Scribed by Theo

Spring 1162 AD

It seems that Cormoran has lost track of time, as our new Imperator was not in attendance at the next Council meeting. With Astrius binding his familiar and Tiarnan away at his House meeting, it was a quiet Council meeting. Nothing of much import was discussed, other than to remind everyone that Martin, the some of Baron Martin of Monmouth, would be arriving when to snows melt to attend a banquet given in his honour.

For our seasons work, both Dialectica and Aelfwin will be training their apprentices, Medius would be travelling north to investigate the what occurred at Magus Tostig's sanctum and I would be learning more Welsh. Shortly after this I changed my mind and decided to practice some meditative techniques to calm and focus the mind.

The rest of the season passed uneventfully, until the end of it where Cormoran returned and held a large banquet in Blackney, so I assumed his time the regio was well spent.


It turns out that much more had occurred in the Fae regio than any of us ever thought. Cormoran told us what had happened to explain why he missed the Council meeting. Whilst somewhere deep in the regio he was attacked by the fae knight Turold - Turold laid the first blow and Cormoran stated that he was defending himself. It at this point that an angry Medius asks if Cormoran 'had taken sides', Cormoran doesn't answer but merely repeats that he was attacked. It seems we are to get no further explanation.

To help smooth over matters, Dialectica changed the subject to ask Cormoran what he intends to do as Imperator, now that he has had time to think matters over. After a slow start Cormoran says that the Turb structure will remain the same, but that after the war he will recruit more men, also that he wants some money to buy some crossbows to ensure that the men on the walls will be armed and trained in a powerful ranged weapon. Dialectica agrees to this request and grants one hundred pennies for the task.

For the rest of the season Aelfwin will extract vim vis; Cormoran will enchant his talisman; Medius will learn some spells; Dialectica will extract vim vis for her own use and I will once again try to learn some Welsh. Also I was to be ready for the call to muster sometime this season, which occurred very shortly after this. I travelled to Gloucester and talked with the baron of Monmouth and agreed to pay two hundred and forty pennies to avoid sending myself and seven grogs to the muster in London. I was also informed of the new taxes, but that as our lands produced iron we would be given a dispensation, hence we only paid an extra fifty pennies in taxes. As it seems we have a very good relationship with the Baron and certain other nobles I thought it would be advantageous to stay. Hence I sent message back to Dialectica that with her permission I would stay in Gloucester and meet the local nobles.

Just before the end of the season Tiarnan returned with his travelling companions and I must admit he did look a great deal better in his new clothes - which he is obviously pleased with. He seems to have had a good House meeting at least.


At the start of the Council meeting it seems that other than his clothes we were to learn little of the House Merinita meeting. However it seems that Tiarnan was approached by the fae knight Turold, who told his side of the encounter with Cormoran. It seems that Cormoran decided not to inform the Council that was working for the Erechwydd, and that due to his defeat of Turold her snowy realm is waxing in strength again. Still Cormoran's actions certainly haven't brought down the wrath of the fae upon us, and so there is nothing else to be done. Obviously Tiarnan is not very happy with this turn of events, and the Council was somewhat disappointed in this lack of openness from out Imperator.

We conclude the meeting with our intentions for the season. Aelfwin will help Cormoran with his longevity potion; Medius will ern some more spells; Tiarnan will enchant a bucket to collect the waters from the Boar Tide. Dialectica will study advanced magical theory with the aid of some vim vis and I will once again try to learn some Welsh!

After the meeting I hear that Tiarnan challenged Cormoran to certamen, intellego and corporem, apparently a frozen corpse appeared between them, after a short while Cormoran forced the corpse to speak. It was after this that Kieran foolishly insulted Cormoran - only because Cormoran wanted to help carry an unconscious Tiarnan back to his sanctum. Our Imperator banned Kieran from the covenant, and once everyone had settled down again, Aelfwin invited Kieran back in.

The rest of the season passed wonderfully peacefully, with the only event of note being that towards the end of the season the Redcap Loretius arrived. His mundane news was of the appointment of the new archbishop, a man called Thomas Beckett. Yet more news on the invasion fleet of Henry of Anjou; that the English muster has been called and a warning that banditry is expected to increase - a fact that I'm sure Astrius will find interesting when he finishes binding his familiar.

Of Hermetic news, it seems that the Merinitans are willing to stand against this proposed Grand Tribunal vote for an investigation of pagans. Finally we receive a letter from Archi-Maga Carathia of House Verditious. It seems that she was disappointed with our offer to copy Corlear's research texts and has mounted a legal challenge. She desires exclusive ownership of the notes and the Primus of House Guernicus has backed her in this. In her letter she states that hse is still willing to deal, but she will only offer a single queen of vis and 3 seasons of her time. The Council decided to accept her offer - of course, and we will decide later what it is we wish her to enchant for us.

With that the season ended.


Our Council for this season started with the return of Astrius, with the binding of his familiar, Drudwyl, having been successfully completed. I for one am used to seeing Astrius in the company of hunting dogs, I remember that he was often more relaxed and happy helping the Houndsmaster during our apprenticeship. However it was obvious that this was something significantly different - during the Council the two of them were never very far from each other, without ever seemingly being aware of the fact. Astrius would often, without noticing, reach down to pat Drudwyl. This binding has obviously made a deep impression upon them both.

Of other news, Tiarnan reported that he had made a magical bucket for drawing the waters from the Boar Tide. There was then discussion concerning which Hermetic ritual we will request from the Archi-Maga Carathia. The talk went on for quite a while with ideas such as: Shrouded Glen; and Open the Intangible Tunnel. Tiarnan wanted something mildly more interesting than the 'utilitarian' ideas we were thinking of, and suggested The Haunt of the Living Ghost, however it was finally decided that we would request the Pontifex to talk with the Archi-Maga herself at the Grand Tribunal. This would enable her to get a better idea of what is possible and the cost involved.

As we finally moved on to our seasons activities, Astrius declared his intent to hunt for bandits in the local area, Dialectica was against this idea as she did not want any further attention drawn to this area and that news of the Welsh Wizard returning would not be good for the covenant. Instead the Pontifex requested of Astrius as a covenant service that he travel north to talk to the Praefecta concerning our covenants Tribunal Service, whilst she will scribe some spells for our various covenant trades. Cormoran was tasked to extract vim vis; Medius stated that he would be learning a new spell; Tiarnan will extract vim vis for his own personal use and I would finish my studies of the Welsh language. With that the Council ended.

I was woken up in the middle of a crisp and clear winter's night by Viremos calling for me. He tells me that an impenetrable darkness has arisen in the Otherworld, indeed when I try to look through the Veil to talk to Viremos, I can see nothing, not even the faintest glimmer. Having never heard of anything like this I am greatly concerned and so I stay up all night watching about the covenant in case this is the prelude to something worse. When nothing changes with the sunrise, I finally figure out that this may be due to the 'spreading of the raven wing', some form of protection offered to the covenant from the Morrigan. Why she would do this, and to protect us from what, again I can only surmise.

The answer to this riddle was walking towards the north gate. One of our guards spotted a small dark figure in the shadows of the eves of the forest. It was Bethwyn, stating that she had a message for Medius of Rome. Hence Medius and out Imperator go to the gate to meet with her, where she informs Medius that she carries a warning from the Morrigan for him. An 'enemy' had tried to used the stars to divine information about the covenant, specifically Medius. Bethwyn says that she has been told to take Medius to the Nectan's Pool for further information concerning what the enemy 'saw' before the veil of darkness was drawn about this place. After much conferring and discussion with other members of the covenant, during which the Pontifex offers the draught of the Pool we have in stores to Medius, our Ministrator declines to investigate this issue any further using these methods. Preferring instead to trust other non-Hermetic sources, he sends a letter to Zedichia in Chepstow. A letter which I agree to deliver as I can only imagine that if the Morrigan is required to take such drastic steps then Medius should take this warning very seriously indeed. I meet with Zedichia and he agrees to come with me back to the covenant to talk with Medius.

With that the rest of the season passed uneventfully, however the shroud of darkness still lies heavily over the covenant and I am greatly concerned over what this may forebode for the future.