Scribed by Petrus

Spring 1092 AD

The wet and bitterly cold start to this season will delay the resumption of hostilities between the Normans and the Welsh. It is rare that I find myself hoping for bad weather, but long may it continue. With regard to the fact that we are losing a grog each mid-summer (tho' our Castellan's attitude appears to adapt to this change), Ruaridh and Idris are to cooperate in the production of a Rego Herbam spell to ward away the entangling undergrowth which surrounds the dell of the precious Amaranth. Idris and Eanfled are of the opinion that nothing but this flower will placate the faerie, tho' Eanfled seems quite pleased to have some company of his own size. I shall investigate the potential of three pawns of Intellego vis, kindly spared to me from our frugal supply by council. As his covenant service, Turold, will develop an item to assist us in locating a new site for an iron, or perhaps silver, mine. His insights into the construction of devices are remarkable; he truly is the filius of Corlear.

We hear that Clydoc has been declared the High King of Wales, but his new station has not made him any more clement. He is rumoured to have imprisoned vassals sent by King Robert to parlay. Indeed he has vowed never to let another Norman foot tread on Welsh soil. Let us hope it is a vow he can keep. Certainly we appear to be better off under this Welsh King. Rather than pay taxes, Clydoc has sent us weapons and goods in thanks to Idris. These more than make up for those weapons lost at the fall of Monmouth. It appears that Idris is now formally wed in the ways of his Pagan Gods. I heard little of the ceremony, save that there was none. It is all too sordid for these pages, and I apologise for even mentioning such facts. It is the duty of a good scribe to keep all the facts writ and proper, even if they are not items of great taste or delicacy. On a positive note, Idris believes that his 'wedding' will go some way to reset the balance of the Spring towards Creo again.


After a sudden storm which almost punctuated the end of Spring, the weather has cleared. War will follow the sunshine I fear. Nevertheless, Ruaridh and Idris will endeavour to reach the faerie bloom, and thus end the mid-summer curse. Thereafter Ruaridh will further his study of the Mentem book, whilst Idris investigates what became of a Pagan priest he met in Wales. I shall study the Aquam books, as I wish soon to take on an apprentice. Turold has wisely chosen to read of the Vim texts. He will need more practice in that art if he is ever to rival his Pater.

The foray into the faerie regio did not go as well as hoped. Although our intrepid Sodales were able to breach the entangling bracken, they were stalled by a woodland spirit which animated the trees against them. After some deliberation they opted for caution, but did not escape the dell without injury befalling one of the grogs. Thus at mid-summer, Pybba, our oldest grog, indeed one of the members of the first incarnation of Severn Temple, was transformed into a bear. We are surrounded by furry forest animals now. However, Oscytel continues to take things in his stride.

From Wales we heard that Clydoc and Robert have declared a peace. Perhaps the new King of England has trouble with his Dukes and Earls, or simply wishes to wait for a better chance to strike. Nonetheless Clydoc has agreed to surrender Gloucester to the Normans, and the treaty states that all the land west of the Severn is Wales. Let us hope that each party keeps their word.


After a delay, while we waited for Ruaridh to attend council, we met for our regular meeting. I shall extract Vim Vis for the covenant, while Turold has taken the Mentem books. Ruaridh decided to invent another spell. Indeed that magus must know over a score of formulaic spells now; strange given that his spontaneous magic is so powerful. Idris, as well as spending time with his swollen wife, will try to find time to study Corporem vis.

Later in this season two riders venture to our covenant. They are keen to ensure that the Saxons among our number recognise their King, and we allow our grogs to swear allegiance to Clydoc and Wales. They will tolerate those Saxons who will live here peaceably it seems. Ruaridh is very good at the Parma Magica; indeed there seems little at which this able magus does not excel. Our practice session are proving very useful.


Ruaridh shall add to his already formidable number of formulaic spells by inventing a Rego Corporem spell of the fourth magnitude. Idris will stay in the covenant and read from the Intellego books. I shall extract Vim Vis for Turold as repayment of the favour he paid me last year. I look forward to seeing the fruits of his endeavours, he speaks enthusiastically, tho' a little slowly, about the item he intends to make for his House meeting. There is so much planning involved when designing an item for a House meeting of Verditius, it is good to see such dedication in a magus. In the meantime, Turold will press on with his studies of Mentem. Stassius arrived with the tomes from Durenmar.

The Perdo Vim ritual is complex, perhaps too complex for me to learn at present. However, after some effort I was able to sucessfully cast the spell and break the Infernal aura. I do not even wish to consider what might have occurred if the spell casting had gone awry. We have written a letter to Cad Gadu, it is addressed to Sylvania of Merinita, who we hope will offer us some advice regarding this faerie curse. We cannot afford to lose grogs each year. I would imagine it might damage the morale of the men. On a side note, Stassius appears to visit us more often and sometimes stay overnight, perhaps this is a sign of our growing recognition within the Tribunal.

Some of the men visited Monmouth for mid-winter. Brydioc, the new Welsh Earl, invited some of our folk for the feasting. We sent Thurstan along to watch for any trouble, but apparently there was no sign of any hostility towards them. It appears that Idris is greatly respected by these Welsh. Speaking of my Sodalis, I must report that his vulgar relations have borne him good fruit. His wife has given birth to a boy. This child has the Gift, a rare prize. Still it seems a rather unorthodox, not to mention troublesome, path to finding a future apprentice. So another year draws to a close.