The first incarnation of Severn Temple

This document provides some details of Severn Temple covenant prior to its refoundation in 1080 AD.

Former members

  • Iacobus, follower of Bonisagus
  • Beortmaer, follower of Bjornaer
  • Radulfus, follower of Tytalus
  • Daffyd, Ex Miscellanea

Severn Temple was once a strong covenant, rivalling Solis Castle in political sway. The highly respected Iacobus of Bonisagus was on good terms with Nostrius and Xeros at Blackthorn, the nearest covenant. The site had a number of vis sources, but many records regarding their location went missing when Radulfus disappeared as did many of the library’s books.

Severn Temple is named after a pagan site dedicated to Aine; identified with Anu, the mother goddess and Morrigan, goddess of battles. It is known the site was used for worship, particularly the spring equinox, and that human sacrifice was not uncommon. With the invasion of the Romans the druids at the site summoned the ‘Boar’, a strong tide some ten feet in hight, to drown the approaching army. The Romans were eventually victorious and rededicated the site to Venus. The site is known to produce Creo vis, presumably at the spring equinox. Near the natural spring, where the ruin of the temple lies, there occasionally grows Vervain, a magical herb.

The covenant suffered nearly a decade of misfortune that plunged it from summer through to winter. The first terrible event was Iacobus’ twilight, which occurred after a magical accident involving Vim vis (Vim was his speciality). The loss of this senior Magus caused the council to fall into disarray. Radulfus and Daffyd constantly argued over the use of resources and many poor decisions were acted upon. This eventually resulted in Daffyd’s disaffiliation from the covenant, leaving the old Magus Beortmaer under the domination of Radulfus. The Tytalus mage went on to lead an abortive vis raid within a magical regio which caused the death of their castellan and many of the grogs. Radulfus barely escaped with his life, and was somehow subtlety altered by this conflict. He subsequently lost all interest in covenant affairs, seemingly content to let grogs desert and the site fall into disrepair.

To his credit the old magus Beortmaer tried to take control of events, but he lacked both the vigour of youth and organisational ability to forstal the inevitable decline. Radulfus continued to collapse into himself, becoming hostile and private. He eventually left the covenant, taking with him a great many books, covenant vis and money. With Radulfus gone Beortmaer tried to convince Daffyd to return, but to no avail. With his health failing the old magus appealed to the tribunal for aid in 1066, regrettably there were no newly qualified magi who could join him, and he died before help could be sought from outside the tribunal. Radulfus has been seen once or twice since he deserted the covenant, he appears to be operating outside the Order and is considered outlaw.