Scribed by Idris

Spring 1100 AD

Castellan Oscytel departed this life on the first morning of the new year at peace in his bed scarcely a fitting end for so violent and unpleasant a man and Thurstan was appointed Castellan in his stead. Petrus departed for Durenmar and our gatehouses were finally completed. Alarmingly later in the season we found a spy from Holy Isle in Black Knee who had been set to watch the covenant for any signs of Diedne. Eventually after interrogating him at length we let him go with a curt message for the magi of that covenant.


We journeyed into the fey regio to speak with Ruadan about her gift and to try to challenge the Mountain King for my son. The snow lay thick about the land and conditions were terribly harsh making travel very hard going indeed. Ruaridh spoke with Ruadan and in return for the five pawns of Perdo vis that she had gifted him, for it was she who had sent the Cor, he agreed to kill the daemon who had tricked her, set its head on a spike and burn it. In addition, as compensation for the death of her servant, she demanded blood. Varsavia explained that she only wanted a few drops not the the life that we feared, but none of us save Cynddylan was prepared to do it. I warned him about the possible consequences of such an act but he was not daunted and went through with it though I fear for what will happen to him.

Then on to see Gofynwy who agreed to take me and one other through to the realm of the Mountain King. I took Myrvyn with me for the challenge as we decided on an archery contest before embarking on our quest. The King agreed to the challenge: if Myrvyn my champion won then I would be allowed to leave with Ieuan but if he lost then I would remain with him for the time it would take for Ieuan to grow to manhood.

The contest could not have been closer: the King shot with a bow of marble and once he had the mark, he hit an unerring bullseye with his second shot of three. Myrvyn also hit bullseye with his final arrow and we still only won when he let out the most outrageous sneeze as the King fired his final arrow causing him to miss his mark. So it was with a greatly lightened heart that I was able to leave with my son who had aged but one year. What ill-feelings and mistrust had been present between me and the King were now passed and we left on good terms. I said I would bring Ieuan to see him every few years, a promise that I have every intention of keeping. Myrvyn will also have to return as he accepted the King’s gift of his bow in return for promising to return to teach him archery. On the way out I agreed to pay Gofynwy as much welsh gold as I could carry in return for him ferrying us across to the King’s realm.

Whilst we were gone the storyteller Stephen came again at Midsummer’s Eve and told tale of Taliesien and his origins from Cerridwen’s cauldron and Gwion. Was there a hidden message in all this for us? I feel there must have been as Ederryn sent him here to meet me but alas it seems our paths are destined not to cross. Taliesien had the gift of prophecy and could see the past, present and future - he was the Merlin. Stephen also foretold war in the land and saw English soldiers coming to the Temple.


There was a bitter argument at council. Turold proposed a motion to censure Ruaridh for breaking a previous vote of council (not to pursue the diabolists until we had had guidance from the Quaesitor). Turold voted for the motion but Varsavia and Ruaridh voted against it and I abstained. Ruaridh was clearly at fault but his intentions were good despite his arrogance in the matter. There was then a vote for Ruaridh to follow the fey pact he had made with the same outcome.

Stassius arrived shortly afterwards for a very brief visit. The Dominion is every more powerful following King Robert’s murderous victories in the Eastern Lands. Proof surely of it’s brutal influence? The King though tragically died in a hunting accident and civil war looms as Duke Henry and Prince Hugh start fighting. Hugh has had himself crowned at sword-point and "King" Hugh is besieging Gloucester with an army. How long I wonder before the treaty with Wales is violated once again.

Primus Guernicus has ruled that Daffyd killed himself to avoid questioning. Alas I feared he would find such, Daffyd’s plan of blackening Holy Isle’s reputation has backfired and it can only be a matter of time before they come for me. Other news Hermetic: Nostrius has gone into final twilight and Casus of Flambaeu is to join Blackthorn. Gruda has been requested to attend Holy Isle covenant and Jania has ruled that anyone sighting him must tell him this if they see him. The noose tightens.

It seems Turold has now changed his mind about his motion to censure Ruaridh and has backed down over it and apologised to Ruaridh. Even though he lost the vote anyway, now does he toady to regain Ruaridh’s favour.

With war seemingly imminent I have sent Blodwyn and Ieuan out of the covenant with the women and children to Monmouth. With them out of harm’s way and Cynddylan to look after them at least now I can stop worrying about them and concentrate on matters here. A fortnight later, as Stephen the bard foretold, an English army of several hundred men arrived at our gates and demanded entry. Turold parleyed with them but refused them admittance. We were given a day and a night before their attack. Somehow before this time was up a dozen of their soldiers got inside the courtyard and managed to hold the door open long enough for more soldiers to get in. There was some desperate fighting but our soldiers managed to hold them off and Varsavia’s fire magicks repulsed them.

However we were left with only eight able-bodied men to defend the Temple with so we decided on a sally with myself, Ruaridh and Varsavia made invisible. We attacked in the early hours of the morning and routed the army. The Englishmen were terrified as their leaders died before their eyes with no enemy in sight and fled screaming in terror. I think it will be some goodly time before any other army marches on this place.

Varsavia’s studies this season with Terram went awry again and caused a minor earthquake which destroyed the granary and also Iacobus’ texts on Magic Theory.


An eerily quiet season, the snows were light upon the land and though the wolves were hungry and roamed the land they caused us little trouble. There seems to be no malign influence acting upon them but they do grow ever bolder as starvation looms over them. Is this some portent perhaps from the land of hard times to come?