Turold is badly wounded by a poisoned knife when ambushed by the Fells in Bristol.
At the Grand Tribunal, a wizards’ march is declared against MacGreine.
Turold mends the Ruadan’s wand, and Audacia makes her agree to use it to slay the Piebaw.
The magi observe an infernal ritual at Snig’s End, tracking the participants home.
Antonius is attacked by infernal shades while in Bristol.

Gofannon and Nynniaw join forces against the Erechwydd; Turold switches allegiance.
Caelestis discovers a spirit bound into his sigil to prevent him returning to the Levant.
A magical fog surrounds the covenant, and earthquakes strike Blackthorn.
The Lladra is spotted for the first time at the spring.

Turold, Audacia ally with the Ruadan to defeat the Erechwydd’s forces at Stonevail.
All of the spirits in the covenant dissipate.
Antonius and Ospectus help to scout Blackridge in preparation for an attack.
Sir Maurice defeats the Tegid Foel is single combat.

Darius visits the covenant, demanding to interrogate Meredith, who evades him.
Turold plants a faerie oak tree in the covenant.
Ospectus is killed by Isabella during the assault on Blackridge.
Audacia kills the spiritmaster Bleddwyn, whose loyalties to the covenant were suspect.
Plague strikes Lydney, and the covenant saves the knight, Sir Martin.
A pack of wolves lead by a great wolf attack men in the forest.

Caelestis departs for Toledo to collect a text on astronomy.
Darius kills Blodwyn.
The Golwyg Haffyd visit the covenant at midsummer, playing games.
Turold has a vision of Meredith lying dead, the covenant’s tower being cracked and Ieuan.
The shades of the dead attack the covenant, but they are driven off by Audacia and Caisus.
Audacia becomes trapped in the infernal dell for a night.

Caelestis returns from Toledo with a new bodyguard, Hasan.
Caelestis conducts a divination for the covenant, predicting disaster in the winter of 1136.
Demonic spirits attack the covenant, and a sickness kills several grogs.
House Bonisagus votes to support Ex Miscellanea in an attempt to avoid an overt schism.

Ruaridh returns to the covenant, having been imprisoned in Mynydd Myddyn.
A dragon attacks the covenant; Meredith also transforms into a dragon and drives it off.
Garius kills Darius, who was in the form of the shadow that attacked Ruaridh and Edith.

Turold conducts diplomacy between Gofannon and Nynniaw.
Ruaridh is temporarily sent mad by the spirits of the fallen warriors in Mynydd Myddyn.
Audacia and Ruaridh hunt bandits who attacked Antonius and battle an infernal wolf.

Audacia and Ruaridh slay the infernal wolf.
Jolyon erects new towers in the covenant to replace the one destroyed by the dragon.
Caelestis leads a magical symposium on aurae at Blackthorn.
Caelestis swears an infernal pact to escape a demon; he is imprisoned in Blackthorn.
Edith returns after a long absence, but the Council does not vote to readmit her.

Ruaridh swears a blood pact with the Morrigan.
Disease strikes the covenant, perhaps blown in by the ill wind that presages war.