Scribed by Cormoran

Spring 1171 AD

We met in the cold dawn of the first day of spring to discuss the important issues that had befallen our covenant in the previous season. It has again fallen to me, Cormoran, to scribe in the journal and I do my duty with honour.

The first person to report was Astrius and his news was gloomy and bitter. He told his tale of the events at Narwold covenant and we were all aghast when we learnt of the deaths of Fulgaria, a powerful Flambeau, and De Camp, a friend to this covenant of many years.

The news that a spirit creature killed them brought Theo's specialty into the discussion. He reported that he had met this creature in the underworld, which he was in for an adventure of sorts, along with two companions. They offered him help in return for his 'peace' (which we then questioned him about; he told us that the crown he wore was the reason he could give them 'peace' - indicating that it is a powerful magical artefact). He went on to explain that through discourse with the Morrigan he had learnt that these creatures are cursed and deadly in the pagan world and obviously in ours as well. Theo then admitted some of the crowns powers and said the reason he is able to wield them is because he is king! This came as a shock to many of us, but I noticed not to all at the council.

Theo went on to say one of these evil spirit creatures has sworn fealty to him and has been set the task of finding a way to remove the curse. Theo has been told that one way is by this spirit dying in saving the King's life or, alternatively, by being destroyed physically and spiritually (at the same time), receiving the King's curse as they die. This final method does not kill them, but entraps them in the otherworld again. King Arthur caught, slew and cursed them by this method, to trap them the first time.

After much discussion I decided that more information was needed, as all the information received so far was from the mouth of one of these evil creatures. I broached the subject of using the Nectan's water. I thought it might provide us with some insight into the methods of capturing and killing these creatures, but no one was forthcoming to drink of the pagan waters of knowledge.

At this point in our council, Theo admitted to being of the bloodline of bards, which I feel means he is somehow descended from Taliesin the great bard of history. I questioned him about Stephen, the bard, who was a known associate of the unnamed house, and if he was descended from him. Theo mumbled something and rapidly moved on to tell us he occasionally had 'visions' or 'memories' of these bards long past.

Theo then stated Narwold or Carrion Moor would charge him at tribunal for the deaths of the magi. This revelation made me consider whether, if Theo was King and the only way to capture or kill these creatures was some complicated ritual involving the King, then if the King was killed they would be free to do whatever mischief they wished. I offered the theory that they were trying to get Theo killed by the Order; perhaps even the attack on Narwold covenant was a ploy - knowing that the story would get out and Theo would be blamed. The rest of the council dismissed the idea, that anyone could plot like this, as outlandish, but I am wary of these creatures that can slay two powerful Magi in the blink of an eye! Theo then informed us that we should keep our knowledge of the crown secret; but he has already told so many people - such a request simply seems foolish. Is he thus the king of fools?

He told us the name of the three spirit monsters that he had released: Mona, a sorceress (it is she who has most cruelly slain De Camp and Fulgaria); Cordol, a bard (who was the one under his command) and Barroc, a warrior who was on the continent (wreaking havoc! With no one in the Order warned!). I eventually convinced Theo that he should drink the Nectan's potion as he is the only one who could understand the vision (as he is very knowledgeable in pagan matters). I further suggested that he should have this information first-hand, to present to Tribunal for his defence.

Kai tried to cheer the magi up at this point, but the council's dark mood could not be lifted. Theo drank the potion and rapidly he fell into a death like trance, from which he later reported this vision:

He saw the three spirit creatures fleeing. They tried to escape by sinking though the earth, then through the water and even through the air, but were caught magically in some manner and could not flee. Many mounted knights arrived and (showing the coward in his soul) Cordol fled on foot, in the meantime Mona prepared spells and Barroc prepared weapons. However, more mounted men arrived including the King. As horses came forward and the knights began to charge, waiting in the other world was Merlin; ready to strike. Cordol begged for mercy like a coward, but Barroc fought and was lanced down. At the same moment he was hit by the lance, he was struck in the spirit world by the King's wizard. The same happened to Mona as she realized that her magic's had fled and she had no defence against the lances of the knights. Finally, Cordol was slain; his pleas for mercy sadly denied by the King. Merlin returned from the otherworld and the King cursed the three to eternal torment.

After Theo awoke from his trance we discussed the knowledge won and it became obvious that the spirits change into elements to flee or move; and with that avenue closed to them, they were trapped. We decided that Theo should travel to Cad Gadu to learn from an elementalist whether we can block these entities entry to the elements.

I stated that I would learn a spell to freeze a person in their tracks, as I would have to face Jack the giant killer soon; for either myself or my father could be hurt by the faerie assassin. Aelfwin said that he would learn how to make more antidotes for the 'curse of waiting death' potion. Medius was under instruction to help in the investigation into the Kabala (at the request of the other quaesitor). Tiarnan volunteered (eventually) to go to Carrion moor to take the news of De Camp's death. This news may be badly received, but the role of messenger suits this Fae touched magus (He is not much use in the faerie realm, after all! If he was I would not be being hunted by them. He shows no intention of going into the regio to try and solve this problem). Astrius volunteered his time to go back to Narwold to assist them, as they lacked a martial magus to man the defences.

Finally some good news was brokered, William, Aelfwin's apprentice, had his gauntlet set (which was brewing a potion to see true form of a man). This would combine arts non-Hermetic and Hermetic, to brew an efficacious potion.

The rest of the season passed peacefully in the covenant; which is lucky as next season will prove to be a troublesome one for our 'King' in residence.


The council started well with Aelfwin reporting that William had passed his gauntlet and was looking for other covenants to join. I hope he stays in this Tribunal, but I did hear him say something about Iberia and excitement.

Theo reported that Geddyn, the elementalist, did not know about stopping the spirit creatures travelling through the elements, so he travelled to Loch Leglean to talk to an older elementalist. This man knew of a ritual, which was apparently costly, but could be done. It involves the summoning of four powerful elementals and the giving of life essence; which all sounded very dangerous to me. Two costs were mentioned; firstly a potion of longevity would be needed, which will have to be fully efficacious (special ingredients would be added to increase its effectiveness) and secondly that Theo pay some of the life price. We all sat and considered this pronouncement and I personally felt sorry for 'King Theo', mayhaps he has taken on more than he thought!

Close to the end of last season I had spoken with my father about the magical rabbits and he had become very angry with my sodales. But, it was still a shock when our council was suddenly interrupted by my father breaching the Aegis to argue with the council. He swore and shouted at the council and Astrius was quite brave in standing up to him, but in the end he left (after throwing one rabbit at their feet and renouncing his status as amicus).

We returned to council and discussed the problem of a potentially hostile giant in the locale; now that he no longer had any protection under the code. After a long and heated discussion, I agreed to leave the covenant with my father to learn his hunting techniques. With great sorrow in my heart I realised that I might not ever come back to Severn Temple.

Just then there was a knock on the door. The Castellan entered and stated that a grog upon the road had espied my father being accosted by Jack the giant killer. Apparently, Jack slew him by dancing around untouched by my fathers heavy but slow blows. At this news I became enraged and flew out of the covenant with Astrius in attendance. He tried to slow me down and convince me to use tactics instead of rage, but when I arrived at my father's corpse my soul was twisted! Thinking that the Palug might have gone back to his glade, I charged off with Astrius to slay Jack and steal his sword. We arrived and the Palug set about me in much the same way that he must have set about my father; even when I used an apportation spell to give me some range the blows rained down on me and I did not have a chance to cast my spell of freezing. Then Astrius saved me by casting webs at Palug. This froze him on the spot and with a single blow I cleaved him in two.

I took the giant killing sword that had been made by Gofynwy, but left the corpse knowing full well that after a time the Palug would come back (but this time unarmed). I returned to the covenant via my father's corpse; taking him back to the hill and building him a pyre. Theo shocked me by stating that he had taken some of my fathers blood for Geddyn's longevity potion, but I was angered by this and demanded its return. Later at sunset I burnt the body and cried out in anguish at my loss.

(Private journal: - Father you were the one who kept me on the path of humanity but what has that done for me? I know you would be angry but I have taken your heart and on the day I burnt your corpse I ate some, just a few slices, hoping your strength and spirit will enter me so I might go on to become a true giant one day).

Shortly after the council meeting Astrius approached me with respect to a few issues he had regarding the spoils of our victory over the Palug, after a short discussion I gifted Astrius 5 pawns of Vis from the sword that slew my father. I considered this payment in full for his assistance in the defeating of Palug or jack whichever the Fay wish to call him. He also asked permission to chastise Dermot my scout unless I wished to take him as a consor, as I did not he determined to punish the man for insubordination as was his right as Imperator, after his punishment Dermot approached me on the matter but I his whining complaints.

A few days later we journeyed to the tribunal and the first night Theo called us together to say he was going to be accused under the code of dealing with demons because of his deal with the powerful spirits he met in the other world. Arcturus of Narwold covenant wanted vengeance for the damage done to his sodalis by the enchantress spirit and he thought them to be demons, and to be truthful who could say one way or the other what these creatures truly were. After much discussion and panic I offered the solution that he summons Candolo the bard spirit over which he had power to be tested by the tribunal and as no other had a better plan he decided to act upon this one. He also decided to approach Fenriata and the Prima about presenting a character reference at the trial but I don't think that will impress the massed magi. Theo returned from his meetings and his demeanor was gloomy, apparently he felt doomed, and told us that the crown of men should not go to holy isle under any circumstances, by telling us this he was obviously under the impression that he had been informed that he had little chance in the trial.. We went to sleep with heavy hearts knowing that Theo was in fro a very tough time in the morning.

The next day after the other magi had eaten we went down to the chamber where the tribunal was being held. The Prima made her grand entrance and spoke of the peace in the mundane world and then turned to the matter of a covenant who has apparently broken all the rules possible to break in the tribunal, at this point my eyes narrowed as I realized that we were going to be tarred with the brush that sought out Theo. She then mentioned Severn Temple by name and at that point I realized that it would not just be Theo on trial at this tribunal. Soon after this leading tirade against the covenant the charges were read out, they were Theo had done a deal with infernal spirit and thus broken the primary code, The stirring of the werewolves had brought danger to the covenant of Blackthorn without any warning of such and that Dialectica's disappearance needed more investigation. How the last one could be considered a charge I knew not but who was to argue with the Prima.

After this news we were told of some mundane news, which threw us as we thought the trail, would commence immediately but it was not to be. King Henry now rules with an iron hand and no one opposes his claim to the crown anymore. There was talk of refounding Borri Tor but nothing came of that discussion and there was a petition from house Tremere for assistance with help of investigation of pagans which fell on fairly deaf ears as members of that house are not trusted by the majority of Stonehenge tribunal because of the actions of a few of there members from holy isle covenant.

There was a break in the proceedings where we magi of Severn Temple met for a discussion of the events and what we should do to help bring matters to a satisfactory conclusion. We discussed the ramifications of the Prima's statement and decided that she was playing a game with us and unless we relinquished something of value we would lose both her first two accusations, with this in mind it was proposed that e give to the covenant the Vis site of mynyth myrthyn to pay for not warning them of the werewolves, I voted yes as did Astrius and Aelfwin. Tiarnan's vote was cast by Theo against the motion as did Medius, Theo incredibly abstained seeing as giving the Vis site we never used to blackthorn might save his neck, but he claimed he could not vote for the motion as he felt bed, but obviously not bad enough to vote against.

The Trial of Theo

The story of the attacks on Narwold covenant was retold for the whole tribunal to hear. The mood was black indeed when Theo then stood up to retell his story of his journey into the underworld; he described it as a magical regio for some reason maybe trying to appeal to the latin magi in the tribunal. He talked of how he released these creatures from the power that entrapped them for some minor assistance and it turned out that because of his status of king they were bound to him in some way, he then explained that he went on to talk to anwyn a pagan spirit who explained that an old king had bound them there and so he realized he had freed some creatures that the previous king had bound. But obviously this did not worry him much as it was not until many years later that he met one, which pledged his service to him, having a servant now he tasked it with discovering the method of destruction. Theo then went on to say how he was busy with the werewolves of mynyth mythyn and we know how well that went, I sometimes think Theo is cursed to always to leave jobs half done. This distraction caused him to not think of Narwold's problem until to late. He does not mention the kingship specifically probably hoping that one of the many people he had mentioned it to would not bring it up but this was not to be as Arcturus held a big grudge and wanted to see Theo burn for his misjudgment. Ponrius then cross examined Theo then and thus ensured that Theo's story was robust, which it was for he did not lie I think. After Ponrius had finished his questioning Ursula of holy isle asked about the nature of the deal as if that mattered, for if they were demons it did not matter what the manner of the deal and if they were not then it was none of her business. Theo said the deal was that he should not move against them which, as he was the only one able to bind them again as crown wearer made them invincible. Arcturus then twisted the knife by bringing up the matter of Theo's kingship and the fact he has not mentioned it. Theo explained in more detail the circumstances of the deal, he also stated that Candalo has been set the task of seeking out information about the other two malign spirits, H then went on to state that other magi have seen the spirit Candalo although I didn't see where this was line of defence was going. Gilda came forward and described her rescue by Candalo from Gloucester but she did not know whether it was a demon or not and so did not clear the murky waters that Theo had found himself in. Medius described how he used the tincture of observing the infernal on Candalo and did not observe the taint of the infernal on the spirit but what this proved was debatable as a non-hermetic method was used. I however felt that the conviction of Medius' statement swayed far more people than any argument brought forth so far in Theo's defence. Yania then steped forward and described the similarity between the spirits and the Morrigan and as the Morrigan was not a demon then neither were the spirits that Theo had let loose on the world. During the summing up speech Sylvania arrived and Theo asked Sylvania to summon a powerful Fae lord to determine the nature of these spirits. Eloria stated that they cannot be summoned within the covenant but Sylvania said that she has a method to summon Candalo which was strange as I was led to believe that it only came to Theo's command, what sort of deal had Theo done with the powerful Merinitan or had she fallen under the belief that he was a king? . The Quasitor went into a huddle to discuss the possibility that Sylvania might summon a demon and break the code herself but they agree to summon both creatures and invited witnesses to view. Several people went out to witness the summoning although I did not go because of my relations with the court of stone. Candalo and Goffanon are summoned and then Goffanon is questioned about Candalo and stated that although the spirit might be trying to corrupt Theo it was not a devil or demon. Theo was then brought back in and questioned about the Regio and if it was the pagan's equivalent of hell but he stated that it is neither heaven nor hell but as a denial of the summer lands of the otherworld what ever that means. We broke for lunch and Theo went off in deep discussion with his patronis. We reconvened and Eloria pronounced the finale of the trial. Theo stated that he was slow and stupid and contrite for his actions at Narwold but that he was not a diabolist. The vote was cast and a dead heat of votes was reached and Eloria cast the casting vote, and so it was lucky we bought her approval with the Vis site, which she had lusted over for a long time. She deliberated but finally chose for Theo and so he escaped death but his punishment of excordis, 7 seasons punishment and a report on the destruction on the demons will be performed, as that was his suggested punishment.

After the trial various statements were made to the Tribunal, The Bonisagus from Blackthorn wanted to start up a forum of magic again and lets hope he is more successful than his infernally tainted colleague Caelestis. Holy isle charged 4 pawns per Magus to continue there work of persecuting members of my house. The 3 spirits were declared enemies of the tribunal and we all voted for this motion except Theo and the Merenitan's who abstain so mayhaps he has the entire house of the Fae in his pocket. Dialectica's whereabouts were discussed and it was decided that if no sight of her has been seen before the next tribunal an investigation into the apprentice Aedan's location will be commenced as he should have been presented by then and is not protected by the oath until he has sworn it although if you know someone is the companion of a magus and scry upon them to determine there location is that not also in effect scrying upon the magus?. I leave such judgments to the elder magi of the tribunal and voted for along with everyone else. The rest of the season passed without event which I am sure Theo was grateful for, I had some success in my fishing as well and so I am able to feed myself again.


At the council meeting of Autumn Medius told us about the cooperation that was occurring between some magi about the infernal investigation. And asked if it would be possible for them to have access to our libraries which as we are all obviously enemies of the infernal we agreed to unanimously. Theo applied excordis to himself and everyone voted for except for myself as I abstained as I felt I should not vote as I was also under excordis. After the council meeting I went off to learn the longbow for the season to broaden my skills and give me a ranged weapon if need be while Medius and Astrius went off to investigate the fells. Theo asked permission to deal with his mundane holdings, which the council agreed to, and Tiarnan went off on some sort of Fae business with Sylvania.

A few days after the council Astrius and Medius returned with astonishing news. The quest to the tower was very successful as they captured three men working for the fells with demon like horses, as the Jews dispatched the horses with the kabala magic's, Medius interrogated the men and discovered that they had stolen the tax monies from the Earl to help rebuild the fell network. He went onto reveal that Yvonne is their leader and that they watch Snigs End to protect it from intruders. Apparently Yvonne visited them every new moon to keep check on the temple at Snigs End. It was then he revealed that the temple was being used to resummon Guyere from hell to walk upon the earth once more. They have been there 3 years guarding the tower and the task of resummoning the spirit of the master was all but complete. Guyere spirit had returned two seasons past but it was still recuperating at the temple after its torments in hell in preparation to wreak vengeance upon the world and the order. In preparation for an assault they quizzed the man about the powers that Yvonne might array against us and his mind revealed that she can curse age a man, give pain, crush a mans heart and bind and summon demons. These magic's worried Medius as he thought that she might be hermetically trained and thus have possession of the Parma Magica, but the man revealed that she used no hermetical actions to do these spells and so it was probably infernal magic. Apparently Edwin a noble member of the Fells is now an enemy of Yvonne's and now does not assist her but because he fears her he will not oppose her.

With this new being told Loretiuis the redcap arrived and gave us scant news of the goings on in the world, although to be fair we had been told at tribunal most of the news we needed to know. The mundane news was that an uneasy peace had continued in England but that there were rebellions in France that had caused the king some problems. More guards were upon the road to stop the banditry, which would be reduced anyway after the three rogues from the tower were dispatched. Apparently those known associated of the covenant who had helped in the killing of Guyere the first time had been systematically sought out and murdered by him. Hermetic news was also same with the news that the Blackthorn magical forum would be in 2 years time.

After the news we discussed what to do about Snigs end and after a short decisive meeting we decided to move on Guyere strike before the new moon. I left quickly to find Theo as his spirit powers and howling sword would be of great use in a fight with the infernal. I was lucky to find him at his land holding in Skinfrith within a single day and I presented him with a potion of home coming to get him back to the covenant quickly. We equipped for the battle ahead and decided that the Jews be given 3 leap of homecoming potions to assist in there escape if needed.

We camped close to Snigs End and spent a restless night watching out for spirits and demons, but none came and in the morning we entered the woods. Were accompanied by the three Jews of Medius acquaintance and a multitude of grogs to protect the weaker magi from harm. A seal was placed by a Jew on the forehead of each of the grogs to protect them from possession, this was using Kabalistic magic and although I did not understand it Medius seemed quite happy with the situation. We set off into the woods with William the grog being our man in front; unfortunately for him he set off a flame trap of some sort and was injured. Astrius and myself moved forward to assist him and remove the trap via hermetic magic's in case it fired again. At that moment abominations from the pit materialized and attacked our group. They were fierce demons that would have ripped any normal mundanes to shreds in seconds but after we had erected wards we dispatched them quickly but not without loses, Baldwin and William both were killed in the fight. After a quick rest to allow wounds to be bound we continued with myself leading, as I was obviously the strongest physically. We spotted some more of the statues that spat fire but before they had the opportunity to do so Astrius blasted them to bits from long distance which impressed me with his accuracy. We reached the boundaries of the temple and it looked like a ruined church, here The Jew's made a point of saying that the grogs should not go on but I disagreed and insisted we go in as one, I think the kabbalists were not used to so many armed men and how useful they might be in battle. To ensure we all entered at the same time we cut open the Regio boundary using Petrus' dagger and enter a very dark corridor. We followed carefully down the corridor until we came to a junction we decided to keep turning left to see if this was real or if this was some form of infernal trick. Eventually we came back to where we should have started but the corridor was of different dimensions and so we realized we were being tricked. We discover the walls are illusion and by using a kabalistic seal we dispelled the walls. Almost instantly we were attacked by five demons with snake bodies. The Jews with their holy magic fry one almost instantly but by that stage I was in close combat with one by that stage and can only recount what I discovered about the creatures. They were amazingly tough of skin and I found myself injured by a mighty blow, eventually I beat it down and slew the creature but when I turned round the senior Jew Gedovar has been killed and Edgert the grog was killed as well this boded badly for it was Gedovar's magic's that had slain these demons so easily. From behind the party was then assailed by a ghost like demon that aged all who come near but my Parma was strong and so I advanced and struck the creature a mighty blow, which to my amazement passed straight through it, it was obvious that I would not be much use in this fight but I determined that I was doing a service to protect the weaker magi allowing them to slay the demon via there magic's whilst I held it up. The combined power of the hermetic magic's and kabalistic magic's hurled at the creature soon dispatched it and we thought our fight ended but we were wrong. The spirit of Guyere then appeared and cast a mighty sleep spell that causes all but Medius, Aaron Caedmon, Owain, Astrius, Zedakiah and myself to fall unconscious. We turned to face this final and deadly threat and started to advance but then a mighty wash of fear flowed from the spirit, already assailed my Parma finally failed and my mind was filled with fear and along with Owain and Caedmon we turned from Guyere and fled to the other end of the temple. Behind me I could here various spells being cast but to no effect and it seemed we were doomed until Astrius had a moment of clarity and rushed past the demon to a summoning circle where he destroyed the corpse of Guyere which was obviously the anchor which bound the spirit to this plane. The spiritual Guyere dispersed and with Astrius casting a light spell we all congregated on the summoning circle, we picked up the remains and the corpses of our friends and tried to exit the regio. Medius opened the regio boundary with the dagger and Astrius and myself advance quickly through incase of ambush, which was fortuitous as suddenly a hail of crossbow bolts hit us, luckily they were turned aside by my mighty magic's and Astrius was protected by a potion of gift of bears fortitude I had crafted many seasons ago. I felt my Parma being attacked and warned of a hidden magus using Corporem magic's against me, I quickly reasoned this could be but one person , Yvonne. The grogs exited next to provide cover for the weaker magi and it was at this point that Ine took a crossbow bolt in the chest that incapacitated him. I charged the line of crossbowmen trying to act as a target for all our assailants, this worked only too well and although the mundane attacks just rattled off my armor and skin the magic's penetrated my Parma and wounds opened on my body which bled profusely. Because of the nature of my wounds I decided that the time had come for me to retreat and so I used my boots to apport back to the covenant where Aelfwin could bind my bleeding cuts. Back at the clearing Theo spotted Yvonne through second sight even though she was cloaked invisibly via some infernal magic and advanced on her to slay the witch. As I was no longer there to act as a target more of our men were now being hurt and unfortunately Alfred took a bolt in the leg but managed heroically to stay standing and protect his magus. Then the sun set, this did not effect the mundanes but the Magi had to hurriedly raise there protections again. Yvonne cast a spell that blinded Astrius and being the stubborn and loyal man he is he refused to flee by drinking a potion but fought on guided by a loyal shield grog called Eanhild he cast walls of fire to block the line of sight of the crossbow men. Theo advancing quickly after raising his Parma and drinking another potion of gift of bears fortitude strikes Yvonne at the same time as Medius snapped her leg like a twig via his Perdo Corporem magic's. She fell dead at Theo's feet becoming visible and as she did so a demon protector struck at Theo nearly frying him to a crisp but through some method I don't have knowledge of he regenerated the wounds quickly. Now in a fight with a Demon Theo and Medius coordinate there attacks and through skill and determination they defeat and destroy the demon sending back to the nether reaches of hell. The remains of the group then returned to the covenant via the barge where in an emergency council meeting we agreed to make a longevity potion for Arron as he was badly affected by the spirit that assailed us before Guyere appeared. The rest of the season amazingly passed peacefully.


We received a message from the Earl who sent his thanks for the return of taxes and we organized a midwinter celebration feast and medals for grogs that survived the ordeal at Snigs End. It was a mild if wet winter and it passed peaceably enough allowing us to study our arts without interruption.