Scribed by Oratio

Spring 1280AD

Getting up in the mornings is getting harder, It's so cold in the underground lab that is my sanctum that I have to have ward against cold and ice on all night, every night. Poor Jakelin has to break the ice on the bucket we piss in to pour it out. Well it is obvious that the winter fae queen has dominance now but Jari seems to know what he is doing and I trust him with our well being in that respect, still it would be nice if we could have some heat in the mornings, I might even spend a season creating a device for my sanctum to keep it warm.

We met after dawn in the council chamber and as I was the last to enter I was met with a round of salvetes from by brothers in the magical arts which was nice. Myself and Terentius reported the actions of Ipswich, We went there to discover if the grave of the baron was empty and after I raised myself up and opened a shuttered window in the belfry and let Terentius in through the main door all without waking up the poor altar boy who was guarding the church we descended into the crypt where we used the bracer of servant unseen to open the stone casket which held the Barons body, but it was empty. We attempted to leave but somehow the altar boy was alerted and thinking he heard a ghost he fled the church. We returned to the inn and left the next day with no suspicion upon us. In the Council we discussed at much length our suppositions of what this might mean and Guyere and the white lady were mentioned in our discussions but in the end we did not have enough information and so decided to use Hypatia's offer of the king's agents in Ipswich to try and discover more. Terentius suggested we might ask if Emerius the nominated hoplite might be free to assist in destroying Black Hugh if discovered and missive was sent. Hypatia suggested we check on the death and burial of the baron as such an important man should have had a big event to mark his passing.

We then moved on to discuss Eastnor castle and the templars who went there. We were told that the men went west from there and the there trail was lost. We were told that the castelan's assistant was a king's agent so any news from there will eventually come our way via london and Hypatia.

Jari told us about a disturbing event in the faerie regio where as he was striking a deal for bronze equipment for ore the Erechwyth attacked and he watched the battle develop, it seemed to be in stalemate until Jari’s man Sigurd attacked a stone giant , this action by a non faerie seemed to sway the battle and soon the Erechwyth won. She gifted a huge amount of ore to Jari for his assistance in the fight. Cyrgig’s sword was left behind but Jari wisely decided not to take it as he thought it belonged to the Erechwyth. We discussed what the faerie knight Turold of stonevale might do and thought he might challenge Siguard to a duel as revenge for the loss of his land.

During the season Blanche, Agnes and a couple of grogs went to visit her amicus Renwick, apparently it was an eventful journey and she was attacked by bandits. We lost poor Walding to the foe but Blanche survived and returned later in the season.

This year is the two hundredth since the refounding and we expected unusual events to occur during the year and so it did on the Spring equinox. All the Oak trees surrounding the covenant blossomed at once and a haze of blossom gently blew from the boughs making a green snow. Those of us with magical talents were gifted with a vision. A young woman, still a girl, walking amongst the falling blossom of the trees and in her wake lush grass and flowers grew up . She sangs words at edge of understanding but we comprehended the meaning to be spring and new life. Obviously a powerful pagan spirit, maybe something to do with the glade at the edge of Mynnydd Myrddyn. The spring gurgled and out rushed copious amounts of Creo vis, enough to fill two buckets. As quickly as the blossom appeared it faded and the blossom seemed to fall and melt into the grass. We meet at spring and discussed the consequences but again it was just speculation, i measured the amount of vis and it was 2 rooks of creo vis.

Later in the Season the redcap Maga Acerbia arrived and gave us news hermetic and mundane. Of news hermetic she told us of a grave proclamation from the northern states of Italy and papal states that the Hermetic order was outlawed and any members of it that were captured would be subject to immediate execution. Of local news she told us that King Theo had called a survey of the 100 rolls to establish correct tax, this could be considered a follow up to the domesday book of 1086. In the Iberian tribunal there had been a battle at a place called Moclin. There the forces of Granada ambushed the combined armies of Castille and Leon and defeated them in battle which resulted in the deaths of over 2,800 Castilian-Leonese knights. The Moorish forces were armed with hand cannon which broke the charge of the knights and caused great confusion and they have retaken a castle now beyond the Granadan borders, Which made me think has the reconquista been reversed now due to this new weapon. Finally Acerbia informed us that just two weeks previously the Pope has passed away, God rest his soul. I prayed that the new one will be more kind towards the order. I had a letter to inform me that Voratio had completed the device and it was ready for collection from Bori-Tor. There was also a message for Volutus to remind him of his house meeting of Bonisagus in 1281 over midsummer.


I think I prefer winter councils as we can lie in bed for a lot longer, And I don't feel so groggy when sharing these meetings. We discussed the vision that we all had and came to know conclusions although it was interesting that the Aegis was not triggered and Hypatia suggested that the spirit world might be a way through the Aegis without triggering it. Hypatia had some mundane news, the three templars had vanished without trace, Ipswitch’s new young baron had received rights from king and was now back in Ipswich. The barons funeral had been a quiet and private affair which was odd considering his status and the barons mother still resided in Ipswich. We discussed a device to change someone’s appearance as that would assist people in investigating mundane places and agreed that Terentius will investigate Ipswich next year as we feared what might happen to the young baron.

A few days into the season Volutus Blanche and Gnaeus went to the Grey hill, escorted by Aylwin agnes and Lauren. They camped overnight without incident and then approached the hill the next day. Agnes quickly spotted the path using her magical sight and they spiralled up the steep hill. Passing through the first regio boundary they saw the emerging ancient obelixes on the hills side. They dug around the bases of them and Agnes found 3 bronze coins each with a pawn of terram vis. At that point a camp was made and then they advanced and passed through second regio. The stones now very prominent and mists started to roll about the hill. From out of the mists various spirits visited my sodales from there past but as these were very personal messages from their past they were not relayed or recorded. Pushing on they passed through the final regio boundary and were presented with a magnificent star field that Gnaeus and Agnes instantly lost themselves in, staring into the heavens ignoring all else. Volutus seemed to fall into twilight and started to fade in and out of existence. Blanche vanished from view but Agnes lost in reverie did not seem to notice or care. Volutus collapsed to the floor but still faded in and out. Gnaeus came round, maybe his knowledge of the world of twilight assisting him in controlling his state.He seemed confused though and his eyes were jet black as the sky above him. He said in a strange voice that “Blanches thread is not known to him”. Aylwin set up a camp as he seemed not affected by the stars and waited for his wards to recover. Eventually Volutus started to recover and Gnaus’ eyes returned to normal though he could not recall the strange things he has said. Gnaeus worried about Blanche then took Agnes and went deeper to a place only he and Agnes could see.

Volutus then recovered fully but could not or would not follow Gnaeus to the hidden higher level. Then a wind picked up curling the mists around the stones and from between two of them Agnes, Gnaeus and Blanche emerged. Blanche was much changed and has the air if the gift about her and her hair constantly moves as if blown by the hills breezes. Gnaeus seemed to be back in twilight living in multiple moments of time at the same time, making communication and movement very difficult. Agnes had obtained iron teeth and was obviously touched by the hills magics as well. Agnes led the group down the hill and back to the covenant where Gnaeus went to his Sanctum to try and recover from the magical malady that he was suffering from.

Later in the season at the summer solstice we had some visitors from the denizens of the faerie forest. A centaur and some Babachod were escorted by the faerie knight Turold, Varsavia, Lothar and Tiarnan. There was a huge feast laid on at the spring and our covenfolk were advised to avoid the fae food and drink for there own safety. After the feast which was very joyous the fae gave us gifts. Turold gave a block of granite that if men sharpened their blades on it they will be sharpened to a razors edge and hold that edge. Lothar gave a gift of a quiver with 12 arrows that would not miss. Tiarnan gave a small silver bowl that if filled from the waters from the spring and then drunk would banish all poison, disease and premature ageing but must be recharges by the light of the full moon before it would work again. Varsavia, the last to give, gave a flower with reddish purple petals called an Amaranth which if legend speaks true could restore life to a mortal who has passed on but would that man be a man or would it be a faerie?

The rest of the season passed peacefully


The Autumn council was an interesting one where Volutus told of his trip to grey hill. Apparently whilst lost in twilight he has a vision of a battle to come of men in white tabards with crosses with a winged dark presence behind them fighting against men and animals lurking in the forests. In the vision he channeled magics to scatter foes assisting those in the forest. Gnaeus was still in his strange temporal state and therefore did not come to council. It was agreed that Jari and Blanche would tend the Amaranth as none else knew what it needed. I suggested that as we had it in the library Jari cast converse with plants and trees on it to discover what it might say and he agreed to do this.

The party to celebrate the 200th year since the refounding went very well with the magi Acerbia, Arcanus, Theophilus, Acerbia, Renwick, Constantine, Karim, Phaedra, Marissa, Emerius, Gethin and Liberata attending. Jari did say to all of us to keep the fact that we had the Amaranth secret as some might have heard of its powers.

The equinox arrived and we all assembled at the spring to see what this special year might produce. We were all surprised when the spring bubbled over and 2 whole buckets equalling 2 rooks of corporem vis came up from the spring. Our happiness was short lived however as a few of us soon had a vision of dire consequences. We saw a shadow fall across the spring growing from the forest. We then heard a murder of crows as the called out over the forest a cry of despair. The shadows coalesced and out of them stepped the spirit we know as the the Morrigan arrived and we heard the sounds of battle in her wake. We heard a song which presaged the battle to come and then the spring became as blood and the cloud cleared before the moon. As soon as the vision ended figures started stepping forth from the mists some of whom I recognised, some of whom I had read about in the journal. The spirits of the following magi appeared Ruaridh, Idris with a black dog on a leash whom I assumed to be Jean de Caan, Astrius, Edith, Antonius, Audacia, Elfwin, Erla, Urbanus, Aithen, Dialectica, Idolon and Ospectus. Worryingly those magi who did not appear were Lysimacus and Husam may god have mercy on their spirits also not there were Cormoran, Madoc, Theo, Caelestis and Medius due to corruption of being given a religious burial and thus there spirit was laid to rest, perhaps that is what might have happened to my friends Hussam and Lysimachus but i doubt it. Finally a knocking at the door in the great hall announced the arrival of the Bonisagus Petrus. Also there was the spirits of some of the mundane consors and grogs we had lost over the ears including Blanche's husband Constantius and the grog Walding so recently lost. I talked to Elfwin about leading a covenant and he told me that the most important thing was unity in times and that I should encourage the bonds of friendship. He also told me that the spirit of charter more important than the words. I also talked to Astrius and he told me to look after Severn Temple which I told him I would do so. He informed me of some items he had hidden in the walls of the treasury which I extracted the next day.

The remainder of the season passed without note.


Winter council was cold but at least I can fully wake before it began and get a decent breakfast as well. Gnaeus was still in his strange temporal state and therefore did not attend council. Jari explained to council why he asked us to keep quiet about the Amaranth at the party, It turns out this faerie flower is quite powerful magically and others might desire it and try and take it. in deed its power was so great he told us that Marissa was shocked that it was handed to us in the first place and it might have been handed to us to keep it out of the hands of the Erechwyth which is a believable supposition after the Ice queens capture of the silver gate. We went on to discuss how we might protect it but had few ideas as we cannot really move it as it was very fragile sow we decided to disguise the herb garden by building a hedge. Volutus informed us that Emerius had volunteered to help us destroy Black Hugh once we had evidence of his hiding place. We discussed the items I recovered from the wall of the treasury and I stated I would write to Holy Isle to inform them we had them.

Jari reported on the Queen of Serpents and how powerful she was and of her practice to gather information for its own gain, I supposed to bargain with other Fae.

Nyal of the winter court arrived, he used to be one of our consors but now in fae form seems to be a servant of the Erechwyth. He gave Sigurd an axe with frost on its blade as gift for his help in the capturing of Stonevale . Nyal then went on to entertain our turb with a rousing saga of his life and our men seemed buoyed up by the tale which is good in these troubled times.

The Winter solstice arrived and anticipating the arrival of the Erechwyth we set up tents by the spring so she would not come into the covenant . However she did not make an appearance and instead the faerie knight Turold appeared to duel Sigurd. Jari tried to ammend the terms of the fight to make it to defeat or yield but due to some confusion and Sigurd's braver decision not to back down Turold declared it to be to the death. The duel started and Sigurd hit Turold thrice but got hit multiple times in return, Although starting well eventually Turold’s swiftness and skill with blade beat Sigurds magical axe and strength and Sigurd fell unconscious. Turold reversed the grip of his word and stabbed down but instead of spearing Sigurd's head he hit the ground next to it and claimed victory and the price that Sigurd must fight for Turold once when called for.

Later in the season Gnaeus made an appearance at dinner thankfully free from the twilight malady and described his vision from the Grey Hill which was very similar to Volutus’ awakens and described same vision as others.He declared that he wanted to go to the Cave of Twisting Shadow to discuss with his house the meanings of the visions.

Near the end of the season a large white steed arrives bearing the faerie knight Maurice from the green chapel near Glastonbury arrived. Myself and Jari received him at the gate and trusting Jari to deal with him, we commenced to talk. He told us that there would be a time of great joy coming for the king that was sat upon the throne will return. He then asked you led that magi here and I said that I did , he then turned to me and stated that I now had a quest to find Arthur on Avalon and return him to his rightful place. Sir Maurice then left. I did not understand what the quest meant but Jari explained to me that a faerie quest was a powerful thing and should not be ignored. With this troubling geas placed upon me we retired to the covenant.

The rest of the season passed peacefully if with a bitter chill.