The Erechwydd recaptures Stonevale with Sigurd's assistance
Various states in the north of Italy declare war on the Order of Hermes
The covenant celebrates its 200th anniversary
Gnaeus and Volutus experience twilight at the Grey Hill
Sir Maurice places a geas on Oratio

The Templars destroy the covenant of Lucia
House Bonisagus votes to recommend that House Tremere relocate to Stonehenge
Jari and his companions fall foul of a witch in the faerie region

The covenants' grogs are rescued from Maeronwyn's curse
The Tribunal votes in favour of House Tremere moving its domus magnus to Stonehenge
House Ex Miscellanea elects Gailoin as its new Primus
Terentius encounters the undead former baron of Ipswich

A strange plague erupts close to the Dean, affecting both humans and animals
The Magi investigate the infernal regio near Ipswich, but there is no sign of Black Hugh
Oratio is granted a mythical sword by Nimue, causing much alarm

The magi discover that Excalibur was forged by the faerie lords and pagan gods
Mynydd Myddyn once again becomes a powerful magical regio

Oratio resigns as Pontifex in favour of Gnaeus
The covenant is attacked, Gnaeus is slain and Volutus becomes Pontifex
Terentius and Jari fail to retrieve Saint Kenneth's scabbard from Lindisfarne

Oratio decides to grant Excalibur to Hypatia, who promptly departs for the faerie regio
Terentius slays the mage linked to the Templars who was responsible for spreading plagues
Blanche and Angnes the Red depart and then become members of the Order

Terentius investigates the Templar fortress at Roxburgh
A great storm sinks a French fleet in the Channel

Oratio leaves the covenant
The Pope apparently dies, but is miraculously returns to life
The magi explore Mynydd Myddyn, encountering several mythical creatures
Pyrrhus encounters the infernal scholar at the King's College

The Pope appoints four new cardinals with Templar connections
Jari and his companions are once again caught up in a battle between the faerie courts