The brewery is now finished and the tavern has been named 'The Fox & Chicken' in reference to the continuing struggle to keep Eanfled out of the chicken coop. The basics of the forge and smithy are also done but their interiors still need fitting out.