Tuatha de Danaan

All entries written in italics are extracts from Varsavia's personal notes, written in the Summer of 1103 AD.

The Fae of the Summer Woodland

Nynniaw (Lord of Oaks)

Nynniaw has two known forms. The first is that of a tall, slender man with great almond shaped, grey eyes. His hair is made of silver leaves and his clothes of a mirror-like cloth. This robe reflects the forest around him, but can appear silver when he so wishes. An aura of light surrounds him, extending for many feet, although he can completely suppress this light if he does not wish to make his presence known. His voice is quiet but firm, and it is hard to resist complying with his commands. His face is perfectly symmetrical, and his teeth are small and sharp. His second form is that of a great oak tree which stands in the centre of the faerie forest. At least once a year, on mid-summer, he takes the form of a man.

In the majority Nynniaw spends much time in the form of a great oak tree in the centre of the Summer Glade. He has been seen in humanoid form only once, during the festival of midsummer when many of the fae come to pay homage. By Ruaridh's and Idris' account be appeared as a tall, slender man with great elliptical, grey eyes. His hair appeared to be made of silver oak leaves, and his clothes are fashioned front a mirror like cloth. His face is perfectly symmetrical, which assures me that he has no taint of human blood. There appears to be great rivalry between him and the Ruadan. The Ruadan attempted to trick him into accepting a gift which would have worked an enchantment upon both Glade and Nynniaw, bringing them under the sway of the Ruadan. I suspect he must rank highly in the courts with significant faerie powers. The covenant has had very little interaction with him, and the extent of his powers and influence remains a mystery. Whilst the faerie season is in winter I suspect I shall have little opportunity to find out more.

Bwbachod (Servants of the Wood)

The Bwbachod are five foot high stick men, with thick bark-like skin. Their long arms and legs move stiffly, but they have the advantage of camoflage in any woodland environment. They are the 'children' of Nynniaw, who rules the forest. The Bwbachod can appear or disappear at any time when they are in a faerie forest. If they attack, they almost always stike first, appearing suddenly from the forest undergrowth and foliage.

Bwbachod average slightly shorted than a man and have thick bark for skin. They have long arms and legs, often bent like branches, which move stiffly but surprisingly swiftly. They are children of Nynniaw, but appear to also follow the word of Llyn y Fan. They act to protect the faerie woodlands from harm. It would be unwise to affront them. For, although they rank not highly, they are hard to sight in the forest and exceptionally tough. I believe there are perhaps large numbers of them, which could move swiftly through the wood to attack any who attempted to harm one of them. If they set upon you in any number then it is worth remembering that they are vulnerable to fire.

Palug, the Guardian of the Glade

This fae is dedicated to his duty, to protect the glade from intruders, but since Varein destroyed the mushrooms has had little to protect. Originally too small to offer much harm beyond the attack of his magic arrows, Llyn-y-fan has recently increased his size so that he stands 4 foot tall.

Though diminutive in size, this woodland faerie has great spirit and determination. He stands tall less than the length of my hand. His skin is leafy green in hue, he has tiny black eyes and a sharp pointed nose. Though he is hostile to intruders, firing small magical arrows at any who enter the glade, over time his animosity can be overcome and he can even become quite amiable. He is a skilled faerie fletcher and also knows much about the rest of the forest. In my conversations with him I have learnt about other areas of the forest which I have not yet discovered.

Briarel, Sentinel of the Dell of the Amaranth

An invisible forest sprite who has been granted powers to guard the Amaranth which occasionally grows in the centre of the Dell. I know little of this faerie, save that Nynniaw has granted him the power to animate the trees to strike any who attempt to rob the Dell. The Dell itself is surrounded by thick and tangled briars which also animate to trap and entangle anyone wishing to reach the centre.

Sigiltis, Messenger of Ludd

I have never seen Sigiltis or yet found his home, which Palug says is a very tall tree near to the mushroom glade. It is said that he can walk across the rooftop of the trees to carry messages between Ludd, the Faerie King of the Sky, and his servants. It appears that he possesses many elemental powers of air including summoning great winds and storms. Ludd may be a high ranking fae within the Tuatha de Danaan.

The Fae of the Bright Sky

Llyn y Fan

Llyn y Fan is a tall faerie maiden (some seven feet in height) with large gossamer wings. She shines with a bright light that extends several feet around her, although she can partially suppress that light is she wishes. She has a smooth symmetrical face, and large, blue, almond eyes. She, like her children, has tiny sharp teeth and an air of mischief. She is highly intelligent and has an active curiosity in mortal visitors. She does not generally behave in a particularly hostile way, but her presence is disquieting.

Llyn y Fan assumes a human form with large gossamer wings, and stands perhaps head and shoulders above the average man She shines with a bright starlight which she can sometimes suppress if she so wishes. Her smooth symmetrical face and large, blue elliptical eyes shine with merriment and mischief She has small, sharp teeth which are visible when she smiles Although Llyn y Fan is not hostile to mortals, one would be advised to be wary in their dealings with her. Through her alliance with Nynniaw she commands not only the Golwg Hafddydd, but also the Bwbachod. She and her children appear to have been granted powers by Nynniaw, for example to transform mortals into forest animals. Indeed this is what happened to dear Eanfled though in many ways it has proved an advantage to him. Her other powers appear to affect the moods of mortals. By accepting her kiss, Idris has found unnatural merriment even in times of great catastrophe.

Golwg Hafddydd (Aspect of a summer's day)

The Golwg Hafddydd are tiny humanoids with gossimer wings. They are particularly active during mid-summer's night. They have large dark blue, almond shaped eyes, and a row of sharp little teeth. They have the ability to glow brightly, but can suppress this light for short periods when they have the need to remain hidden. On mid-summer nights their bite is magical - the next morning the victim of the bite will begin to change into a forest animal.

The children of Llyn y Fan are very small resemblance's of her, with delicate wings, the same elliptical blue eyes, and rows of tiny sharp teeth. They can glow quite brightly, particularly during the summer evenings, but can hide that light if they wish not to be seen. Although very weak, they have been gifted with the ability to transform mortals into forest animals, but only with their bite and on midsummer night. They are strongly curious, and often the best way to distract them from mischief is to appear to be hiding something in your hands. it is quite comical to watch them strain at your fingers to get a look at what's inside. Unfortunately for the Golwg Hafddydd, their curiosity is also used by the Ruadan to trap them for her cloak.

The Fae of the Mountain

Gofanon, Faerie King of the Mountain

From what Idris and Myrvin have said, Gofanon appears as a tall humanoid male with pale, stone like skin and piercing, grey, elliptical eyes. His face is perfectly symmetrical and he has long hair of very dark grey. Exceptionally powerful, and probably the highest ranking member of the courts our covenant has yet encountered, Gofanon is highly skilled in crafting metals and stone into tools or servants. Maneddwy, who was Idris's wife was of his blood line, though I highly doubt she is truly the daughter that Gofanon claims she is. We have seen little of his powers. save his craftsmanship, though Myrvin was able to best him in an archery contest by sneezing while the King was taking his aim. There is a route to Gofanon's mountain via Gofynwy's cave though the route is not easy to traverse.

Gofynwy (Stone Smith)

Gofynwy stands as tall as a man, but is made of a hard earthy substance. His skin sheds dust instead of sweat when he works. He has a broad rugged face, with holes for eyes and a mouth. His nose looks like a lump of mis-shapen clay. Reclusive, he generally avoids contact with both mundanes and others of his kind. He lives in a shallow cave which is lined with his stone tools and dominated by the anvil stone in the centre. Gofynwy never sleeps and his hammering can often be heard several miles away, although the trees will misdirect the sound if he wishes no one to follow it (which is usual). He is greatly skilled in stone smithing, and is capable of moulding stone into anything a steel smith could make. He has crafted a faerie sword which is made from diamonds, emeralds, rubies, and other precious gems - he guards it obsessively.

Gofynwy stands as tall as a man, but is made of hard earth or clay. When working at his forge he sheds fine dust instead of sweat. He has a broad, rugged face, with holes for eyes and mouth. His nose looks like a lump of mis-shapen clay. He is highly reclusive, and generally stays within his shallow cave among his stone tools and great rock anvil. The sound of his work can often be heard within the second circle of the regio, though if he does not wish to be found the sound cannot be followed. Though suspicious, and sometimes bad tempered, Gofynwy is sometimes willing to lend his aid if approached in the right manner. He aided the covenant against the Ruadan when she was tainted by the infernal wand, and led Idris and Myrvin through to the Kingdom of Gofanon.

Glewlwyd, Servants of the King

These small rock men form from the stalagmites within Gofanon's mountain realm. They have small misshapen faces and move quite slowly, but deliberately. We know little of their capabilities, but I would guess that they have been fashioned by Gofanon to serve him and protect his domain.

Tuatha de Morrigan

The Fae of the Winter Forest

Erechwydd, White Lady of the Winter Storm

Palug tells of the White Lady who lives within the deepest areas of the regio, perhaps near to the Ruadan. She is said to have a body of ice and a cloak of snow which wraps around her freezing everything in its wake. She sleeps during the faerie summer in her palace of ice, according to Palug. However, we may meet her during the deepest winter of the faerie season.

Tegid Foel, the Faerie Knight of the Tower

Within the deepest regions of the faerie forest, Palugtells me there lies a stone tower. Within this small fortress lives the faerie knight Tegid Foel, and his servants. Palug could tell me little else about this faerie, save that he sought a mortal wife arid could best any mortal knight in single combat. The knight's servants are similar to the descriptions I have heard in stories, of ogres.

Morfan, The Faerie of the Fallen Oak

Palug tells me that Morfan resides in the rotten remains of a fallen oak tree somewhere in the second circle of the regio. About half the height of a man with thick, dark green skin and an ugly face, Morfan has powers over the rot. All the trees and plants around his home are riddled with toadstools and the smell of decay is rich in the air. It is from Morfan that Palug seeks to protect the mushrooms of Glade. The mushrooms which are our covenant's source of Imagonem are apparently considered a powerful ingredient by Morfan. Though it is not clear for what purpose he uses them.

Muirgen and the Great Pike

Palug of the Glade tells of a hidden lake within the second circle of the regio and near to the Cave of Snakes. Muirgen is said to look like an weed cloaked, old woman who lives under the water, but sometimes takes to the surface in the form of a black swan. The Great Pike is also rumoured to reside in the pool. The tiny Palug's estimates of size are hardly reliable, when I asked him how long the pike was he merely stretched his arms wide and said 'as big as this. Still if I ever find the place I will he investigating this lake with some caution.

Aned, Faerie Hound of Cyledyr

Aned is very rarely seen, but is said to be a large hunting dog You mainly spot his bright green eyes watching you from the darkness of the brush. His fur is said to be black, as are his teeth. Apart from his eyes you will probably see nothing of him, save perhaps his bright red tongue. His howl is fearful, hut he is actually a bit of a coward, so as long as you seem dangerous or on guard he almost certainly won't attack. He can move incredibly quickly through the forest, jumping suddenly ahead or behind you. He is terrified of the Bwbachod, Llyn y Fan and even wary of the Golwg Hafddydd.

The Fae of the Darkened Sky

Ruadan (Faerie Sorceress)

Ruadan appears as a humanoid female with jet black skin and eyes. She has eight long, bony fingers on each hand. Her robe looks like the night sky, and seems to contain tiny stars. On closer inspection these stars are Golwg Hafddydd, affixed by magical loops of black thread. She is coldly cruel, utterly manipulative, and shrewd. Ruadan can plant a suggestion in someone's mind. This will slowly worm its way into the person's psyche, destroying or supressing any inhibitions or moral qualms they may have about carrying out Ruadan's will.

The Ruadan looks like a crooked old woman with jet black skin and eyes. Her hands have eight, long, bony fingers which click and crack when she moves them. Her dark robe is as black as the night, but within the folds of her cloak she has trapped Golwg Hafddydd tied by magical threads, which twinkle like tiny stars. On closer inspection you can see that her face is in fact a mask and that she has human ears just emerging from the sides. I guess that she was once human and was perhaps cursed (or blessed, depending on how you view it) by the Unseelie Morrigan. The Ruadan can be dealt with, but one must always be cautious. She still has a human heart, for was tempted by the power of an infernal wand. Sometimes she weeps at the pool in the cave of snakes as if lamenting some lost love perhaps? She has the power to plant thoughts in the minds of mortals, which are hard to refuse. She can also control her shadow and cause it to attack people, so Palug says. Darkness is related to the unseelie court of air, so powerful rego auram spells might be able to keep her and her shadow at bay.

Cors (Of the Thousand Claws)

Cors are large winged humanoid creatures with bony, clawed hands and thin black faces. Their eyes and ears resemble those of an owl, and they have eight fingers on each hand. The Cors serve Ruadan, acting as her spies; their large yellow eyes are occasionally seen high up in the trees, peering down at those on the forest floor. They are cautious creatures, but they are not afraid of mortals. They prefer to strike out of the night and carry their victims high above the tree-tops. Occasionally they will abduct mortals for naught but mischief, dropping them miles from home on cold winter nights. Cors can listen and watch from a great distance away, reporting what they have seen and heard to their mistress. This allows them to remain a safe distance away from those they observe, circling high above. They can whisper words to one another over great distances, allowing them to communicate without being heard. Sometimes they choose to whisper dark things to their victims, taunting without revealing themselves. Cors' eyes are worth one pawn of Intellego vis each.

'Thousand Claws', I ask you! They have eight claws upon each hand and foot, which makes a mere score and twelve claws. They appear as dark humanoid figures with large bat-like wings. Bright yellow eyes, round like an owls, allow them to see in the darkness and spy from a distance. They are cautious creatures, preferring to attack from surprise or carry away a single victim. But, driven by the Ruadan, they can directly confront opponents and even succeeded in abducting the Tremere magus, Jean de Caen many years ago. Like most dark creatures they are probably confused or shocked by bright light which may be a good defence if they ever attack again.