Scribed by Turold

Spring 1108 AD

The beginning of a new year failed to bring much of the optimism that the turning of the weather normally heralds, our thoughts focussed as they are on what the summer, and with it the Tribunal, may cause to befall us. Once more it was a full council that initially gathered and the discussion immediately turned to that subject, and also the matter of Ruaridh's continuing tribulations. Lothar suggested that it may be worthwhile for Ruaridh to try and appease the Morrigan in some way, thus gaining that spirits aid. Not surprisingly this was an idea that Ruaridh, and indeed the rest of us, considered of less than great merit and it was quickly dismissed. Ruaridh annonuced that it was his intention to learn 'Rend the Magic Veil' and excused himself from us. After he left there was some further talk on his situation and I fear that we are all greatly concerned as to his position. On the matter of a potential motion against the Covenant we failed to come to any real conclusion as to the best course of action. The possibility has been raised that if all looks like it is going ill for us Petrus, as patronus, may have to suggest a senior magus is appointed to oversee Severn Temple. I certainly hope that things do not reach such a pass; it is our freedom and equality that are some of the most important things about this Covenant and I am sure we would all be very loathe to lose them. Petrus spent the seaon speaking to some of the magi of the tribunal on our behalf, a service that his prestige makes him eminently suitable for. I worked on the item that Scarfell commisioned from me, with Lothar studying the Muto texts and Antonius the lore of our order.

During the course of the season the two magi who had approached us as potential members arrived, and both were invited to stay for a while. The Flambeau is a Maga from Iberia, named Isabella. She is certainly talented in the art of Ignem though initially I must say I find her somewhat aloof. From Scarfell came Edith, formerly an apprentice of Blodwyn. She has no small facility with healing magics and a very interesting non-hermetic item. In the form of a staff this enchantment grants the user some control over the trees, an ability that was impressively demonstrated within our own walls. If we decide to invite her to join I certainly hope that she may grant me an opportunity to examine this item to a greater degree. The two have been informed as to some of the potential problems that we are facing and a decision on their applications will be taken after the tribunal.

There was one other piece of news to impart during the course of these months and it is a pleasure to record it. At the equinox the spring once more produced half a rook of Creo vis and it is certainly our hope that the infernal taint has now departed.


I write this first part of the record on the eve of our departure for Tribunal and as I do so the Covenant is in turmoil, recent events having brought some good news but also great concern as to the well being of our sodales Ruaridh. I shall nevertheless begin my account with our council meeting in order that this jounal best reflect the ordering of events in our history. Ruaridh attended the council meeting but a brief while before setting off to try and do battle with the diabolic servant that has so plagued him. His departure certainly brought on a great despair among us as we wondered whether we would ever see him again. Petrus related to us the news that he had learned during his travels around the tribunal. It seems that opinion is somewhat divided among the various magi as to our position. We certainly have the support of Scarfell who are certainly proving strong friends, but others are less commital and iti is hard to say how the situation will resolve itself. The meeting of House Tremere is occurring at the same time as the Tribunal and it seems our old friend Darius is to remain with the votes that House holds. Antonius believes that it may be possible to negotiate with him, and while I find it hard to believe that he bears us much good will I hope that he is right. One other fact that Petrus learned was of particular interest to me. It seems that a new magus of my House, by the name of Moravius, has joined Solis Castle. I will certainly be finding time to speak with him at the Tribunal.Our discussion then moved once more to our plan to try and aid Ruaridh. We invited Lucian to join us on this matter as he had been of great aid in our initial preparations and would be required to help once more. It was decided that using his contacts he would try and lure the demonic imposter to a meeting and there attempt to destroy it using the potions that we had created. Of the rest of us Petrus decided to study from Creo vis, I extracted Vim as my service, Lothar took the Corporem tomes and Antonius would use his service in furthering our contacts in Bristol, Chepstow and Hereford.

The news that brought us happiness was the success of Lucian's mission. With the aid of the leader of a gang that he has cultivated in Gloucester the creature was tricked into a meeting in a tavern room. Not knowing for sure whther it was the real Ruaridh or not, Lucian and his companion nevertheless flung two bags of the sand over their guest, and it was related to us that the creature was destroyed almost instantly. However the real Ruaridh did not attend the meeting as had been arranged and thus under the second amendment to the charter we decided as a council that his life may be in very real danger. We entered his sanctum and located a hair from his head. Using this as an arcane connection Petrus cast his spells to try and locate our sodales but no sign of him could be found on our maps, neither living nor dead. It was surmised that he may well be in a regio but we do not have the time to search for him now. Thus we travel to the Tribunal without him and our fear is that his non attendance, regardless of Petrus' preparations for his defence, may be enough in some eyes to damn him for breach of the code. We will take Lucian in order that he may give evidence as to the destruction of the demon but our hearts are filled with foreboding.

We have been back but a few days and it is only now, after the events of this gathering, that I am collected enough to set them down on parchment. Never have four days seen such a change in fortune and it is hard to believe that what has passed was not a dream. We arrived on the eve of the meeting and were shown to our quarters. That first evening was spent dining and and initial attempts to secure support for what was to come. I had the opportunity to meet Moravius who has travelled from Novogrod to join Solis Castle. It seems that he is quite old for one who has recently passed his gauntlet, and he seems already to have specialised in the creation of weather devices. Indeed, his Covenant appears to be giving him plenty of time and a good quantitiy of vis to aid him prior to his first House meeting. He is certainly an ambitious individual and while our conversation was pleasant enough I feel I may have to be cautious in any future dealings with him.

The first day of the meeting began with the Praeco's address. We were informed that Feremir would act as senior Quaesitor in the absence of Dionysus. Garius then made quite a long speech relating to his concern that there should be no schism between the dedicated Covenant, Holy Isle, and the members of House Ex Miscellanea. He emphasised that the law of the order must be applied in a manner of equality for all, with no exceptions for any. This seemed to have the broad support of most present though it is apparent that some members of that House have strong concerns with regard to this matter. This opening was then followed by a report on the Quaesitor's findings with regards to the traitor Idris. It was confirmed that he had consorted with members of the un-named House and was further responsible for the murder of Varsavia. This caused an outburst from Harnul, a well known trouble maker in the tribunal, but he was quckly silenced by Garius. Some discussion concerning the activities of the un-named House then followed. In the evening we gathered together to discuss the events of the day. It was decided that we would pardon Llandolwyn for his mistaken theft of our Ignem vis without levying a penalty. We certainly felt we were in need of all the good will we could muster. Antonius reported that he had spoken with Darius and has offered to try and help broker a peace between Holy Isle and Ex Miscellanea, an action that it seems may well gain the support from that magus Antoius claimed was possible. He also revealed that a magus outside Covenant, by the name of Edwin, had left with Lucian to try and rescue Ruaridh, a feat that he seemed to believe might be possible. I must admit I retired somewhat confused by this news, though hopeful that some good result might yet come our way.

The second day dawned with the finest news that could possibly have occured, Ruaridh had indeed been returned to us. Apparently Edwin (Erin's pater; perhaps explaining in part why he was prepared to help) has some knowledge of the Coven that we have been opposing. Somehow he was able to locate the regio where Ruaridh lay being assaulted by some foul creature that can suck the spirit of a man. There he defeated the creature and with great difficulty manged to escape the regio and return. Ruaridh's condition was of great concern at first, he was alive but seemingly without spirit. Blodwyn was summoned and once more proved her enormous talents using spells and vis to bring him to himself. He and Petrus then went to speak with Garius on the instant and seemingly satisfied him that the problem was resolved. Garius said that he would speak with Ponrius in an attempt to dissuade him from raising a motion against Ruaridh, though he could provide no guarantees that Ponrius would listen.

It was thus with very much lighter hearts that we entered the hall for the continuation of the Tribunal. The first announcement was of a vis tithe for the next Tribunal, a sum of three pawns per magus being required. Jordael then asked whether a new Quaesitor would be elected after the sad death of Tyriania, and if so whether it was not time that an Ex Miscellanean rose to the post. Feremir announced that there would indeed be an election, but that there was no question of candidates being limited to on House. The Covenant motions for the day were then announced.

Caissus began for Blackthorn by suggesting that territories should once more be granted to Covenants in order that they exclusively could harvest vis within them. Jordael raised strong objections to this, as did all the magi that reside outside Covenant. Xeros then spoke, announcing that he was concerned at the situation whereby the Senior Quaesitor of the tribunal also belonged to a dedicated Covenant. We were informed in response that Dionysus had already requested a ruling from Primus Guernicus on this matter and a ruling would be forthcoming.

For Borri-Tor Du Clerc began by informing us that the new Archbishop of Canterbury was a blessing for the order because some of his family had dealings with House Jerbiton. He further suggested that the Order should cultivate the support of all religions in the country. Feremir then issued a stern reminder that if there was a civil war in England it was imperative that no Magi should take a side.

Solis Castle began with Orlania making a request that Holy Isle inform the Tribunal of the truth in the rumours that the un-named House are present at Ashenrise. She was informed that spies in the area had seen no sign of a Hermetic Magus. Moravius then announced he was available to create items particularly in the arts of Creo, Rego, Auram and Aquam.

After this there was a break for nominations to the post of Quaesitor, to be followed by speeches from the potential candidates. Three magi announced themselves: Harnul, Kira and Ruaridh. We discovered that Jordael had approached our sodales and persuaded him that he should stand, primarily because his mixture of traditions might prove a unifying force, but alos in part that it would mean he might have a chance to receive any judgement at the hands of Primus Guernicus rather than the Tribunal. The three made short speeches, Harnul directing his ire at Holy Isle with a highly militant position that indicated him entirely unsuitable for the job. Kira was very much more balanced, speaking of a balance between the traditions and utilising the spirit of justice in final decisions. Ruaridh also emphasised this theme and spoke further on the code being the tool that allows our personal freedom to study magic; he proved to be an effective and passionate speaker.

That evening we gathered to assess how our politicking efforts had proceeded. It seemed that Antonius had certainly thrown himself wholeheartedly into the task, and he had to be cautioned at one point that as a council we were not prepared to countenance the buying of votes with vis. With that we retired, waking for the third day and it's continuation of Covenant motions.

Lazarus spoke twice on behalf of Morstow. His first news was that Krekaranius has suffered a severe twilight and was now spending the majority of his time lost in visions. Secondly he offered an exchange of several forms of vis in exchange for Mentem, the deal to be at favourable rates as long as it was a large trade.

Lear Valley raised one point, Jolyon offering vis in exchange for books with which to improve their library. At the end of the Tribunal we accepted this offer and agreed to trade our Intellego and Rego texts for 30 Vim, 11 Terram, 11 Creo and 11 Animal, the deal to be concluded over a six year period.

Blywyddan's turn came and as Ponrius stood up to speak we were all apprehensive. He asked that he and another Quaesitor be permitted to visit us and examine the workings of the entire Covenant. This request went to a vote which we supported; only Harnul placed his sigil in opposition. Regarding the specific matter of Ruaridh no mention was made.

Erin spoke first for Scarfell. He announced that they had now attained the status of a summer Covenant, a statement that Garius confirmed acclaiming them as a successful model for any other young spring Covenant. Blodwyn informed us that they had set up an infirmary with several skilled healers. Scarfell wished to dedicate this service to the tribunal and asked that tribunal resources be made available to open it to all the magi of Stonehenge. It was decided that a decision be made on this matter at the next Tribunal.

For ourselves Petrus once more requested people prepared to field test his new spell in incompatible auras. I then announced once more that I was still taking commissions in order that Moravius doesn't try and gather all the work available in the tribunal.

As the only member present, Darius raised both motions for Holy Isle. The first was a tithe of two pawns per magus, and the second another warning from Dionysus to be vigilant for members of the un-named House.

Carrion Moor followed with Cail announcing that he was leaving the Covenant to live independently. Kira then stood and stated that Carrion Moor had a vacancy for a new member.

Finally, the magi who reside outside Covenant's had two motions. Edwin asked that the Tribunal confirm the right of magi to hold personal religious beliefs. Harnul then demanded that due to numbers the Magi of no Covenant be granted more than two motions. There was some discussion on this, followed by a vote whereby it was decided that each region (North, South and Wales) be granted one motion each. Strangely, considering his avowed desire to build bridges, Darius was one of the magi that voted against this proposal. This vote ended proceedings on the day.

The vote for the new Quaesitor was the final event of the Tribunal. The first news was that Harnul had withdrawn from the race and was giving his support to Ruaridh's candidacy. I must admit to some small initial concern as to Ruaridh's motivations, but a small conversation between us certainly eased my concerns and I was happy to vote for him. Indeed it seemed a fair majority of the tribunal felt that way, and Ruaridh was duly elected Quaesitor, subject to the approval of Primus Guernicus. Thus the week that we had been so concerned would lead to the downfall of our companion resulted in him being granted a signal honour that can only benefit us all, and we returned very much more optimistic than at any time in the last few years.

The first order of business that concerned us when we had returned from the Tribunal was that of the two magi who had applied to join us. After an initial discussion, where we agreed that in principle we will want at least one further magus at some time in the future, we held formal interviews with both candidates. If any proof was needed that recent events had released a lot of the pressure that we had all felt under the heated discussion that followed these interviews provided it. Isabella's arrogant manner and intemperate statements certainly unified the majority of us in our opposition to her membership. Antonius disagreed, feeling that her martial talents would prove a useful boon if there is to be a civil war, and this action certainly roused Lothar back to his old stubborn and opinionated attitudes. However, that decision was as nothing compared to the views aired on Edith. While she was certainly an affable individual, and greatly skilled in healing magics and Herbam, myself and Antonius did not feel that we could offer her a place at the Covenant. Lothar then launched a tirade against us and Ruaridh also seemed less than happy with our position. It took a long and vociferous conversation to persuade them that our decision was final. Isabella was very unhappy about being rejected and left immediately. Edith was of course also disappointed, but it seems that she had been attempting to re-establish the Vervain and she decided to remain until the end of the season to continue this attempt. This proved a success and at the end of the season we were very happy to harvest three pawns of Herbam vis. As thanks for her assistance we granted a gift of half a rook to Edith, and I believe she bore us no ill will when she departed.

The only other event of the second half of the season was the arrival of Stassius. He brought us news that Philip, King of France, had died leaving the throne to his son Louis. Black Hugh went to Normandy to parley with his brother Henry and attempt to sue for peace. Of Hermetic news we were told that there had been some discussion of Holy Isle's position after Primus Uriens' concerns. Stassius also informed us that the Covenant of Woden's Wood in Novogrod had been destroyed after an attack by the un-named House and the Order of Odin.


It is beginning to get cold as I write these words, but while there was one disturbing event this season I find myself looking forward to the future again. The meeting of Council at the beginning of the season was an easy affair. Ruaridh announced that he would be at Domus Magnus Guernicus for a year beginning next spring, and Petrus will also be away for his House meeting. Ruaridh spent the season on his first service for some while, being asked to write up the Perdo work. Petrus studied from Muto vis while I worked on an enchantment into my Talisman. Antonius was granted three pawns of the Imagonem vis to study from and Lothar took the Corporem books.

Early in the season Stuart arrived as had been arranged. Antonius informed him of those areas of the Covenant he was restricted from and has kept an eye on him throughout his stay. Apart from a few brief encounters in the Great Hall I have not noticed his presence at all. Unfortunately the weather was not so unobtrusive and it seems that we will have to supplement our food budget due to poor harvests throughout the region.

The event I spoke of earlier occurred on the equinox when once more we were visited by a shade from the past. Antonius was summoned and from his descriptions it seems that it was the ghost of the diabolist Jean de Caen. Due to the corrupt and false nature of these servants we certainly do not trust this shade but like Radulfus his cryptic mutterings seemned to make some sense. The shade apparently talked of a child, corrupted and deformed, that will bring great ruin and great evil. Concerned that this may be a further reference to events in Lydney, Antonius will gently seek information from Stuart.


It has been a bitter Winter, bringing with it a fever that sadly took the life of Pierre, and struck me hard enough that Ruaridh was forced to use vis to heal me. Jaques also had to be aided in this manner and it seems that with but one healer we will have to be cautious as these cold months arrive. Petrus left for Durenmar shortly after the council that heralded this last season. There Ruaridh was asked to scribe some more spells as his service, with Lothar being asked to start copying the Rego for our trade with Scarfell. I continued work on my staff and Antonius spent a seaon in the library studying from the Perdo books. The only other business we discussed was to reward Lucian for his valuable service in summer, and it was decided to gift him a fine silver ring.

During the season there was but one event of sufficient note to record. Casitus and Caisus came to the covenant requesting our aid. They had discovered that a wizard, believed to be from the un-named House, was in the area and had tracked him to the hills near Cirencester. We sent four grogs and granted them some vis and Ruaridh decided that he would accompany them. He related the events to us when he returned. Casitus' grogs tracked the magus and two companions to a camp in the hills. While approaching the point it seems that the magus became aware of their approach and a fierce battle ensued. In the fight Caisus killed the wizard and one of his companions; the other escaping into the dense woods. We lost one grog and had two severely injured. From Ruaridh's description it appears Casitus was less than happy with the result and Caisus found himself somewhat berated for their failure to catch the magus alive, despite his attempts to blame the situation on the grogs that we had provided.