Cormoran kills another giant in the marshes close to Narwold.
Tiarnan returns from a trip to Arcadia, having grown closer to the faerie realm.
Vorn, the giant seer, tells Cormoran he is no longer welcome among their kind.

Cormoran approaches Vorn to offer a peace deal between the Order and the giants.
Cormoran travels to Scarfell to deal with a local giant.
Astrius journeys to Africa on business with the Ordo Ethiopicus.

Astrius leaves House Flambeau and join Ex Miscellanea as Cynfelyn.
Tiarnan and Cormoran attack a barge belonging to Tintern Abbey.
Lycestus of Flambeau attacks the Dean werewolves and invades Cynfelyn’s sanctum.
Fornaxius and then Palearia declare wizards’ war on Cynfelyn; Drudwhil is slain.

Cormoran is found guilt of Vitium for preventing Medius from opening the covenant’s gate.
Medius travels to Hibernia and discovers sign of Guyere’s possible return.
Arcturus writes to Medius with news of the Brothers In Christ.
Cynfelyn and Tiarnan explore Mynydd Myddyn at night, encountering Llifiau.

Marius gains the support of the Tribunal to assemble the Welsh behind John’s usurpation.
Medius’ apprentice, Ezekiel, is killed by a trap while investigating Arcturus’ sanctum.
Tiarnan discovers new areas of Mynydd Myddyn but causes a breach in the regio boundary.

Cormoran places a bronze hound that he found in an old shrine to Lugh in the great hall.
Evidence of House Tremere’s treachery is uncovered at Swallowcliffe.

The liches at the heart of House Tremere are exposed at the Grand Tribunal.
The Ordo Ethiopicus becomes House Ethiopicus.
Holy Isle transfers to Ex Miscellanea’s stewardship.
The faerie season turns to winter.
Marius aids John to defeat Richard’s supporters in England.
Tiarnan bargains with the Ceridwen to repair the rent in the regio of Mynydd Myddyn.
Tiarnan botches the Aegis of the Hearth ritual, and several Magi are unable to cast spells.
The Erechwydd visits the covenant, and Marius agrees to reshape the King’s Council.

The Magi investigate Holy Isle, discover an infernal regio, and destroy the covenant.
King John bans the Knights Templar from his lands.

Tiarnan is appointed an Archimagus.
Cormoran investigates Stonehenge, declaring that the stones represent giantish gates.
The Knights Templar establish a monastery in Loch Leglean, near Giant’s Stone covenant.
Casitus, Dionysus and Ieuan are slain in an ambush, though Ieuan’s spirit survives.

The Magi assist the Knight of Huntley against a group of bandits near Snig’s End.
Medius fails to get the Concilium Quaesitori to allow us to amend our charter.
Solis Castle agrees to refound Borri-Tor covenant.
Medius defeats the shade of a murderer and finds his future familiar.
Tiarnan leads a party to Grey Hill and discovers the place may be used to prompt visions.