Scribed by Idolon

Spring 1210 AD

The first council of the year began with a discussion of my winter trip to Grey Hill and the condition of our consors Constantius. We agreed to wait and see whether he would recover naturally and there was some further discussion on the nature of that place and the spirits that inhabit it. It is well known that spirits perceive time in a different way from those of us who remain firmly rooted upon the soil of this earth and many have suggested that there are those spirits who have some knowledge of the past, present and future, although often with rules attached as to what they may speak of. The spirits within that regio clearly have something of this gift upon them and it is a place worthy of further study.

Marius reported that he had briefly visited the Earl of Gloucester’s court and confirmed the redcaps tale that King John and Otto of the Holy Roman Empire have struck an alliance against the French. He also reported that the Earl was unable to take action against Epney due to the accusations having been raised by a commoner. A noble might challenge him but there is a chance that he would demand a trial by combat and it is rumoured that he has some skill with a sword. However Marius was happy for us to make further investigation as long as we do not alert or offend that knight and if we can gain some further evidence against the man it will strengthen any challenge that is made against him.

The Pontifex made another generous gift of vis to the sum of 5 pawns for each service given to the covenant. It was agreed that myself, Cormoran and Cynfelyn would travel to Mynnydd Myrddin in Summer. Cormoran volunteered for an additional seasons service this season and he, like the Pontifex later in the year, will spend time strengthening our supplies of vim vis. Fabius agreed to enchant a device to cut a rope, for use upon the boat, and Marius is once more travelling abroad on the covenants behalf this season. Both myself and Fabius made use of the magical library while Cynfelyn was investigating some personal item that he had in his possession and Tiarnan was studying from personal vis.

Two days after the council, as the moon rose full, Constantius recovered from his reverie and well, save for being hungry and in need of liquids, related to us the vision within which he had become so absorbed. He saw the crenellations of a castle or city wall and upon it could see light glinting off helms, swords and spears. A figure approached on a horse and he saw a shooting star propelled as if from the battlements and strike the man down. He described the rider as a straight backed man of noble blood who was neither armed nor armoured. Tiarnan said that the redcap Venia was the child of a mundane noble and felt that she should be warned in case the vision related to her. While there can be no certainty we agreed that it could do no harm to pass such a message.

Almost immediately after we had discussed this matter we were visited by the redcap Alanus. He informed us that King John has now been excommunicated by the Pope, in addition to the interdict upon the country. Following his alliance the Pope has placed the same sanction upon Otto. Alanus also brought the news that Praefecta Orlania had passed into final twilight. I had not met her but it is clear from the journal that she was a friend to this covenant on many occasions and it is clear that those who have resided here for some time held her in some respect. Her body, and that of her familiar, have been cremated in accordance with her wishes and the ashes scattered at sea. Alanus also had a letter from Valnastium for Marius and we told him that he was likely to be in the King’s court at Winchester. Constantius scribed an account of his vision before the redcap left to take to Venia as agreed.

Marius returned to the covenant a little after one third of the season had passed and reported that he had been summoned to his house meeting in Valnastium. Because of this he will conclude his service in Autumn when he returns and will be away for the next two council meetings.


There was little for us to discuss at the council meetin save for Tiarnan asking those of us travelling to Mynydd Myrddin to focus our attention as much on gathering further information about that place as of seeking the vis that is so abundant there. We agreed that we would travel to the Spring, the Barrows and the Awakened Forest should we consider there to be sufficient time. Fabius informed us that he would be continuing to utilise the library to study his arts while Tiarnan is again studying from personal vis.

We took Constantius, the skald Njarl and two grogs to accompany us on our journey. It took three days of easy travelling to reach the point where we traditionally make a gift of mundane tools for the werewolves and seek their permission to pass through their territory but despite repeated calling out to them there was no response. Maelgwyn could catch no scent of the creatures along the banks of the river and as the grey light of dawn rose upon the brooding forest that covers the hills here we decided that we should make some investigation as to where they may be. There was a fear however that entering the Forest might be considered an act of investigation and after some discussion it was agreed that Cormoran would try to make contact with the pagan spirit known as Jack of the Green. He gained no response from this entity however and then spent some time in the form of a raven flying above the forest but again to no avail. Deciding that we could not spare the time for a more thorough investigation we resolved to leave the goods for them and continue on our path.

We entered the regio by passing around the white stones that mark its boundary and we were swiftly bathed by the night that still covers the place. I could see no spirits as we entered but it is clears that this place has a stronger presence in the otherworld than the surrounding countryside. Cynfelyn flew to the top of the steep slope that leads into the heart of Mynydd Myrddin and utilised an enchantment that the covenant holds to bring forward a rope ladder that made the climb relatively easy. From the top of the slope we made our way along the stream until we arrived at the copse where the spring and the shrine lies. We had commissioned some figurines to gift to the spirit that resides there and myself, Cormoran and his apprentice Frioc entered. Unfortunately we had not thought to secure ourselves together and while I entered that further regio successfully Cormoran initially failed to pass through although he soon joined me. It seems that his apprentice passed through to a deeper level of the regio however and while we were able to simply place our gifts and harvest some vis he came upon the spirit. Taking the form of a young girl, who seemed nervous of him, she spoke in a tongue he did not understand and appears to have attempted to cast some enchantment upon him. He fired a shot from his bow as a warning and she reacted by causing the vegetation of the copse to entangle him and choke him unconscious. Eventually he was released ,although without his belongings, and returned to us just as Cormoran was about to try and go in after him.

From here we made our way to the Celtic fort, although it is in some considerable state of disrepair with collapsed roofs and heavy growth lying about the place. The stone tower still stands however and my sodales made a check of it while I searched for any sign of spirits. I was able to discern the presence of two, one a man with sword and shield crying in anguish and the other an archer patrolling the ruined walls. I could speak with neither of the spirits as their tongue is some ancient form of Welsh although I was able to determine that the archer was warning me to return to the tower, as he was wary of something approaching from the skies. We surmised that it was possibly the Wyvern that has certainly been seen within this regio in the past that threatened him, and wondered whether that was the fate of the people who once lived here. We decided to make a camp in the tower for my sodales were weary, and I kept a watch as they slept. After some time I espied blue and silver lights in the northern sky and informed my sodales that they looked light Ghost Lights, often seen in the presence of large numbers of spirits or a single powerful spirit. Being aware of the previous encounter with the spirits of this place since the night has fallen we decided to approach and see if there was more that we could learn.

As we travelled it became clear that the lights were above the barrows that we had determined to visit already and as we drew closer three mounted riders approached, wearing bronze armour over leather and carrying shields and spears. The dark orbits around their eyes and the sunken cheeks marked them clearly as spirits although their mounts left marks upon the earth, indicating that they are powerful enough to physically manifest. Once again they spoke the cymric tongue that I could not understand but my sodales stronger skills in the welsh language enabled a conversation to be held, and Cynfelyn led the negotiations on our part. They laid claim to all the lands of Mynydd Myrddin in the name of their leader Caranog, who holds them on behalf of Cadwaldir son of Cadfallen. After some time we were invited to speak with Caranog although we were told we might not bear any arms with us. Njarl agreed to remain behind and guard our weapons while we were gone. There was a difficult moment when Cynfellyn addressed us in Latin, a language that they associated with their Roman enemies and it took some convincing to make it clear that we were not spies.

We travelled into the woods and came to a village, entirely of the spirit realm. At the rear was a larger barrow and upon it sat a throne between two standing stones. Upon it was Caranog, a broad man with a grey beard who like everyone else was long passed from the mortal world. I understand that there was discussion of who our Lord was, Cynfellyn naming Aedann, High Prince of Wales. A druidic spirit, who named himself Arlechwydd, stood alongside Caranog and spoke of Meddyn and it seems that this contented Caranog. Eventually a bargain was struck between us, we agreeing that no mortal would travel to these barrows or the Great Barrow without his permission and he agreeing that in return we were free to roam the rest of these lands as we will, as long as we cause no harm or offence to his subjects. We were escorted back to the place where we had left Njarl and turned to make our way to the Awakened Forest.

As we made our way past the rift in the ground which signals the area where Myrddin’s Brood once hunted Njarl espied four men carrying bows. They had the appearance of Celts and once again Cynfellyn spoke with them as best he could. Conjuring a simple light to prove his statement that he was a wizard we could see that they were impressed and they invited us back to their village. In the discussion they recognised the name of Myrddin although it seems that he is a boy in their village considered unlikely to amount to anything. As we approached we were met by their a man named Brycan, the third son of their chief Arfon. He led us the remainder of the way down the valley to a small village sitting alongside a lake and thence to a large thatched wooden hall at the edge of their home. Their we met Arfon and a druid and were provided with a goodly feast as the discussions continued and some trade was made for some bronze knives that the villagers held. They spoke of the fleeing sun and the long night that has followed and said that they were aware of the spirits that we had met, claiming that they were their ancestors. Cormoran spoke further with the Druid and learned that any who call the wild hunt is compelled to join it for evermore. The place has a magical aura of between the 4th and 6th magnitude and it is clear that we have little understanding of the workings of this regio, as we do not know where our hosts have come from, what has happened to Myrddin’s Brood and why there is a young man named Myrddin here who seems to have something in common with the legendary sorcerer. Once more my sodales slept and after they were rested we bade farewell and continued our journey to the Awakened Forest.

The forest was not easy to pass through, with undergrowth even denser than the centre of the ean where we reside. Within it both Maelgwyn and myself had a strong impression that the place must hold many spirts although I saw none until we eventually came to the Great Oak, where I was able to discern that we were being followed by the spirit of a great Bear and that there was some spirit within the tree itself. Cormoran used a spell to talk with the tree and agreed to cleanse it of mistletoe in exchange for us taking the sap which is the source of vis.

Idolon’s Private Journal: Cormoran told us that there were bones beneath the roots of the Great Oak, the remnants of sacrificial victims of Druids in something called the Battle of the Trees where Druids had animated them in an internal war. Cormoran said that he was investigating these legends but became slightly evasive when the issue of whether this was before or after the schism was raised and I wonder whether he had said more than he intended. It may be interesting in the future to return to this place and see whether there is anything to be learned by summoning the spirits that must surely reside here.

After leaving the Awakened Forest we decided that it was time to leave the regio and returning to the world discovered that the leaves were beginning to turn. As we made our way back through the werewolves territory once more we found that our offering still lay there untouched and we decided to take them back with us. It is clear that something has happened to the werewolves and we will need to make further investigation in the near future. Cormoran chose to apport home while Constantius and Njarl went into Skenfrith and arranged passage upon a barge for the rest of us and we returned to the covenant just under a week into Autumn.


Only Tiarnan and Fabius were present at the council meeting and I understand that little was discussed save agreement that Fabius would perform his covenant service while the Pontifex again utilised personal vis for his studies. On our return I sought permission to use the library to learn the spell ‘Eyes of the Cat’ which was freely given. I learned later from Cormoran that the knives that we had obtained within Mynydd Myrddin contained Terram vis and despite their appearance are between 800 and 1000 years old.

The season passed without event although we were fortunate enough to receive another visit from Alanus. In the mundane world the King of France has appointed a King of Jerusalem, a man named John. There is also a new order of monks called the Franciscans, named for St Francis of Assisi. They wear rough habits and preach the virtue of poverty and repentance. While they sound similar to the Cathars that the Pope has declared heretics it seems that he has given them his blessing. There are also rumours that there is a great war leader far to the East of the Levant who is making many conquests in those distant lands. Alanus also told us that House Jerbiton had expressed concern at their House meeting over the Pope’s belligerence with regard to temporal rulers and feared a reported move of the papacy to Toulouse. They are also concerned over the crusade against the Cathars and what impact it might have on the Order. Finally we were told that Carrion Moor have reported that they believe Arcanus has gone missing after travelling on the south coast of Cornwall late last year.


Once again winter has come early to the forest surrounding us and it seems that with the rise in the Erechwydd’s power we will all have to get used to lighting our fires before Autumn has even passed. Marius had returned to the covenant about a week earlier and at the council meeting he said that he intended to relocate some of our more northerly spies to the south of Gloucester and along the road to Bristol. We discussed the Dwarf, Fulke, and how we might best make use of him. It was agreed that we should see if he is prepared to work for us on a semi-privileged basis.

We discussed our trip to Mynydd Myrddin and Cormoran said that he had spoken at length with the boy called Myrddin, who apparently dreams of the world outside the regio and knows that he has great deeds yet to perform. He was wily enough to resist Cormoran’s attempt to give him half a penny so that he might have an arcane connection to him although I do not believe I am the only one confused as to who or what this boy is. Cormoran has a theory that time within the regio does not flow in the orderly manner with which we experience it in the world we reside in and then referred to it being shattered and that those we met were shadows. There was some more discussion as to whether they might be spirits, illusions or real people and Cormoran then further posited that he thinks it was a memory of Myrddin that he met, brought forward by the magic of the place. The discussion turned to the Platonic theory of ideas and I fear may have continued for many more hours had Fabius not suggested that he might visit the Crystal Cave., a suggestion that was strongly counselled against by the elder magi of the covenant with a reminder that Magus Theo had met his end there. The final part of our discussion followed from Tiarnan informing us that Cadwaldir is a famous welsh king who fought the Romans and suggesting that the books that we have on history might shed some more light on the spirits that reside in the barrows.

Cynfellyn announced that he was heading to Loch Leglean next year to commission a magic item and asked whether any had need of the ship in the period that he wished it. Although Tiarnan also intends to travel to the Rhine tribunal he does not require it and with no dissenting voices the ship was placed at Cynfellyn’s disposal. He said that he would be inventing a spell this season while Cormoran was training his apprentice, Tiarnan performing his service, Fabius performing a second service and providing a minor enchantment and myself and Marius studying arts within the library.

A few weeks into the season the Erechwydd paid us a visit, accompanied by even more snow and members of her court. Tiarnan had been advised of her visit in advance and he invited her in as she wished to speak to our council. I know little of the fae but I was stuck by her appearance, tall and slender with the palest skin I have ever seen and strange elliptical eyes of the darkest blue. She wore a rich blue robe trimmed with white fur and upon her dark hair a silver circlet. Even did I not know of her power from our journal and my sodales I could not fail to have noticed, such was her demeanour. She had come to offer us an invitation to her court for midwinter, in her words to celebrate our neighbourliness, our recent victory over a shared enemy and her conquest of a new territory. She reported that there had been no further sightings of Ieuan and that she watches the cave that is now part of her domain for any sign of his shadow. Cormoran and Tiarnan accepted her invitation and while I have heard little of their adventure their I understand that she has a hall of icicles where she keeps watch upon much of the faerie forest and the wider environs of the Dean including Lydney and our own Covenant. There was some giving of gifts and she granted Cormoran the key to a tower that he formerly held from her and which provided us with vis in the past.