A first magnitude infernal aura is found in a hidden space in the covenant’s basement.
Ruaridh is attacked by an infernal gang, the Fells, in Gloucester.
Jean is found to have been a diabolist; his spirit accuses his pater, Darius, of similar crimes.
The spring produces Perdo vis at the Autumn Equinox.
Idris has a vision of a red dragon drinking from the Severn, staining it with blood.
Turold joins the covenant.

The covenant has to pay bribes to reclaim its land, which had been assigned to the church.
Idris slays the Earl of Gloucester as the Welsh storm the city.

Ruaridh and Idris fail in an attempt to take the Amaranth, a potent faerie bloom.
Several members of the covenant are transformed into animals by a faerie curse.
Petrus uses a ritual obtained from Durenmar to suppress the infernal aura.
Idris’ is married, and his wife gives birth to a gifted child, Ieuan.

A faerie messenger tells Idris he must complete the bargain he made concerning his child.
House Tremere announce the establishment of Holy Isle covenant; Darius joins.
Gofannon steals Idris’ child.

Idris obtains the Amaranth, which he presents to Llyn-y-fan, who reverses her curse.
Ruaridh discovers that a cult of ten infernalists led by Guyere is operating in Gloucester.
Varsavia joins the covenant.
At the Stonehenge Tribunal, Garius is elected Praeco in place of the frail Nostrius.
Cors attack the covenant at midwinter.

Ruaridh and Varsavia slay the wyrm of Bryn Mawr.
Signs that the faerie season is changing from summer to autumn.
Casitus and Dionysus visit on the trial of a priest of the Anu.
Turold and Idris have visions of pagans sacrificing a Roman at the autumn equinox.
A grog, Bryghtwold, is attacked by a demon posing as a serving wench in Gloucester.

Ruaridh encounters diabolists at Stent Priory and Frampton.
Varsavia visits Gofannon’s halls, where she encounters Idris’ son.
Turold and Idris encounter a pagan archer in a higher level of the regio above the covenant.
Jolyon erects stone walls around the covenant, though they are stained by Turold’s magic.

An attempt to poison a diabolist, Henry of Lakewood, goes awry.
Turold disappears into the upper level of the regio, encountering giant spiders.
The Grand Tribunal meets, declaring the Unnamed House to be an enemy of the Order.
The shades of Jean and Radulfus appear at the spring.
The magi rescue the Ruadan, who had been overcome by an infernal wand.

Ruaridh destroys a black staff placed in the infernal dell.
Varsavia slays Henry of Lakewood using Opening the Intangible Tunnel.
Several of the magi catch the plague after they disturb the tomb of an ancient king.
Giant spiders attack the covenant, wounding Petrus, as the faerie season moves into winter.

At the House Ex Miscellanea meeting, Uriens threatens Holy Isle with destruction.
Holy Isle’s status as a dedicated covenant is suspended while Daffyd’s death is investigated.