Scribed by Medius

Spring 1175AD

I do not intend to dwell upon the death of Theodosius save to record those discussions that our council had upon the matter, but it is clear that his passing is felt in very different ways by those who reside here in Severn Temple. Though the council meeting was far less fraught than those gatherings of last season there was still no small amount of tension and I worry that the fault lines in our unity that Theodosius' actions had opened will continue to grow even now that he has gone.
As the council met it was first confirmed that announcements would be made by Redcap informing the tribunal of the death of Theodosius, with word having been particularly swiftly sent to Praefecta Orlania and Quaesitor Linaris. We also heard that Praeca Eloria had succumbed to final twilight. Given her manipulations and aggression towards members of this council I do not believe that she will be widely mourned by my sodales.

The next matter that we discussed concerned our mundane position with Magus Theodosius gone. We agreed that we must communicate with the Earl regarding the landholding here at the covenant, and to a much lesser extent that at Skenfrith. We would also need to speak with the Prince of Powys. It is likely that Maga Dialectica will carry out these tasks, as she seems best suited.

We then moved to the threats that we might face as a result of the death. We were worried that some of the fae might be moved to attack us, with Gofannon considered the most likely to strike. Aeddan was named heir to the throne that Theodosius had claimed and it is clear that there are those who would have control of him and the Crown of Math. We were not certain whether we still had any protection from the pagan spirits that have traditionally warded some of our enemies from the covenant. Ieuan remains a great threat also and none here have the ability to resist his attacks, coming as they do from the realm of spirit. The Imperator stated that he would be considering what plans may be made although his quick temper showed that he feared he would be unable to come up with a satisfactory solution. It was suggested that as I was intending to visit Cad Gadu this season, to speak with Magus Sestus, I should ensure that the elementalists that are working on a plan to help defeat the three spirits that Theodosius unleashed upon the world are warned that they might also be under significant threat with the possibility that the King's Peace is now invalid.

Magus Tiarnan stated that he would accompany me to Cad Gadu as he wished to speak with the Archimaga of his house, but first he would speak with the Anu in the heart of the forest to see what he might learn. Cormoran announced that he would spend the season fishing on the river while Magus Astrius stated that he would be developing a spell. Maga Dialectica said that she would continue to write a text on the Pagan faith in Latin, this being deemed a service to the covenant. Finally the Pontifex announced that he would spend the season training his apprentice.

Magus Tiarnan was able to communicate with the Anu before we set off on our journey to north Wales and he quickly called an emergency council to share what he had learned. The Anu had told him that the Morrigan was still offering her protection and Magus Astrius surprised us all by confirming this. It seems that he had met with Bethwyn who had shared this knowledge with him. Magus Tiarnan continued that the Anu was worried that Ieuan and those who back him would continue to press for possession of Severn Temple but she felt that there was still hope. She believed that someone needs to accept the guardianship of the spring but none had stepped forward to take this role. She also confirmed that we would still be able to harvest the acorns that fall within the heart of the forest. I am reluctant to rely too greatly upon these entities for it remains apparent that they have their own motivations, but it is also apparent that the goal of preventing the infernal forces that seek suzerainty over our covenant is one that we both share. We agreed that whilst in Cad Gadu I would ask as to where we might find one with sufficient knowledge of spirits to see what defensive measures we might establish. We will also seek to recruit any that we might encounter who have the gift of second sight.

At Cad Gadu I was glad to hear that the elementalist Magus Geddyn had already been warned that he and his sodales might be at risk. Their efforts have currently been placed in abeyance until such time as a decision is made by the Praefecta on how to proceed. I also spoke with Prima Fenriata and she was able to advise me that there is only one magus in the tribunal who specialises in mastery of spirits and that is Magus Fergus of Narwold. It is my intention to visit with him in summer and see whether he may be able to offer us some aid.

Magus Tiarnan spoke with Archimaga Sylvania and was told that the death of Theodosius had caused some antipathy between the faerie courts of stone and water. She told him that there was likely to be another meeting of the 'King's Council'. He returned to the covenant and such a meeting was called for the Spring equinox, apparently at the request of Gofannon. It was agreed by my sodales that this meeting would take place in our Great Hall, where members of the covenant would be able to witness events, although would have no voice save for that of Magus Tiarnan and Maga Dialectica who had already been granted membership of this body. Also in attendance were the Archimaga, the Knight of the stone courts Turold, a centaur called Yago representing the court of wood, the Prince of Powys, Myniddor - the King who had imprisoned Maga Dialectica and Theodosius' magical owl companion Emyr. Nimue attended for the court of water where previously the Lladra had sat. As host Maga Dialectica opened the meeting and Turold stated that Gofannon had called for the meeting as there was much to discuss following 'the murder of our king'. Maga Dialectica informed the court that before his death Theodosius had arranged for Aeddan to be apprenticed to our Pontifex so that he might learn the gift of magic but that he would also be tutored in the ways of leadership by the Prince of Powys so that the vote of the last council might be upheld and Aeddan one day be named high Prince of Wales. Nimue responded that she felt Aeddan should be returned to the court of water but Turold said angrily that the boy could not return to 'that treacherous watery realm'. He believed that Aeddan should be taken to the under mountain realm where he would be safe and where he could be guided by a regent. Yago also said that he believed that Aeddan was unready to be within the mortal world and should be placed under Gofannon's protection. Emyr said that Gwydion wished to see the will of Theodosius done and added that if the boy remained within the faerie realm he would cease to be mortal and would be at greater risk from the church in the future. Magus Tiarnan also spoke in support of Theodosius' wishes and said that he would have the protection of the magi of the covenant but would be close to all interested parties. Myniddor expressed a desire for the boy to stay with him. The Prince of Powys spoke next and said that the loss of Theodosius was a great shock with the hope that their would be unity between the welsh princes. He wanted Aeddan to unify the nation and believed that it would be best for the wishes of Theodosius to be honoured. After some further discussion it was decided to vote on whether this should be the case. The three magi present, Emyr and the Prince of Powys all voted in favour, carrying the motion against the three faerie representatives and Myniddor.

Myniddor then raised a second matter, that of the betrayal and murder of Theodosius by the faerie Nimue. She said that what she had done had been in the best interest of the 'King', so that he might be spared the despair of seeing his plans go awry. She said that he had chosen to trust her knowing full well what the consequences of his decision would be. There was vigorous disagreement from all others on the council at this and Maga Dialectica pressed for further explanation. Nimue again said that she had done only what she had done in the past before and it was her love for him that caused her to wish to free him from his pain. She took his memories and sent him free into his next life. Magus Tiarnan said that he did not believe it was Theodosius' intention to die. Turold said that the court of stone did not desire war but that Nimue must be expelled from the council. She said that if it was the will of the table she was content to adhere to it. Another vote was called and Magus Tiarnan, Maga Dialectica and Nimue voted against with the Archimaga abstaining. With the votes of 5 others against however she was cast from the council and it is my understanding that this means the court of water is no longer part of this alliance. As she left Turold told her that if she, or any of her court, went after Aeddan then there would be war.

Myniddor spoke again, raising a third point for discussion. He said that Theodosius had thought Maga Dialectica an enemy who would corrupt Aeddan and demanded that action be taken against her. She told him and the council that she did not see on what basis he raised such a matter as she had abided by all decisions of the council even when she did not agree with them and that there had been no betrayal by her. Emyr agreed that there was no evidence of such but said he was suspicious of her future plans. Yago did not believe she would bear any enmity towards her own son but expressed a concern for the ambition of witches. Myniddor said that the council had an opportunity to rid itself of those who might work against it and again said that he believed Maga Dialectica sought to thwart their plan to restore 'the world's ancient glory'. She said that her counsel to Aeddan would be that he abides by his oaths and the fact that she disagreed with the council did not make her a traitor. This continued for some time and it was clear that none would support Myniddor sop he contented himself by saying that he would be watching her for treachery.

Turold asked what had happened to the Crown of Math but with Nimue gone none could answer that question. Myniddor wished for a petition to be made to Llyr that the crown be given to Aeddan and if he refused then war be brought against him, a statement that both Turold and Yago agreed with. Emyr suggested that a representative be sent to conduct such diplomacy and Magus Tiarnan volunteered his services. Turold also said that there was one other artefact, a large cauldron kept in Theodosius' sanctum. He thought it would be safest in Gofannon's realm, a view that was shared by Magus Tiarnan but not by Myniddor who believed that he could also keep it safe and use it were it to become necessary. A vote was called to decide between the two claims. The three wizards voted alongside Turold with the others supporting Myniddor. With a tied vote it was agreed that Turold and Myniddor would duel for it, the battle to take place at a neutral venue to be agreed and in three days.


Our council once more began with matters of concern relating to the death of Theodosius. Given that he named Aeddan as his heir to the throne that he laid claim to we wondered whether this might mean that there was still some protection against the three 'spirits' that our former sodalis had released from imprisonment. After some conversation it was apparent that none had sufficient knowledge to be certain and we will continue to be vigilant for any sign of these entities. We also discussed further the threat that Ieuan clearly still poses to this covenant. The Imperator asked whether it was possible that the spirit paths that our enemy uses to bypass our defences were accessible at all times or restricted to certain times of year. Maga Dialectica believed the latter might well be the case. Her understanding is that there are many paths, some of which are watched or guarded and others long forgot or hidden. We talked again of how we might defend ourselves from the blade that Ieuan bears and Cormoran suggested that a ward enchanted permanently into an item such as a shield might prove useful. I agreed to speak of this with Magus Fergus this summer when I was at Narwold.

Magus Tiarnan announced that he would be travelling to Irencilla for his house meeting. The Pontifex spent the season studying the hermetic arts from his own personal supplies of vis and Magus Astrius chose to reforge the bonds that he shares with his familiar Drudhuil. Maga Dialectica agreed to extract some vim vis from the aura and Cormoran announced that he was travelling to Cad Gadu where he would be studying in the library there.

My journey to Narwold was uneventful and Magus Fergus, although still young, was a source of no little information. Preventing Ieuan from walking the hidden paths was a feat beyond his current means but he believed that it would be possible for us to set a watcher that we might gain some foreknowledge of impending attack. He would need to wake the spirit of one who had been very loyal to the covenant and then see whether it would agree to watch the spirit world for us, for he would not coerce it to such a task. If this can be done then we will still need to enchant a device so that the spirit might be able to communicate with us but I believe that we have sufficient skill within our numbers to craft such an item. Magus Fergus will travel back with me to Severn Temple in Autumn and we will discuss a price for his services if the council is agreed to this plan of action. On the matter of the sword that Ieuan bears he knows little saved what he has heard in legends. It seems such a device is formed by magic far older that the hermetic arts that we wield and knows of no way to defend against it, believing that a simple ward against demons will be of no value. His only advice was that we tell the Praefecta, which I am glad to say has already been done.

I remained within Narwold covenant for the season as they kindly allowed me to study the text that they have on the form of Animal and during my stay Magus Arcturus spoke to me further regarding the Christian cult that he has been investigating. He has gained the trust of a young priest from a respected family who he has set to learn more. It appears that they are practitioners of some form of magic and that they have regular meetings. He hopes to learn more and will include any further information in the missives that he sends so regularly. I may speak with my brothers in the Kabbalah and see whether they have any knowledge of Christian sorcerers. We also discussed the fells and Arcturus here indicated that he was concerned that Maga Kira was not making much effort to continue Carrion Moor's investigations into such. He believes that Magus Arcanus would be better suited given that he has an interest in tracing the history of events and has apparently learned some skill from De Camp. There are currently gaps in our intelligence regarding activity in Southampton and Bristol and along with Magus Augustus, who is filius Du Clerc, and myself he should be approached to help fill that knowledge. Finally we discussed the current infrequency of redcap visits and agreed that there might be benefit to agreeing to sponsor a new redcap for the south of the tribunal, perhaps persuading Carrion Moor and Trevalga to join in our petition.

Over the course of the season Giovanni spent his time with the senior men in Arcturus' service who oversee his intelligence gathering and was much impressed with the arrangement. I believe that he is keen to see if he could implement such a network at Severn Temple and I will certainly bring it before council as we are in great need with the informal sources that Theodosius had nurtured now lost to us.


Magus Tiarnan had still not returned from his house meeting as we gathered so the five remaining magi began by discussing with Magus Fergus his proposal. It was agreed that this would be a boon to the covenant but we would need to see whether a spirit was amenable to such a task. It was also agreed that we must be careful in our activities within the graveyard, which is within Blackney, so that the villagers there do not become upset.

Several of the Magi travelled to Blackney with Fergus and he was able to weave his enchantments under the cover that we were concerned about restless spirits. After some time an ideal candidate was located, a former grog named Jory who had been killed in the defence of the covenant. He wants to ensure the safety of his descendants and has a daughter still within the covenant. He also has a son who has fallen in with bad company and a bargain was struck that he would take up the mantle of watcher for us if we located his son and ensure that his life passes well. The Pontifex agreed that he would set forth on this task with Fergus. Maga Dialectica would enchant a device so that the spirit can make itself visible in the great hall and Cormoran a bell so that all within the tower can be swiftly alerted. For the remaining two of us, the Imperator has learned something of the skill of glimpsing into the spirit world and he resolved to see if he could become more proficient whilst I chose to learn some spells.

As far as I am aware the rest of the season passed without incident.


Over the years I have resided within the covenant there have been many difficult and intemperate meetings of our council and sadly the cold and frosty morn on which we met proved the backdrop to another such. It began with Magus Tiarnan being asked how his house meeting fared. He went into no detail but clearly it did not fare well as he informed us that he had been renounced from House Merinita. As he started to discuss the difficult return he had made across Europe I had the unfortunate task to inform the council that under the terms of our charter his membership of the covenant must be revoked. It is clear that Magus Tiarnan was unaware of this stipulation and the precise clause had to be provided to him. It was agreed by all that he would be permitted to remain within his sanctum for the year that is available for him to locate a new house willing to accept him into their number. At that point he will also have to reapply for his membership of Severn temple and I must confess to having fears regarding this. He has often quarrelled with both Magus Astrius and Cormoran and I wonder whether either will vote to readmit him. I do not even wish to consider the possibility that he will not find another house to enter.

After Magus Tiarnan had taken his leave of us the Imperator then revealed to the covenant that in Summer, with the full knowledge of the Pontifex, he had travelled with Magus Cormoran to the Morrigan's Hill deep within the fae regio that lies in the forest. There he told that spirit that he was prepared to take the sword bound with the spirit of the renounced magus Ruaridh. He told us that the sword had been reforged to match his preferred weapon and brought to him by Bethwyn at the end of the season. I did not speak out on the matter, for this council has already made its feelings known, and there is little I can do until the next tribunal. I must admit to being surprised at the actions of Magus Astrius however. It is only just over a year ago that he voted alongside myself not to allow Theodosius to have the sword repaired and now he seeks to wield it. Perhaps he believes that he is less prone to the corrupting influence that this blade clearly holds but I fear that he steps onto the same path as his once friend, the best of intentions being no guard against the Morrigan's sway.

[The following entry has been struck from the journal: Cormoran then spoke of a curious thing. He told us that while accompanying the Imperator he had overheard something that the Morrigan said to him. Cormoran claimed that she had said that Maga Audacia was killed in a dark, infernal place by a demonic serpent and that Astrius seemed to be aware of this. Given that we had always been led to believe that the Morrigan had herself slain Audacia Cormoran had asked Astrius about her words but the Imperator refused to talk of the matter. The Pontifex's reaction to this tale was also quite unusual as he swiftly told us that the Senior Quaesitor had investigated the matter of Audacia's death and he was satisfied. Unsurprisingly we were keen to learn more and with Astrius' continued refusal to talk tempers became frayed. Eventually Cormoran challenged Astrius to Certamen, calling Muto. Astrius responded with Ignem and a fire appeared between them as they each attempted to transform its shape. After three rounds the flames clearly bore a strong resemblance to Astrius' familiar and Cormoran withdrew from the challenge. I shall speak to the Senior Quaesitor about this matter however for I must tell her that there is a question about her findings regarding a Maga's death.]

The Pontifex next told us that he had located the son of Jory and he had been found a job in Blackney and his debts paid off by the covenant. Our former grog's spirit had been bound into our service and a permanent watch has been arranged in the area of the great hall where he can become visible. If we hear the sound of the bell the Imperator has suggested that he will fight Ieuan and the rest of us should head for the great hall so that we might not be taken in isolation. It is possible that we can use Petrus' dagger to cut our way through the veil and thus attack Ieuan directly.

With the winter looking likely to be a cold one only Maga Dialectica opted to leave the safety of the covenant, travelling with Aeddan to the court of the Prince of Powys. I have concerns about the long-term plans that she and the Pontifex have agreed for the boy; surely they will not be so foolish as to attempt to set him up as a King of Wales. The rest of the magi all decided to further their arts through the study of our libraries texts, save for Magus Astrius who elected to practice his swordplay.

Nothing further happened over the course of the season save for some good news at the very end. Magus Tiarnan had apparently travelled to Cad Gadu at the beginning of winter shortly before the blizzards set in and while there been granted entry into House Ex Miscellanea as filius Fenriata. It seems that he has taken a new name to recognise this new start and will henceforth be known as Carwyn.