Scribed by Turold

Spring 1119 AD

The first council of this year felt somewhat strange with the oft stubborn and surly Lothar now departed from us. In truth we never had a close bond but I am still saddened by the empty seat that rests in the council chamber. While it is an undoubted fact that the last forty years have seen the strength of Severn Temple regrow to a fine level, there are too many magi's names now erased from the charter and it is my sincerest hope that it is many many years before this journal shall record the passing of another.

Petrus began by informing us that his investigations into the bronze skull cap recovered from Mynnydd Merddin had uncovered many useful effects, particularly in dealings with the mundanes. He went on to relay news of his visit to Dialectica, the new Bonisagus resident at Blackthorn. It seems she is of the Trianoma persuasion in that house and she has proposed that some sort of formal alliance be formed between our two covenants. It seems that we are perceived within the tribunal as an independent and vibrant council, and with our position being seperate from the two factions that seem to be dividing Stonehenge she can see profit for all in such an arrangement. We agreed that we would invite her for further discussions at the Spring equinox.

Antonius was able to tell us that Coleford was wounded and his workers had ceased their labours on the new road and withdrawn to the village, where much work is neded. Apparently he is in a difficult financial state, a fact that will hopefully slow down his plans for expansion. Antonius once more was asked to travel the land for his service, while Petrus and Edith both used personal vis for their studies. Ruaridh took three pawns of the rego vis, while I took the opportunity of studying the texts on the art of Vim.

Dialectica arrived as arranged, and seemed to have quite an effect on some of my sodales when they met her. She seems a pleasant and intelligent young woman, and her ideas had a great deal of merit, drawing broad support from all at council. She proposed that under the terms of the alliance we would share information on the mundanes, aid each other in times of hardship or threat, share spell resources and allow free use of each others visitors library, and meet as equals before each tribunal to discuss the more pressing issues to be raised. Edith had some doubts, wondering whether Blackthorns intentions were fully as noble as Dialectica promoted them to be, and suggested that if that covenant was sincere in it's avowed desire to form a middle grouping between the factions then perhaps it was time an Ex Miscellanean was invited to reside there, but we parted on good terms and agreed to a full meeting of both councils a week hence.

The meeting was held at Blackthorn where it was announced that in response to Edith's concerns their council had voted to invite one of her house to join them. After a long and frank discussion it was agreed unanimously by both councils that we would enter into this formal alliance and it is my hope that this will eventually lead to a restoration of what I believe the original purpose of the Order stood for throughout the tribunal.

Little else of note occurred during the course of the season, though Antonius left at the end to act as a witness during Maria's trial at Normandy's tribunal and is not expected to return until late in Summer.


Council had little to discuss save for the activities of the four magi present at the beginning of the season. I spent the season enchanting an item for one of my sodales, Petrus began the process of creating his talisman, Ruaridh was inventing a spell for the first time in a number of years and Edith was extracting vim vis for her personal use.

During the season Mathus arrived bringing with him an arabic Bonisagus by the name of Caelestis who had travelled from Antioch far to the east. This magus has a deep fascination with the stars and believes that it is possible to use the arrangements of the constellations to both divine future and past events. It appears that it was the stars that brought him here, just a year out of his apprenticeship, to ask us if we would accept him as a new member of the covenant. Council had already agreed that we would seek a new member to replace Lothar, and over the course of the season it became apparent that Caelestis would be a worthwhile addition to the covenant. This was the only event of note during one of the most peaceful seasons that I can recall since joining Severn Temple.


The council started with Antonius' news of his journey. His mater was found innocent of the charge that she breached the primary code and was given but a small fine of vis for her actions. Linaris, the Merinitan Quaesitor who accompanied him on his trip had also taken the time to investigate the faerie regio in the light of Lothar's death there. It seems possible that the nature of the vis that can be recovered from the tail feathers of the birds there may have changed, but unless one of us is injured as a direct result of the actions of Magnus then there will be no charge brought against him.

Formal offer was made to Caelestis to join the covenant and with his acceptance we are now with a complement of six once more. He was asked to grant the usual two seasons service and to spend time learning to speak English in order that he can communicate with the grogs if such should be necessary. He begun by spending this season copying the imagonem texts. For my service I extracted vis from the aura, with Petrus analysing the potions that we had recovered from Mynyydd Merddin, Ruaridh continuing with spell creation, Antonius studying from the Auram texts and Edith from the Mentem.

Due to the continuing threats of war throughout the continent taxes were an extra 100d this year. There were also reports of strange shadows being seen in the vicinity of Blacknee, and a grog patrol discovered the corpse of a boar, once again with it's heart having been removed from it's body.

An event later in the season increased our concerns as th whether Deanne may be abroad. Pendaran, Petrus and Caelestis all shared a dream where an old woman, whom Petrus tentatively identified as being her, was heading into the heart of the forest with a shadow clinging about her. They also dreamed of hooded figures performing a ritual at Stonehenge and Caelestis was able to identify the planet Mars hanging overhead, an event that is likely early in Spring next year. Petrus also dreamt that he burnt his thumb while eating broth and the very same thing happened that morning at breakfast. Petrus is not an unduly superstitious man but his concern was obvious. We discussed these strange dreams and our concern rose as to whether the corruption might once more enter the forest and if a dragon was once more to lay waste to the members of the order.

I immediately flew to Cad Gadu, Holy Isle and Blackthorn to inform them of these events and our concerns, and I believe was heard with receptive ears at these covenants. Caisus suggested that in light of our alliance it may be as well that the magi of both our covenants have potions of apportion to the other, a suggestion that we agreed with wholeheartedly. Petrus has agreed to perform an extra service in Winter to enable this arrangement for it seems that time may be against us.

Scribed by Antonius


The last formal meeting of the year began with a discussion on what should be done regarding the dreams that Petrus and others had had concerning Deanne and the heart of the forest. These dreams having seemed to suggest that she was tainted and could be bringing that corruption into the heart of the forest which appears to be inextricably linked to the magical aura here. The discussion was quite wide-ranging though ultimately, though interesting, theological theories on the nature of auras and their formation could only go so far in providing us with a coherent plan of action as to what to do with Deanne. The council was split as to whether we should attempt to capture Deanne alive or simply kill her on sight. To resolve the situation I challenged Petrus to certamen. He won quite comfortably and the matter was decided, we were to try and capture Deanne alive if at all possible.

Soon after the meeting the covenant, and seemingly the whole of the Dean, was shaken by a great earth tremor. Fortunately we suffered little, if any, damage though Gloucester was not so lucky. However Caelestis claims that it was an omen and said that it foretold disaster. There was a second tremor some days later which caused some disruption to Petrus' workings to create potions of the Leap of Homecoming for our allies at Blackthorn. Caelestis decided to abandon his seasons scribing for the covenant to assist Petrus so that he could manufacture the required number of potions before the year was out.

Ruaridh journeyed to Holy Isle to report the prophecies from Idris.

Just before the mid-winter Mathus arrived bearing the usual mix of news from around this Isle and beyond. Of happenings in the mundane world, it seems that the King's armies bested the French in May. The victory was a significant one and Edward captured a great deal of land. His daughter Madeleine was married to the Duc d'Anjou to help secure the peace. Pope Galasius passed away and the Archbishop of Vienna, Calixtus has been appointed as the new Pontiff. Archbishop Thurstan met the new pope in Rheims on the feast of St. Luke but had to return with him to Rome as the King had banned him from returning back to England. The King was displeased as Thurstan had not been approved by him and is plainly seeking to assert his authority. As expected Father William of Coleford has been appointed as the Rector of Chepstow, I shall have to keep a close eye on him to see how much his cousin is able to hold him in thrall. The Hermetic news was of greater interest, Jordael says that the dragon that attacked Blackthorn is still active and maybe under the control of the UnNamed House. Cad Gadu have claimed that members of Narwold covenant have stolen vis from one of their sites. Georgicus of Narwold has asked whether the matter should be dealt with in Stonehenge or Normandy. Ruaridh has been instructed to investigate the death of one Douglas of House Ex-Miscellania, it is being alleged that Praeco Magrane of Loch Laglaen has broken the primary code. With this in mind any claim that we of this Order make about being above the petty squabbles of the mundanes seems, to me at least, to be increasingly absurd.

As the year drew to an end both Turold and Ruaridh had a vision of a great winged serpent passing overhead, travelling Northwest. Could this signify an imminent attack on one of the Welsh covenants? Fearing such an eventuality Turold flew to Blackthorn and Blywyddan but thankfully all was quiet and so it remained for what was left of the year.