Lost by Volutus while meeting the Shining One in Mynydd Myddyn

Petrus' Gladius (Rend the Mystic Veil [RevI 30]; 24 uses per day and Glimpse Through the Mystic Veil [InVi 30]; 24 uses per day). Dagger with rock crystal embedded in the pommel. There is still space for 30 levels of spells.

Lost while investigating Brothers In Christ

Tiarnan's Cloak
(The Travelling Thistledown [ReAu 25]; 24 uses per day). This fine blue cloak embossed with celtic designs lay in the covenant's stores for many years. It was originally crafted by Myra for Tiarnan.

The Inquisitor's Pouch (Posing the Silent Question [InMe 25]; 6 uses per day), (Purloin the Valuable Possession [ReCo (An, He, Te) 15; 3 uses per day) and (The Whispering Wind [InAu (Im) 15]; 2 uses per day). This leather pouch with electrum fittings was enchanted by Volutus and Terentius to aid mundane investigations. 10 levels of space left.

Lost while investigating Westminster

Filwyr Rhwyma (The Chirurgeon's Healing Touch [CrCo 25]; Moon duration; duration can be extended using vis; 12 uses per day). Cynfelyn created this bronze bracelet studded with rock crystal as a precaution against disastrous expeditions.

Wand of Crackling Flames (Pilum of Fire [CrIg 20]; 25 penetration; 12 uses per day). Originally purchased by Medius at one of his House meetings, this wand was inherited by the Pontifex on the Quaesitor's death, but Tiarnan placed it in the covenant stores.

Lost in the battle of Tomar

(Memory of a Distant Dream [CrMe 30]; Moon duration; 10+ to identify as false; 12 uses per day). Astrius created this opal pendant on a steel necklace to aid mundane subterfuge attempts.

Gauntlet of the Untiring Warrior
(Endurance of the Berserkers [ReCo 20; Touch; Scene; 6 uses per day). Erla created this man-sized leather glove set with a bloodstone to protect the covenant’s grog turb in time of battle.

The Inquisitor's Glance
(Posing the Silent Question [InMe 25]; 12 uses per day). Maximus created this hazel amulet to assist Magi to ascertain truth from falsehood.

The Steel Blade (Sense the Elusive Boundary [InVi 15], 24 uses per day; Rend the Mystic Veil [ReVi 30], 6 uses per day; Keen Intuition of the Magical Veil [InVi 25], 24 uses per day; Sense the Magical Presence [InVi 10], 50 uses per day). 40 levels of space remaining. A steel dagger inset with a sapphire, this blade was created to replace The Sapphire Blade.

Virga Fulgaris (Cascade of Lightning [CrAu 45]; far range; 24 uses per day; aimed +0; penetration +55; +45 damage; randomly jumps to another target within seven paces each round, losing +5 damage each time; unknown side effect involving the weather). Crafted by Moravius in return for a large amount of the covenant's vis, this item was originally commissioned to aid the Magi of Severn Temple against the werewolves in the forest near Mynydd Myddyn.

Gem of the Earth's Furnace. Presented to the Council by Sir Turold on behalf of Gofannon on the occasion of the hundredth anniversary of the covenant's refounding, this gem glows with a light that can pierce even the darkest cave or hall.

Antonius' amulet (Circular Ward Against Demons [ReVi 25]; 24 uses per day).

Lost by Lysimachus in the Fortress of Dark Waters

The Sapphire Blade
(Sense the Elusive Boundary [InVi 15]; 24 uses per day; Sense the Magical Presence [InVi 10]; unlimited uses; Rend the Mystic Veil [ReVi 30]; 24 uses). 70 levels of space remaining. An iron dagger with a small sapphire in the pommel, this item was created to assist expeditions into magical and faerie aurae.

Lost by Lysimachus in Paris

The Traitor's Coin (Weighing the Turncoat's Silver [InMe 25]; 24 uses per day). Tiarnan crafted this item to aid the covenant's dealings with mundane authorities. It consists of an undistinguished silver penny through which a leather thong has been looped so that it can be worn as a necklace.

The following items were created by Fabius, who had life-linked magic. They ceased to work after his death at the hands of Moorish pirates.

The Thief's Pouch (Purloin the Valuable Possession [ReCo (An, He, Te) 15]; Near range; 3 uses per day). Fabius created this leather pouch to assist the collection of arcane connections. It allows the owner to remove small objects, such as hairs or small possessions, and teleports them into the pouch. Items up to 3 ounces in weight can be targeted.

Divining Rod of the Lost Ashes (Intuition of the Ashes [InIg 20]; Near; item maintains concentration; 1 use per day). Fabius enchanted this hazel rod to detect the remains of former fires. There must be some physical remains of the fire present for the item to work.

Bracelet of Forgetfulness (Loss of But a Moment's Memory [PeMe 20]; 3 uses per day). A simple bracelet created by Fabius, this item can be used to remove up to five minutes of memories from a target.

Twittering ring (Tongue of the Birds [InAn (Au) 25]; constant duration). Created by Fabius, this ring has two experimental side effects: it allows the wearer to understand the conversations of all birds within Near range; and it makes birds very friendly, overcoming the effect of the Gift.

The Curtain Revealed (Sense the Elusive Boundary [InVi 15]; maintains concentration; unlimited uses). This brass ring inlaid with hazel was crafted by Fabius to assist the exploration of magical sites.

Dissipatas Sagitta (Sense the Object's Presence [InHe 30]; 3 leagues; Sun duration; 3 uses per day. Fabius enchanted the shaft of this broken arrow to detect the location of its arrowhead. By placing the arrowhead at a known location, it can be used as a navigational aid.

The Severn Star's Wand (Sever the Binding Rope [PeHe 15]; sight range; 24 uses per day). Created by Fabius, this wand is usually kept locked away on the Severn Star. It can be used to hamper nautical pursuit by bringing down an enemy vessel's sails.

Wand of the Anu's Ally (Destroy Flames [PeIg 20]; 12 uses per day; Far range). Fabius crafted this oak wand with a basalt tip. It can be used to quench the heat and flames of a house fire.

Ward Against the Burning Stench (Ward Against the Burning Stench [ReAu (Ig) 15]; 6 uses per day). Fabius created this leather fan to aid retrieval of the Ignem vis from the site in Wales.

Lost by Caelestis on his trips abroad

Viator Facilis. This bronze skull cap, set with a violet amethyst, was recovered from the regio where Radulfus hid those items that he stole from the first incarnation of Severn Temple. It contains a number of effects, seemingly to facilitate the wearers dealings with the mundanes - Trust of the Childlike Faith ([PeMe 10] Unlimited uses), Calm the Motion of the Heart ([PeMe 15] Twenty Four times a day), Tongue of the Folk ([InMe 20] Constant effect) and Posing the Silent Question ([InMe 25] Twenty Four times a day).

Lost by Turold on his trips abroad

Wand of Arcane Fire
( [CrIg Re 30] Far Range, +25 damage, +3 aim, Twenty Four times a day). This wand was created by Petrus with Turold's assistance in order to provide the covenant with some extra defence when some of the more martial magi were not present.

The following items were created by Turold, who had life-linked magic. Since he left for the deep halls of Gofannon, they have not worked

Wooden mask (The Miner's Keen Eye [InTe 20] three times per day; item maintains concentration). This elaborate and beautifully carved mask was designed by Turold and created by Tculo. The mask itself is made from wood, but two very small pieces of crystal-clear glass cover the eyeholes. The Magi use it to allow them to find further sources of iron (and possibly even silver) in the hills around the covenant.

Castellan's sword (Sundering the Enemy's Armour [PeTe 15] twelve times per day). Created by Turold after the council - in a fit of mad generosity - decided that the covenant's foremost warrior should have a magical device to enhance his abilities.

Castellan's tabard (Warding the Deadly Blade [ReTe 15] fifty times per day). This sturdy and well-made tabard, which bears the covenant's crest (a crescent moon rising over the Boar Tide) was crafted by Turold and is worn by the Castellan.

Wand of the Demon Banished (Demons Eternal Oblivion [PeVi 30] fifty times per day). This wand was created by Turold with a diamond tip, that in combination with that magus' unique talents meant a fairly damaging attack could be launched against the servants of the infernal.

Wand of flames extinguished ( [PeIg 10] Unlimited uses). A simple wand, created by Turold, that allows the extinguishing of fires of a fair size at near range.

Amulet of the magic turned ( [ReVi 20] Constant effect). An attractive metal amulet etched with a starburst design, this was created by Turold to provide some protection from offensive magic for individuals with no other means to defend themselves. It is generally worn by the Castellan.

The Map of the Dean ([InCo 30] Map can be used 800 miles away, constant use [ReTe 10] constant use). This map was enchanted by Turold to act as a permanent 'Inexorable Search'. A stone figurine can be crafted, containing within it an arcane connection to the subject. If one of these is then placed on the map, the rego terram enchantment moves the figurine across the map to the place where the individual can presently be located. Over half of the grogs and most of the magi have figurines made.

The Cloak of Passage Undetected ([PeIm 30] Two uses a day). A simple cloak of invisibility created by Turold, this is made of dark leather with a quartz set clasp fashioned in the shape of a fox.

The Knife of the Hellish Cave ([ReAu Ig 15] Constant Use). A sturdy knife enchanted so that the wearer can resist the effects of the heat and fumes in the cave where the covenant's ignem source is located. It can also be used to pry out the stoneswhen they have been reached. Created by Turold.

The Healers Wand (Gentle Touch of the Purified Body[CrCo 15] 50 uses a day, Vis can be added to make effect permanent). Crafted by Turold as a twin to The Chirugeons Wand in order that disease could also be dealt with more efficiently.

The Ring of Demons Warded ([ReVi 25] Constant Effect). Enchanted by Turold, this simple lead ring wards the wearer against the attentions of lesser demons.

Lead spike (Ward Against Beasts of Legend [ReAn 30]; 12 times per day). Crafted by Turold to protect the covenant's Magi, companions and grogs against mythical beasts.

The following item was taken by from Tiarnan by the Erechwyth

Gofynwy's Brand.
This brand, created by the fae stonesmith Gofynwy, radiates a constant heat that keeps the bearer warm and helps part the snow in front of them.

Cormoran gave the following item to Quellior in a bargain to rescue Tiarnan

Faerie gift.
Llyn y Fan presented this gift (a collection of silver birch twigs wrapped in strands of hair) from Nynniaw to the covenant as thanks for Jean's aid in thwarting Ruadan's plot to take over the Faerie Regio. This seems remarkably generous of them given that it was another member of the covenant, Idris, who caused all the problems in the first place. Petrus determined that its effects should be similar to a Creo Corporem or Animal healing spell, the hair evidently Creo vis used to power the device. This device was used to heal the saxon knight, Bryghtwold, after he had been wounded in the chest. It sealed the wound completely, but with the side effect of his hair being transformed into a Lion's mane. After this use the silver hair vanished. It is possible to restore the item with one of Llyn y Fan's hairs, and it has since been used to restore Pendaran's fingers and to heal Lothar's leg. It is currently ready for another use but may not work at the moment whilst Llyn y Fan is in the realm of stone.

This item was stolen from Astrius when he was captured by MacGreine's men

Sapphire ring
(Tongue of the Folk [InMe 20]; constant effect). Acquired by Antonius for services performed for House Flambeau.

Lost when Giraldus was captured by the Brothers In Christ near to Tintern Abbey

Amulet of the Airy Messenger
(Transform to Swift [MuCo (An, Au) 35; 2 uses per day). Purchased by Cormoran and donated to the covenant, this amulet was usually worn by Giraldus.

Lost by Idolon when battling the Black Knives in Bristol

The Bonegrinder (Crack of the Splintered Bone [PeCo 25]; 24 uses per day). This amber necklace was created by Cormoran to allow Magi to swiftly remove an enemy from combat.

Dialectica's silver ring. (Deflect the Deadly Blade [ReTe 20]; constant effect) and (Shriek of the Impending Shafts [InHe 25; constant effect). Formerly owned by Dialectica, this silver ring was recovered from her belongings when she was killed by a group of vengeful barrow wights.

Broken by Husam when trying to exit the magical regio above the covenant

Petrus' Dagger
(Rend the Mystic Veil [ReVi 30]; Unlimited Uses). Enchanted by Petrus this dagger is used to Rend the Magic Veil by drawing its blade firmly down throught the air.

Broken by Lysimachus when preparing to face the Black Knives

Bracer of Resilience
(Endurance of the Beserkers [ReCo 25]; touch range; Sun duration; 24 uses per day). A bronze bracer set with amber that was created by Cormoran to aid warriors in particularly difficult battles.