Marius announces that the universities will be separated from church law.
Maximus is called to investigate the case of Blanche, a witch associated of Renwick.
Petrus reports signs of a magical accident involving Rego in the aura.
The Pope grants the inquisition, rather the bishops, the right to try heresy cases.

The Knight of Chippenham complains to the Earl of Somerset about Maximus.
Petrus creates a ritual to allow travel between the different levels of our regio.
Lysimachus travels to several covenants organizing trades.
Astrius, Husam and Lysimachus test Petrus’ ritual.
House Flambeau destroy an Unnamed House covenant; Astrius becomes an Archimagus.
Husam’s bawdy house starts paying bribes to the Black Knives and captain of the watch.
Urbanus joins the covenant.

Lysimachus’ experiments with elementals produce unexpected effects.
Husam and Maximus aid Tewdric in Wales; the local priest complains to the Archbishop.
Much of the covenant collapses as Jolyon departs into the faerie realm forever.

Marius and Lysimachus tell the tale of their trip to Gofannon’s halls.
A great number of oak trees surround the covenant, creating a mystical grove.
Husam advances his investigation of the Black Knives; Vincent makes contact with Lambert.
Astrius casts the ritual Conjure the Mystical Tower to create new sancti for the Magi.
There are signs that healing within the covenant takes place more rapidly than before.

Maximus encounters his future familiar.
Lysimachus encounters a demon and a faerie during his time at Gloucester university.
Husam meets Arcturus, who tells of an inquisitorial agent travelling to England.
Astrius assists Borri-Tor using the ritual Conjure the Mystical Tower.
The Magi slay Lambert and break the power of the Black Knives in Bristol.
Astrius becomes lost while attempting to enter Mynydd Myddyn.

Maximus has a dream about a man causing strife along the English-Welsh border.
Husam rescues Owain from the Brothers In Christ.
Husam and Lysimachus explore Mynydd Myddyn, returning with Cairwyn.

House Guernicus decides to raise a charge against Marius.
Husam, Marius and Lysimachus slay a member of the Unnamed House near Hoarwithy.
Vice-chancellor Augustus is captured by werewolves in the Dean.

Astrius recounts the tale of his travels to the lands of the dead.
Husam learns that Lambert has passed on his funds to an unknown heir.
Marius is found guilty of endangering the Order, and he has Gift stripped as punishment.

Husam is captured by the Queen of the Dark Waters, but he is rescued by Lysimachus.
Arcturus is killed by the Brothers In Christ.
The demon at the King’s College reveals the locations of several former Diedne covenants.

Astrius and Maximus travel to the Levant.
Husam and Lysimachus explore the caves beneath Mynydd Myddyn.