Scribed by Daedalus

Spring 1253 AD

The council met in full upon the first morning of the season, that being the second day of February. All Magi were present. As the first point of an informal agenda, Pontifex Archimagus Astrius requested that council members present news from the previous season.

Magus Lysimachus began by sharing matters relating to his formal role as Magna ex parte in relation to the King’s College in Gloucester. Despite a strain upon the finances caused by a decline in the number of new students joining during this time of war, Magus Lysimachus was able to obtain his regular stipend as Chancellor. For the moment, the college can sustain itself despite the reduced income. However, should the war between England and Wales continue for many more years, then eventually these financial constraints may cause more serious difficulties. Unfortunately, Magus Lysimachus is in no position to waive his payment from the college as Covenant prosperity is currently dependent upon the sum.

Whilst within the King’s College, Magus Lysimachus was once again approached by the demonic spirit which haunts its cloisters. Within his living quarters they conversed for a time about the Brothers in Christ sect. The demon made a surprising claim regarding the nature and origin of their magical powers. It suggested that their strong magical abilities had, at least in part, been endowed or augmented by infernal spirits. Magus Lysimachus asked why the demon would reveal such a secret if it were true. The demon replied that there were many factions within Hell and the infernal entity behind the powers of the sect was a rival. This competitor had apparently seduced these monks using illusions to appear as an angel. It offered a swift path to strengthening their otherwise modest gifts, though what the demon gained in return was not revealed. Magus Lysimachus questioned whether such magic would benefit them within the dominion. The creature responded with mockery, claiming that it had walked within the Vatican and such feats were a small matter for one of power.

Whilst all agreed that the source of this information could not be trusted, the council discussed the implications of this conversation nonetheless. Magus Lysimachus suggested that the demon’s claims might make sense of the strange events which occurred within Cotterley in the Summer of 1224. During an investigation into members of the sect who had kidnapped a local pagan, Archimagus Astrius witnessed what appeared to be a magical ritual intended to summon an angel. The Archimagus fought a battle with this entity, losing control of his mind and becoming possessed by the wild spirit within his sword, Tetheryn, during the process. The consequence of this was the slaughter of every living man, woman and child within Cotterley.

Magus Lysimachus had long been troubled by this tale, for it appeared to imply that these crusader monks had invoked an angel to assist them; something he believed was impossible. It would certainly make more sense if these monks had summoned a demon wearing the appearance of an angel, though Quaesitor Maximus rejected this possibility out of hand. The Quaesitor was positive that the fire he had seen descending from the sky was genuinely an angel; though others on the council appeared less certain.

What is certain is that some members of this sect appear to have significant power, despite being relatively young (compared to members of the Order). They appear to have powers to see through illusions and twist the hearts of men to their aid; both things feasible for a demon from what we know. On the other hand, the journal tells of how brothers belonging to this sect apparently turned the infernal aura at Snig’s End and a local faerie site towards the Dominion. This would seem most at odds with the demon’s story, though such changes would have been determined by Intellego magic, which is unreliable when facing the infernal.

One method for testing this story might be the use of Rego Vim wards that defend against infernal magic. If the brothers’ powers are diabolic, then we might reasonably expect a ward against demons to keep these powers at bay.
Maga Erla reported that her experiment to brew herbal potions that could be used to treat the plague had been completed. She admitted that she could not yet vouch for the safety or efficacy of these concoctions and suggested that she investigate them later in the year as covenant service.

The second point on the informal agenda related to plans for the year. Magus Lysimachus reminded the council that we owed several season scribing towards our deal with Black Road covenant in Normandy (required by 1255) and as Tribunal service for the new Great Library at Blackthorn (required by the next Tribunal). Magus Lysimachus also announced that he intended to attend his House meeting at Durenmar during the Summer and would have need of the ship. Magus Husam and Maga Erla also announced their intention to travel to the meeting of their House at Cad Gadu.

The third point raised for discussion was the matter of covenant services. Pontifex Archimagus Astrius determined to extract Vim vis during the year (an announcement which prompted Maga Erla to inform the council that she will need vis for her longevity ritual by the end of 1255). Ministrator Magus Lysimachus will travel to the dedicated Covenant of Holy Isle to learn a ritual that might be used against the fell spirits Mona, Barrac and Candalo from Magus Geddyn. In addition, he will transport the head of the former Magus Neithir so that Magus McKeidh or Quaesitor Faelon might interrogate the traitor’s spirit. Quaesitor Maximus will undertake an investigation of one of the items retrieved from the former Magus Neithir. Magus Husam will spend a season working with our ship to try to improve the profitability of its mercantile ventures. Maga Erla will investigate her experimental potions. I suggested that I take on one of the seasons of scribing for the deal with Black Road. All these services were agreed by the Pontifex.

The fourth point related to formal requests for Covenant resources for activities in spring. Magus Husam requested ‘Tiarnan's Brooch’, which can bestow the charm ‘Gift of the Bear’s Fortitude’, for his apprentice and Maga Erla whilst abroad. The two Magi will travel with Magus Lysimachus via Holy Isle using the Covenant ship. The Severn Star will then bear Magus Lysimachus to Durenmar, whilst Magus Husam and Maga Erla will make their own return at the end of summer. There were no formal petitions for permission to miss the council meeting at the beginning of summer from any of the Magi travelling abroad, but the context of the discussion implied that Pontifex Archimagus Astrius permitted the extended absence from council. I successfully applied for use of the Mentem books for the season.

The fifth point was formal requests for Covenant resources required for training and pursuits in our spare time across the year. Quasitor Maximus applied for and received access to mundane books of lore related to the Church.
The sixth point was the award of vis and money for the covenant services completed over the previous year. The Pontifex decided that eight pawns of vis and a sum of fifty pennies would be granted for each service completed.

Before dismissing council, Pontifex Archimagus Astrius mentioned his continued concern regarding the dwindling harvest we have received from many of our uncontested vis sites. There was a brief discussion regarding some of the sources of vis we have registered with the Tribunal, but rarely make efforts to collect. Other than the Green Chapel (which was judged extremely hazardous during this time of conflict with the Unseelie fae), plans were tentatively made to investigate the standing stones within the deepest part of Mynydd Myddyn where Intellego vis has been found in the lichen and the barrows to the north-east of the Dean where Mentem vis may be harvested from old bones.

Thus the meeting came to a close.

Daedalus’ private journal

After the corruption of my House was revealed, Magi of House Tremere were instructed to take additional care in the training of their apprentices with regards to the dangers of the infernal. Perhaps that is why I appear to be the only one who is gravely unsettled by the reports of Magus Lysimachus’ lengthy and apparently regular conversations with the demon that haunts the King’s College. I suppose it comes down to the difference between ‘commercia’ (trade) and ‘relationes’ (relationship); both terms used in Tribunal rulings upon the issue. My Mater was clear to me that the latter as strictly forbidden by the code as the former, though I worry that Magus Lysimachus believes that he is not committing any breach of the code so long as he avoids making any kind of explicit trade for the information he receives. I shall hold my tongue for now. I do not wish to create trouble for Magus Lysimachus. I am sure that Quaesitor Maximus is privately warning the Bonisagus about how close to a breach of the Oath he skirts.

Upon the third day of February, one day after the spring council, the Red Cap, Magus Zephyrus, arrived to relate news and bring messages. Of Hermetic news, he informed us that two magi have gone missing from the Covenant of Balmannach in Loch Leglean. These Magi were members of House Ex-Miscellanea and there are concerns that they have been missing so long after the recent reports of the attack at Scarfell. Further news from Loch Leglean was also related. The Tribunal meets in summer to determine whether Wizards’ March shall be called against the Magi of Pitfitchie Forest Covenant. It is believed that the Merinitan Magi who make up all but one of the Covenant were involved in attack upon Irenchillia and the Tribunal is gravely concerned for the welfare of the Ex-Miscellanean who resides there.

Of mundane news, the Red Cap told us that war has broken out between the powerful city-states of Genoa and Venice. Both cities maintain considerable naval power around the Mediterranean and Magi travelling in the region are advised to be cautious. We were advised against taking passage upon a ship which swore allegiance to either side during this time of conflict. Finally, he brought us news that Queen Eleanor of England has met with a large number of her Barons and Bishops to re-affirm the validity of the Magna Carta. This move is likely an attempt to reassure many of the Marcher Lords so that they will commit more forces to her cause against the Welsh and the French.

After the Red Cap left the council chamber there was some discussion about what the council should reveal about Quaesitor Maximus’ vision of two magi who appeared to be attacked or imprisoned by the hedge wizard calling himself Davnalleous. It was agreed that Quaesitor Maximus would approach Magus Zephyrus and explain something of the warning; for what it is worth.

No other events of note occurred over the course of the season.


Upon the morning of the first day in May, the Magi of Severn Temple met in council. Magus Husam and Maga Erla did not attend, though no motion of censure was made by the Pontifex.

Pontifex Archimagus Astrius requested that council members present news from the previous season. Magus Lysimachus related that the ship had come under attack on route to the dedicated Covenant of Holy Isle last season. The crew were assailed by a number of Unseelie fae of the sea; scaly figures who grabbed a number of sailors and pulled them into the sea. Magus Lysimachus, Magus Husam and the Apprentice William took fight to these creatures; slaying five of them and eventually driving the others away. The Magi recovered a number of spears which they believe may contain vis. He also reported that his mission to Holy Isle had been a success and that he had learnt Magus Geddyn’s non-Hermetic ‘ritual’ to ‘bar the path of air’. Finally, he reported that neither Quaesitor Faelon nor Magus McKeidh had been present at the Covenant, but that he had left the head of the former Magus Neithir so an attempt to command its spirit could be made when they return.

Quaesitor Maximus reported next on his investigation of a bronze ring, set with a sapphire, which had been recovered from the former Magus Neithir. He revealed that whilst the ring appeared to be invested with at least one Hermetic enchantment to discern illusions, it had a powerful curse placed upon it. This curse was non-Hermetic in origin, but appeared to be related to the form of Vim in some way. He followed up his laboratory investigation by trying to divine the nature of the curse. In his vision, the Quaesitor described seeing a pale figure stalking through dark woods. The figure had jet-clack eyes, which the Quaesitor believed related to the effects of the curse because ‘the eyes are the windows to the soul’. However, the precise effects of this curse are unknown.

Finally, I reported that I reported that our regular vis sites produced no harvest last season.

Activities for the season were discussed next. Pontifex Archimagus Astrius volunteered to extract Vim vis from the aura as Covenant service. Ministrator Magus Lysimachus will travel to his House meeting with the use of the Covenant ship. Quaesitor Maximus and I successfully petitioned for the use of the Auram and the Mentem books respectively.

No other events of note occurred over the course of the season.

Daedalus’ private journal

It is so pleasant that Maga Erla is away for such an extended time. Despite trying very hard to avoid her, she still appears to find every opportunity to subtly humiliate me. She spends a good deal of time amongst the mundane folk who work in the Covenant; no-doubt indulging in inconsequential gossip. Recently I have noticed several of the servants whispering to one another and laughing when I pass by, and whilst I cannot be sure what it is they find so amusing, I am certain that Maga Erla is behind it all. However, in her welcome absence I can at least visit the infirmary to get treatment for my hand. Blanche is such a kind and gentle soul, I’m sure she must find Maga Erla as loathsome and offensive as I do. The poor woman has little choice, I suspect, given the Maga’s common interest in herbs and remedies.


The council met in full upon the first morning of the season, that being the last day in the month of July. Maga Erla remained absent from the council.

As the first point of an informal agenda, Pontifex Archimagus Astrius requested that council members present news from the previous season and began himself by reporting that he had successfully extracted a rook and one half of vis for the Covenant.

Magus Lysimachus related some of the news from the meeting of House Bonisagus. His House believes that the investigation of House Bjornear by House Guernicus is both unnecessary and intrusive. Members of House Bjornear are apparently unable and unwilling to submit themselves to Quaestorial investigation as the brief proposed by Primus Guernicus would oblige them to betray the interests of their shapeshifter allies and potentially force them to reveal secrets about their magical traditions. As a result, they have gone into hiding and as a consequence the defence of the Order in the east is in danger of failing. Primus Bonisagus will raise a motion to have the Quaesitorial investigation over-turned at the Grand Tribunal of 1262.

With regard to the events in the east, the situation has become desperate. With the fall of the Kingdom of Hungary, it is believed to be a matter of time before the fledgling Kingdom of Bulgaria falls and Thebes comes under threat. Further north, the Mongols press into Poland. Should that Kingdom fail in its defence, then the Holy Roman Empire itself may face threat; which could bring the Horde within leagues of Durenmar itself. House Bonisagus has committed to releasing magical items from the vaults of its Domus Magnus to aid magi in defending the east of the Order. Primus Bonisagus will also speak with Primus Verditius to sponsor a House competition of items that might contest the Mongol advance.

Finally, there was discussion about the schism within House Merinita. It seems that the hostility of the fae is restricted to those lands once occupied by the Celts for there is no sign of similar trouble in other parts of the Order. This implies there may be different lineages of faeries; arranged around separate courts perhaps. However, whilst restricted in scope, the conflict with the fae and the schism within House Merinita has caused significant trouble. The cause of these attacks against the Order is believed to stem from the death of former Amicus Aeddyn and the loss of his crown. House Bonisagus has requested that Magus Lysimachus make an investigation into Theo, former Primus Urbanus’ son, to determine whether the crown (should it ever be recovered) should be granted to Urbanus’ heir or destroyed.

Magus Husam then made report about events at the meeting of House Ex-Miscellanea. There appeared little surprise at the announcement that Praeca Edith had been named Prima of the House. She will reside at the traditional Domus Magus, Gad Gadu. One article of House business was also related; that House Ex-Miscellanea will undertake an investigation of the hedge wizard claiming to be Davnalleous. Given that problems with this rogue wizard appear to transcend Tribunal boundaries, this seems a genuinely pragmatic aim for a House whose members are numerous on both sides of the border. Magus Husam also reported that the armies of the Welsh rebels appear to have overtaken Abergavenny and move upon the castle at Raglan.

Activities for the season were the next item on the informal agenda. Aside from Maga Erla, all members of council will be engaged in Covenant service. Archimagus Astrius will lead an investigation of vis sites within Mynydd Myddyn. Magus Lysimachus will undertake an exploration of the barrows near to Tewkesbury, assisted by Quaesitor Maximus. Magus Husam will work with the ship’s Captain to extend mercantile opportunities beyond England’s shores. He suggested he might investigate prospects for trade between England and the southern holdings of Queen Eleanor that border France in the south, and research contacts with trading ports along the western coast of the Iberian Peninsula.

The next point of business related to formal requests for Covenant resources for activities over the course of the season. Magus Lysimachus requested the ‘Dealg de na Laochra’, Magus Maximus requested the ‘Ward Against the Woodland Prowler’, Magus Husam requested two items; ‘The Inquisitor's Glance’ and ‘Tiarnan's Brooch’. Pontifex Archimagus Astrius granted these requests and took ‘The Sapphire Blade’ to aid in his own expedition.

Before the business of council was conclude, Magus Lysimachus enquired after the spears collected from the unseelie fae who had attacked the ship in spring. As he was on Covenant service, he understood his share would go to the Covenant, but asked whether Magus Husam and (more controversially) Maga Erla might hold claim on the vis as it was found during personal time. Quaesitor Maximus was asked whether Maga Erla might legitimately make any claim on the vis given she had not taken part in any of the fighting. His view was that she might be entitled to a portion of the vis should a Tribunal agree that she had undertaken risk, even if she had not directly fought in the battle. The balance of opinion appeared to be that she had not done so, though Pontifex Archimagus Astrius decided to defer the matter of this vis distribution until Maga Erla had returned.

Pontifex Archimagus Astrius declared that despite Maga Erla’s absence, we would recast the Aegis of the Hearth this day. Given this inconvenience, and that her absence had delayed a decision relating to the distribution of vis, I enquired whether the Pontifex intended to raise a charge under the charter. Pontifex Archimagus Astrius dismissed this question without explanation.

Daedalus’ private journal

I was greatly encouraged by the news from both House meetings. It is no great surprise that House Bonisagus perceives the threat to the east (exacerbated in no small part by Primus Guernicus’ pointless investigation). It is gladdening to see our first founder’s House taking a lead in supporting the Houses Bjornear, Flambeau and Tremere against the threat of the Horde. This bodes well for the Grand Tribunal.

More curious was the decision to assess Theo’s suitability for the crown. Magus Lysimachus is a highly suitable choice for such a task, but the implications are greater than was revealed. Does this suggest that House Bonisagus would consider granting this mystical crown of Math to someone outside of the Order? Does this hint that House Bonisagus has some knowledge of the crown’s whereabouts? What is clear is that at least some members of House Bonisagus supported the political and social experiments by the former Archimagus Marius and the former Primus Urbanus; despite the disapproval of Primus Guernicus and many of his followers.

Prima Praeca Edith would be a natural choice for the leadership of her House even if she had not earned the title by virtue of her age. Having seen something of her strong will and shrewd politics at Tribunal, I feel certain that she will provide a formidable voice at Grand Tribunal for Ex-Miscellanean Magi. It also suggests a more proactive stance will be taken by Prima Praeca Edith compared to her predecessor, something that I think will greatly benefit the Order generally and the Tribunals of the Isles specifically. Whilst the enemies of these Tribunals have not gained the same attention, nor yet wrecked the same havoc, as the Mongols of the east, they represent a significant set of dangers. Between the unseelie fae and their former Merinitan allies, the Brothers in Christ and this mysterious figure named after the ancient enemy of House Ex-Miscellanea, Prima Edith with have plenty of opportunity to demonstrate insight and leadership in the years to come.

On the evening of the 14th day of August, Quaesitor Maximus returned to the Covenant, apparently having been blinded by a shade whilst attempting to retrieve bones from its barrow. His sight was restored to him upon the turning of the moon.

No other events of note were reported over the course of the season.


Upon the morning of the last day of October, the Magi of Severn Temple met in lawful council. All members of the council were in attendance.

Pontifex Archimagus Astrius convened the meeting by relating his investigation of Mynydd Myddyn. It seems that some vis could still be harvested from the loose clay and the lime formations within the caves. Two pawns of Muto and one pawn of Perdo vis were taken respectively. However, the Great Oak within was what once known as the ‘Awakened Forest’ and the waters of the lake to the north of the region contained no discernable vis. He discovered that there is still a regio boundary near the standing stones that lie beyond the forest. Within this deeper level, lichen still grows upon the stones, but there was insufficient quantity to harvest. The Archimagus suggested exploring the barrow mounds in the north of the hills upon a future expedition.

Quaesitor Maximus related the exploration of the barrows near to Tewkesbury, but his report began with news of events in Blacknee. Having attacked by the Erechwydd and her forces in 1251, it appears that village is now haunted by the ghosts of the former inhabitants. The area of the village appears to have been cursed, according to one spirit that the Quaesitor spoke to; ‘nothing good shall grow here’. The timbers of the palisade have swiftly turned to rot and sinister looking black berries grow upon sickly, yellow vines that proliferate within the shadows of the ruined houses. Maga Erla quickly expressed a wish to investigate the berries in spring, though curiously the Pontifex declared them a Covenant resource, despite no evidence that they contain vis. Maga Erla questioned this, but the Pontifex deferred the matter until spring.

Quaesitor Maximus continued his account, describing how he had seen a strange green ghost-light and figures of spirits moving about the barrows at night. By day, he and Magus Lysimachus had excavated one of the smaller barrows closest to the camp. They unearthed an entrance with the help of the grogs, a slab of slate sealing a narrow passage into the hill. Upon cracking open this barrier, Magus Lysimachus felt his Parma Magica assailed, though Quaesitor Maximus could not immediately spy any sign of a spirit within the grave. Cautiously he entered to discover that the barrow was indeed occupied by a shade. It attacked him several times with magic, eventually overcoming his protections and striking him blind. Despite this disability, the Quaesitor successfully coerced the spirit and bound it to cease its attacks and was able to grab a number of bones from the grave. Though, once the Quaesitor was safely without, Magus Lysimachus was again attacked as he tried to reseal the entrance to the barrow. The Magi estimated that the entity was of the order of the 6th or 7th magnitude in power and that the barrow could be safely harvested so long as the spirit was coerced or warded.

Magus Lysimachus also reported on two vis sites he had attempted to harvest for the Covenant over the season. He was able to obtain a little Ignem vis from the nodes of rock within the sulphurous fissure that lies in the Black Mountains near to Blackthorn, but the Trellech stones bore no lichen this year.

Magus Husam gave account of his season abroad. He has successfully identified a number of new markets which could be exploited by the Severn Star. His journey took him as far south along the continental coastline as Portugal. He stated that with further time spent in the region he could establish new trade routes to bring additional coin into the Covenant.
I reported that I had completed one of the two seasons of scribing required to meet our part of the deal with Black Road Covenant in Normandy.

Maga Erla reported that Prima Praeca Edith has begun formal residence at Cad Gadu. She also mentioned that she heard word that the Welsh were encamped at Raglan, intent on holding it besieged even over the winter months.
The next item on the informal agenda related to activities for the season. Maga Erla was granted the season investigating her herbal potions as Covenant service. Quaesitor Maximus was given access to the book ‘Potent Magics for Control’ by Jean de Caen in order to learn ‘Wings of Soaring Winds’. Magus Husam and I successfully petitioned for use of the Auram and Ignem books respectively. No items or other resources were requested for use over the season.

There was a brief discussion about the Erechwydd and her forces. The Pontifex advised that we should remain within the protection of the Aegis of the Hearth and avoid any unnecessary confrontation with the fae. Quaesitor Maximus suggested, as she uses glamour magic to hide herself and her allies upon the snow, that Magus Lysimachus might summon an elemental of the air to scout the area. The Ministrator expressed a view that this might prove effective, but lack of vis made the plan impractical at this time.

Finally, the matter of the spears (taken from the unseelie sea fae who attacked the ship in spring) was resolved. Maga Erla waived any claim to the vis contained within the spears. Magus Husam granted his share of the vis to the Covenant. With this decision, the Pontifex brought the council to a close.

Over the course this season, the Covenant was struck down with sickness. Whilst the more sturdy grogs appeared to weather the illness, some of the more delicate members of the covenfolk became gravely ill. Indeed, one of the most unwell was our chirurgeon, Blanche, who quickly deteriorated to the point where Maga Erla became concerned for her life. After some discussion, despite the risk of harmful side-effects, the Pontifex granted the use of one of Maga Erla’s experimental potions. I am glad to report that the herbal brew appeared entirely efficacious and Blanche made a swift and full recovery.
Upon the last day of January, towards the very end of the season, Magus Lysimachus ventured out of the Covenant to test a new experimental spell he had developed. I am led to believe that the intention of the magic was to conjure lightning, but the incantation initially appeared to have no discernable effect when cast. However, some short time later great black storm clouds loomed over the region and a terrific thunderstorm broke out. Howling winds stripped trees of their smaller branches and deafening cracks announced numerous lightning strikes in the vicinity. Fortunately, the Aegis of the Hearth appeared to offer some sanctuary from the storm and none of the trees that make up our ineffective wall were badly damaged.
No other events of note were reported over the course of the season.

Daedalus’ private journal

Maga Erla and her red-haired lunatic shield grog are back and so also are the teasing comments and subtle jibes. However, I will say this: For all the scorn with which I treated her Covenant services tending her ‘garden’ it appears the fruits of her labour saved Blanches’ life. For that I am genuinely grateful and impressed. She may smell of pig shit and dress like peasant, but there is some virtue in her art even if there is little in her temperament.