Scribed by Hypatia

Spring 1287AD

With Jari still missing within the faerie regio, there was renewed discussion regarding what actions we might take to locate him and when it would be appropriate to act. Acting as Regent during Theo’s absence from court means I dare not risk going ‘missing’ for potentially weeks or months, so we have sought advice from Marissa at Carrion Moor Covenant. She spends many months away at sea, but one presumes she must have received our request by now. It’s possible she does not find Jari’s continued absence a concern – it’s not so uncommon for journeys into faerie realms to take much more time than we might anticipate. Her independence of spirit means that It’s also possible she may to try to locate him herself, without informing our council of her plans. However, her lack of response created pressure for us to do something ourselves.

Oratio agreed to speak with the Lladra, to see whether she senses anything of Jari’s whereabouts. We briefly adjourned the meeting to allow Oratio to contact the water spirit at the spring. His attempt to contact the Lladra was successful, but the news he brought back to the council the next day did not resolve our concerns. She said that Jari was not present within the court of water – and she had not seen Jari’s passing through the regio – implying that he had not travelled along or through any of the small streams and water-courses which criss-cross through the woods.

Terentius and Volutus indicated they were willing to make an attempt to search the nearby regio for clues of Jari’s whereabouts. Terentius must delay this for a season, however, as he has arranged to travel to Trevalga and work with his Pater in the formulation and creation of his longevity potion. This essentially determined the choice about when the council shall act. If Jari is not returned by the end of this season, then an expedition to the faerie forest will be mounted to seek sign of him.

Hypatia’s private journal

In truth, I don’t know how concerned we should be that Jari has been away from the covenant for so long. The fae would not seek to attack him or imprison him (unless sorely provoked) and it’s possible he’s simply off having something of an adventure without realising how much time is passing in the mundane world.

However, I do have one concern. If he followed me into the regio – did he attempt to follow me when I travelled beyond the Silver Gate? If he was so reckless (which does sound like him, to be honest) then it’s likely he would be lost, potentially forever, within Arcadia.

Given how volatile the political situation is, I am forced to inaction on this matter for now. However, if my sodales can find no sign of him, or we hear that he passed through the Gate, then I shall have to risk leaving the affairs of the crown unattended to find him. I hope it doesn’t come to that.

There was also some discussion regarding the investigation into where the Templars may have taken the scabbard of St. Kennedd. Scotland is not an easy place to investigate at moment. Obviously, I am greatly keen to retrieve this artefact – if only to prevent it being used in some way by the Templars. However, after the death of King Alexander last year, leaving only Queen Yolande and her young daughters, the various noble families will likely use the opportunity to advance their claims upon the throne. Such rivalry will likely turn to arms as the weather becomes better for war – and each claimant will be paranoid about spies on their land. I cautioned Volutus to act his exceptional care – as if the Templars were not enough of a threat, a foreigner trying to move around a land gripped with civil war might find themselves arrested, imprisoned and tortured merely on suspicion that they were an assassin or an agent.

I depart now, for the remainder of the season, to London. I earnestly hope that Jari has returned by the time I attend council in Summer.


Our council meeting was almost immediately disturbed by a message from the gate. The Maga Marissa had answered our council’s request for help in locating Jari – still missing since he followed me into the faerie regio – and was requesting entry to speak with the council. Unfortunately, the grog on watch, a man named Luke, took it upon himself to express doubts about her identity and essentially accuse Marissa of being a member of the fae. She was gravely insulted by this impertinence and did not wait for one of the magi to attend to welcome her within: She was spotted heading deeper into the forest. The decision was made to adjourn the council meeting so that Terentius might try to catch up with her, make our apologies, and ascertain whether she would be willing to help.

Terentius returned with good news, however. Marissa agreed to venture into the faerie regio in search of our sodalis. Our council agreed that Luke should face some sanction for his actions and Volutus agreed to speak on the matter with the Captain.

We reported news from the previous season. With the Scottish throne now disputed, I expressed concerns within the court of the possibility of civil war within England. The excommunication of my brother has led to a number of clergy to speak out against his rule from their pulpits, and this has likely swayed some of the nobility against him. However, whilst isolated Barons present little threat, the crown is at risk if those dissatisfied nobles are able to gather under a banner of a serious contender. The Duke of York would certainly attract much support, though his opportunity to mount a campaign has been undermined by the need to keep a significant faction of any forces ready to defend against Scottish aggression. However, with Scottish forces likely engaged against other factions within Scotland, there is a danger he will become emboldened and raise his claim against Theo.

I also reported a strange dream I’d had over the equinox of the last season: I saw the hills of Mynydd Myddyn and sensed an unearthly presence beneath them. We know that this deeply magical place has slipped once again into a regio – but my intuition is that this time it is not the influence of Merddyn. I warned my sodales who might seek to venture there to collect vis to be aware that something of the character of that place – and potentially the entities within – may be different to the that which we had encountered in the past.

Hypatia’s private journal

I sense that the Great Wyrm which made the crystal caves its lair has drifted into a deep slumber, which from my reading of such things may last for years – even centuries – if left undisturbed. With this, that fragment of spirit which was Merddyn appears either quiescent or dissipated – for I no longer hear him speaking to me in dreams.

The veil has always been fragile within those mysterious hills – since before Merddyn drew a dragon to its deeps and the fae constructed his prison therein. What entity has come to that place now? I cannot see, and even with my gifts dare not travel to that place to discover more whilst my brother’s throne is under threat. This is a land of old magic – far older than Merddyn. Has the uniting of the crown and the sword awakened something from beyond the veil and drawn it back to a place it once called home? I wonder.

With the need to search the regio for Jari no longer pressing, Volutus and Terentius were keen to start to pursue the location of the scabbard of St. Kennedd. Volutus will write a letter to Artorius, the senior Red Cap at Giant’s Stone, to enquire about Templar monasteries within the Tribunal and suggested also that the records at the King’s College in Gloucester might contain such knowledge. I agreed to write a letter of introduction to secure Volutus access to any records within the university this season. Terentius will be learning of Scottish Gaelic, also as covenant service.

Finally, we discussed Pyrrhus – who is patiently waiting for Jari to return before we can hear his application to join the covenant. He seems content for now to read from the mundane library, though the suggestion that he might be offered access to some basic laboratory equipment met with broad approval within the council. Hopefully, with Marissa’s help, he shall not have to wait too much longer to have his petition heard.


My fears of civil war breaking out were thankfully not realised during my time away last season. It seems that Scottish infighting involves many clans exacting vengeance for past wrongs and they have not yet joined forces under factions that could realistically bid for the crown. For now, Yolande retains a tenuous seat on the throne – and thus, whatever York’s ambitions, my brother’s enemies must wait for better opportunity.

However, they have time yet. My brother’s troops, though buoyed by victories last year, are weary and whilst they have fought the French to a standstill, it is not clear how outright victory for either side might be achieved. What might ordinarily happen is that the Church would help bring both sides together to discuss treaty, but that is not likely to happen under the current Pope.

The Holy Father’s other option would be to call upon his Cardinal’s support for a crusade against England. However, with the Imperial Emperor and King of Sicily my brother’s allies, and other temporal rulers growing uncomfortable with Rome openly exercising such power, this act would risk plunging Christendom into ruinous war. All feels like it is in stalemate. Our best hope now is that – as they are prone to do – the Pope passes away and is replaced by a more moderate man.

Our council meeting was fairly brief. Volutus reported that the records from Gloucester indicated half a dozen Templar monasteries and strongholds in Scotland. Prominent amongst these is a monastery in Culter on the south bank of the River Dee, in Aberdeenshire. There is also a Preceptory, founded by Walter Bisset for the Knights Templar at Aboyne. The order is also currently building a Chapel dedicated to Mary the Mother of Christ, known as St Mary's Chapel in Greenock. In his mind, however, the most likely destination for the scabbard is Roxburgh – a castle granted to the Templars by William the Lion to keep it out of English hands over a century ago – that overlooks the junction of the rivers Tweed and Teviot, in the Borders region of Scotland. The current Master of Scotland, Guillaume, resides there and it is apparently a most defensible fortress. Terentius will travel North to investigate Bamburgh and Roxburgh this season as covenant service.

Finally, Oratio also offered to spend this season in covenant service, constructing a enchantment to ward away spirits.


The French plan to seize control of Calais, using a great number of Flemish mercenary ships, was both daring and deadly. If they had succeeded in gaining the port, they would have at once challenged English control of the channel and cut off money and supplies to my brother. By the time our spies reported the appearance of the enemy fleet, it was already too late. The benefit of surprise and numbers would have swiftly overwhelmed the defending forces in Calais and even if my brother was able to rally his forces on the continent, his enemies in England would have sensed their opportunity and marched on London in force.

The sudden and fierce storm which swept through the northern part of the channel, wrecking the enemy fleet at the last moment, was the first topic of conversation at council. Oratio was convinced it had been magical in origin. I suspect he will not be alone in this suspicion and – as an obvious beneficiary of such an act – suspicion may fall upon me unless we can find evidence for the true cause. The council asked Oratio to start an investigation for the council, beginning with questioning the Lladra.

Hypatia’s private journal

My initial relief upon hearing the news that the fleet had been destroyed was quickly soured by the same suspicions raised by Oratio. The timing and focus of the storm was entirely convenient to my brother’s survival as King – which initially led me to suspect that a magus had undertaken some action on my behalf. However, the power of the ritual required must be in the order of the fifteenth magnitude – something few, if any, within the Order are capable, even amongst the Archemagi.

Alternatively, perhaps the fae intervened? But Llyr’s Winter Court is so very far from the world of men that it’s hard to believe that he would have recognised the threat or acted without some intervention from a mortal. But how many – even amongst Merinita – would dare visit that deep realm to make such appeal on my behalf?

My suspicion is that this was the intervention of the old gods. A magus or maga within the Order – probably Ex-Miscellanea – must have used a powerful pagan ritual to call upon their powers. So - someone in the Tribunal possesses great knowledge of the old magic and a reckless disregard for the Code. The former narrows the list of suspects more than the latter, I suppose. I don’t know who it might be – but I am reminded that our books of pagan rites and lore are currently at Cad Gadu being translated. Could it be that one of the council of the Domus Magnus Ex-Miscellanea, or someone with reliable access to that library, was responsible for this?

Terentius related his travels to the north last season. He was unable to locate a promising spy or agent for the covenant within Bamburgh, so travelled on via Berwick the one and half days by road to Roxburgh. He was able to reach the castle, escorted by Templars upon the road for the last part of the journey. He described the company of the Templars as disturbing – a deep disquiet, perhaps similar to that which Astrius described in his encounter with the Templars many years ago in the Levant.

In the guise of a pilgrim, he was able to visit a holy relic at the church within Roxburgh. He described the stronghold as heavily fortified with a well-disciplined watch. There are perhaps between half a dozen and a dozen knights, though some are out on patrol beyond the castle at any time. He estimated as many as thirty sergeants working in various roles within the castle – some as craftsmen and the like, but all appeared trained to take up arms when need arises. In addition, there were a fair number of novices and squires – and the community was also served by a small number of chaplains.

The central keep was not open to pilgrims and Terentius did not have the spells for infiltrating and searching the place. Another option he suggested might be to try to read the minds of some of the novices and squires who appeared to have some access within. Both options come with significant risk – as no doubt there is a strong dominion aura present which may interfere with magic, and there is always a risk that at least some of the Templars may be in conspiracy with infernal powers.

Volutus volunteered to undertake a second covenant service extracting vis. Oratio surprised us all by announcing that he intended to leave for Holy Isle. After some persuasion – and a reminder that he freely gave his promise to remain until Jari is returned to our council – he relented. Instead, he will use the season to make another item for the covenant – this time to coerce spirits and ghosts.

I left quickly to return to London after the council. I hope, very much, that Jari will be restored to us by the time our next council convenes! I also hope there is some evidence regarding the origin of the storm which comes to light before Quaesitorial suspicions falls upon me.