Scribed by Edith

Spring 1122 AD

Antonius, Turold and myself met for the spring meeting. I shall be extract vim for the familiar enchantment - I was also able to trade with Antonius for 2 pawns.

Lucien has returned and in a dreadful state. It appears he has been chained up in a cell with no light and little food since his disappearence. His captors have released him and the reason for it is unclear. We had Pywackit check him and examined his figurine - and it appears he is without taint. However, his constitution is broken and he will never fully recover. Even if I healed him back to strength he would die an early death I fear. Antonius felt that Lucien was no longer an ally. If we attempted to pension him he would become bitter and seek to cause trouble for Antonius. After several days Antonius reached a decision and renounced Lucien’s status as Amicus. Upon his instruction I fed Lucien a draught of sleeping herbs from which he will not awaken. His body was taken beyond the Aegis and burned. His ashes scattered upon the river. I can’t help thinking that this is why they released him. Why kill Lucien themselves when they can have his best friend do it for them.


Antonius shall travel abroad and I shall extract Vim vis for the covenant.

The council of Blackthorn arrived at the covenant about a week before the Tribunal. Ruaridh was returned and Antonius had travelled back with news that after strong gales strange omens and illusions had been seen throughout the region. Also he reported that the abbey at Pricknash had burnt down and the Abbot there had died. Figures in black hoods were rumoured to have been seen fleeing the flames. He’s given some money to the abbot at Tintern - the hope being that this will build a good reputation whilst allowing Antonius to expand his influence a little way beyond Chepstow.

The meeting was animated as each of us discussed the problems we perceived in the Tribunal. How much of it was empty words I do not know, but by the end Blackthorn had agreed to request an Ex-Miscellanean to join their number (though not Harnol who had previously applied, I note). We shall open our visitor’s library to the Tribunal. Those in covenants shall pay 2 pawns per season, those without only one. This should demonstrate a willingness to aid those isolated magi from my house.

I have just arrived back from the Tribunal, and I am a mix of excitement and anxiety. I shall try to relate the events at Cad Gadu.

We arrived in time for the first day, and after breaking fast made our way in to the great hall where the meeting was opened by the Praeco. He announced his concern at the events in Loch Legaen and the spate of wizard’s war (perhaps unwittingly sparked by our sodalis) which theatened that Tribunal. He spoke also of the need to prepare for war with the unnamed house. To that end he called for the election of a Praeco Legatus - a sort of deputy to assist the Praeco and take over if anything happened to Garius. The three oldest who could stand were Llanoddwyn, Casitus and Dionysus. After them were Darius, Jordael and Eloria. I figured a quick victory for Llanoddwyn - with the two latin’s splitting their vote. However in the recess before the presentations for election Ruaridh was approached by Casitus - and was gone some time in discussion with the Tremere. I know not of details, but I suspect that Ruaridh must have helped broker some political deal between the Archimagus and the Primus Ex-Miscellanea. For when we were called back in, Llanoddwyn announced that he would not stand for the position! I was shocked, for this meant that now Darius could stand, and we would have nawt but the three Tremere to choose from. However, I guess from the expression on Ruaridh’s, Llanoddwyn’s and Casitus’s faces that this had not been the intended plan. When Dionysus agreed to stand, and so did Darius the frustration upon those three faces were clear for all to read. Perhaps the deal was to let Jordael stand, by one of the Tremere declining? Still, Archimagus Casitus won and the meeting was adjorned until the next day when covenants would put their motions.

The next morning all Hell broke loose. As the first motion of the day Primus Llanoddwyn called for the dissolution of the Preaco Legatus - which Garius immediately overruled! As I understand matters this was unprecedented for the Quaesitor had to scurry off to decide who had the right - a Primus to raise a motion or a Praeco to overrule it! After about an hour the Quaesitor returned and Ruaridh’s demenour betrayed the decision. The Primus had been overruled. At this point I suspected the Tremere had won whatever political intrigue they had started - but Llanoddwyn is a crafty bugger. He immediately called for a vote of no confidence in the Praeco - I tell you Garius’ face was a picture! This was apparently something that the praeco cannot overrule and it immediately went to a vote. The odd thing was no one could work out why he had done this - as it would appear to give Casitus the Praecoship - but I went along with the motion on the assumption that Llanoddwyn knew what he was doing. The motion was passed by a small majority and Garius was stripped of the position of Praeco. Casitus was called to step up to the table and assume the head of the Tribunal. Then Llanoddwyn revealed his plan - he called again for a vote of no confidence in the Praeco - the uproar was instantaneous!

Serenia, the senior Quaesitor, was outraged at this blatent abuse of the Primus’s powers and stormed out of the Tribunal followed by Dionysus, Ponrius and Yania. Whilst no one could overrule the Primus’s motion - the Tribunal could not continue without the presence of at least one Quaesitor. All eyes turned to Ruaridh. If he left then the Tribunal was adjourned and Casitus would remain as Praeco - if he stayed and the vote was passed there would have to be new elections for Praeco. Ruaridh sat for an age and the silence slowly turned to muttering and speculation. Eventually Casitus walked out - so that if Ruaridh even left the room the Tribunal would be over. After what seemed an age Ruaridh declared that there was a motion of no confidence before the Tribunal and that it should be voted upon. He had barely spoken the words before there was a huge cry of jubilation from many of the Ex-Miscellaneans. The celebration was not shared by the majority of Latins.

Casitus was rejected by the Tribunal, and now Llanoddwyn, Darius and Jordael stood for the position of Praeco. Llanoddwyn advised everyone to vote for Jordael - and that is the way it eventually went. Jordael, understandably dazed by the political events which had thrust him into power, called for the Tribunal to be post-poned. We left - and I tell you no one had seen a Tribunal like it. Now I guess every Magus in the Tribunal - and beyond - is wondering what will happen next? Will Ruaridh be in trouble for not walking out with Serenia? Will the Grand Tribunal consider order to be lost in Stonehenge and call a Wizard’s March? These are anxious times, but at the last we have shown our resolve. Ex-Miscellanea will not be pushed around by Latins any longer - and Ruaridh has shown his great courage by standing with us. I cannot say what these events will entail - there are too many uncertainties to be resolved - too many possibilities to predict. But this is a day which will go down in the history of the Order, and perhaps was the defining point in the future of this Tribunal. Now, I hope beyond hope, that the future will not be ill for my house and our Quaesitor. If I live another 100 years, I shall ever remember the day when Ruaridh made his stand with us. If anything happens to him there will be many in our house who will consider him a martyr - and bloody ruin shall be delivered in retribution. Is this day the beginning of a new peace or a new war? Perhaps only the Grand Tribunal can decide that now... I can’t help wondering what Petrus will make of all this.

We paid 380d of tax this season.


Our council met for a quiet meeting. Caelestis and Petrus are still away so matters were quickly decided. Ruaridh will study the Aegis of the Hearth Ritual so that someone may cast it when Petrus is away. Antonius will be travelling up to Blackthorn to use their visitors library.

It is the mid-season and up till now no event of note has occurred, save a day and night of violent winds which damaged the roof of the tavern and terrified some of the grogs. Caelestis has returned with the news that Petrus has deserted our covenant and now resides at Durenmar. We were all rather shocked to hear this. It appears he won something of a competition and was invited to stay, whilst a rival in the contest was sent to Novgorod. Later in the season we heard from Dialectica via Antonius that some of this circumstance was instigated when we invited Caelestis to join. Apparently, with so few in the house, it is relatively unheard of for two Bonisagi to share a covenant. Whilst I am certain that in time Caelestis will be a great scholar and boon to this covenant, I can’t help feeling that we were somewhat ... well, cheated.

Towards the end of this quiet season I had a talk with Ruaridh regarding the Tribunal, the meeting of the council of Quaesitori and events that may come. He seems confident that he has committed no wrong, though it appears that his actions have stirred enmity amongst some of the Latins. I was surprised to discover that he still sees himself as a neutral figure in this Tribunal. Whilst that may be true he certainly does not appear so to others. I suggested that he would do well to recognise his allies and friends in these troubled times - but I know not whether he listened to my council.


Our meeting at the beginning of Winter confirmed many of my concerns for Ruaridh. It appears that Caisus has been openly talking of a schism now between the Latins and non-Latins, and how Ruaridh might legally be killed. Antonius dutifully reported this all to us and also told us that it is only Ruaridh’s position as Quaesitor that currently prevents either Caisus or Isabella declaring wizard’s war. Frankly though I consider Caisus challenging as unlikely and Isabella as futile. I think my sodalis are worried that the Flambeau, through talking up the schism, will further deepen such divisions. I suspect that much will be swayed by the masters of the dogs of war - the Tremere.

Also, after a brief discussion and a vote, it was decided that I should receive Petrus’s sanctum and laboratory at the top of the tower. Caelestis put a strong argument for his case; one, he is a Bonisagus; two he wants to be based high up so he can look at the stars. However, my sodales agreed that the ability to create extra healing potions and spells would, in the long term, serve the covenant better. I did offer to simply inherit the equipment and allow Caelestis the top rooms in the tower. He rejected my generous offer though; revealing that his sole argument for receiving the equipment was that he belongs to House Bonisagus.

Caelestis and Turold performed their covenant services this season. The former will extract vim and the latter investigate the dagger given to us by the Tegid Foel.

Antonius called a meeting a few weeks into the season to report that Meredith, the gifted child, has been vanishing during the night. We searched for the boy for a long time, eventually discovering that his tracks disappeared into thin air about five yards from the door. In the end I spoke to Idris, who had seen the child pass through the regio boundary and had been keeping an eye on him to ensure he came to no harm. By morning the child returned safely. We’ve kept a watch on the boy and it appears that he disappears about two or three times a week. There seems little we can do, and for all we know it is a natural manifestation of his gift. We’ve asked Antonius to keep an eye on the matter, but otherwise we have left it lie. It appears, though, that someone should take the child as an apprentice soon.

Mathus arrived for mid-winter. A set of apparently supernatural events have caused great talk amongst the peasantry and the townsfolk alike. The fire at Pricknash Abbey, rumoured to have been started by the rogue diabolist, Tristram, who escaped trial from Abbey Gatehouse destroyed all but three of the books therein - and the abbot himself died in the flames. The first day of summer saw fires break out in several places across the City of Gloucester - which were fanned by strong winds which blew for a day and a night so that the fires spread fiercely. After these events people spoke of strange illusions and omens being seen across the region - one man in Chepstow spoke of the ghost of his dead father rising up to cause his wife to miscarry their child, another spoke of a black dog which pursued children out by Ashleworth. Then upon the longest day the land shook and many of the civil buildings damaged in the fires collapsed - and the tower of the Cathedral was damaged. Then last season another violent wind sprang up in time to destroy the granary at Lydney and overturn barges navigating the river. Some in the region speak of there being some force behind these apparently independent act. These rumours appear to be spread in the same manner as the warnings against our merchants - and may well be designed as part of a campaign to alienate our covenant from contacts and neighbours.

Of news Hermetic: Sylvania has said that fires will be seen burning in the northern skies mark the turn of the faerie season from Spring to Summer. Jordael has called an emergency meeting of the Tribunal to sit on the midsummer morning of 1123. Blackthorn have requested a meeting before the Tribunal in order to discuss the tensions in the Tribunal and how best they might be resolved. We also received a letter from Petrus. He seemed from his letter to rather regret his move, though it now seems as though he had little choice. He’s asked us to forward some of his personal belongings to Durenmar and allowed us to keep some vis in lieu of services missed. We have also been invited to Durenmar - though I suspect somehow that the invitation was primarily for Turold.

The remainder of the season was quiet enough, though in the first week of December fires were seen in the night sky to the north-east. It appears that the faerie season has moved now into summer, though I know too little of the fae to understand how this will affect the local regio. My hope is that the powers of the winter fae who now control that place will wane. It is the end of another year, and my first time as scribe. I now entrust these parchments back to Ruaridh. These two years have been some difficult times, and I have been honoured to record them. However, it is my hope that Ruaridh will have comparatively little to report.