Four amendments are made to the covenant’s charter.
Madoc joins the covenant.
Turold is attacked by Fells on the road to Oxford.
Madoc is jailed by a welsh war band, but he manages to convince them to let him go.
Ruaridh kills a priest who was attempting to destroy the Morrigan’s stone.
Madoc discovers Swallowcliffe, including a warning about the fallen Tremere.
Turold loses an arm in an encounter with a bear while travelling to Verdi.

Turold returns via Gofannon’s realm; his skin now appears to be made our of stone.
Madoc investigates Swallowcliffe but refuses to reveal its secrets until he loses at certamen.
Serenia imposes the rule of silence on the council regarding Swallowcliffe.

Aelfwin joins the covenant.
Madoc and Antonius visits Mynydd Myddyn and battle Myddyn’s brood.
Turold defeats the Tegid Foel, who had been turned into a boar by Morfan.
Ruaridh is attacked by an earth elemental while exploring Swallowcliffe.
A ghostly rider leads the magi to the tomb of an ancient king, which has been robbed.

Caelestis escapes the dungeons of Blackthorn using infernal powers.
Audacia kills the Ruadan; she agrees to train Bethwyn as her replacement.
Darius is condemned as a diabolist based on evidence found by Ruaridh in his sanctum.
Madoc discovers Myddyn’s stone.

Antonius and Madoc quarrel after the latter kills a folk champion, Paul of Ludlow.
Turold obtains Edith’s help to heal the faerie birch from an infestation by Morfan.
Turold defeats Golmorden, a dark earth faerie, to rescue one of Myra’s allies.
Jolyon conjures the great hall at Severn Temple.

Audacia is killed by a demonic serpent during an expedition to Swallowcliffe.
Antonius is killed by Audacia’s familiar while investigating her sanctum.
Madoc is attacked by werewolves outside Mynydd Myddyn and Raegwulf is infected.
Theo and Astrius join the covenant.
Bethwyn goes missing, as does Lazarus of Tytalus, who had been visiting the covenant.

Astrius and Theo battle the wolves of Mynydd Myddyn.
Ieuan banishes Idris’ spirit; Theo takes over as guardian of the spring.

Astrius and Theo cause a commotion in Mitcheldean, resulting in the death of the knight.
Madoc journeys to Mynydd Myddyn and discovers the celts have been slain by the brood.
Ruaridh and Astrius destroy a demonic artifact that had been planted at Blackney.
Madoc goes missing at Mynydd Myddyn.
Shades attack the covenant, killing some covenfolk, but they are driven off.

Praeca Eloria survives an assassination attempt by an infernal entity.
Madoc discovers acorns containing vis at the Heart of the Forest.
Madoc leaves the covenant after he is discovered to have lied about his activities.
Madoc is slain at Blackthorn, possibly by Ruaridh; Turold flees the covenant.

Cormoran and Medius join the covenant.
Madoc is discovered to have been stealing acorns from the Heart of the Forest for years.
Cormoran battles the wolves of Mynydd Myddyn, bit one of his party is cursed.
Tintern Abbey is reconsecrated.
Garius is slain by McGreine.