The Magi of Severn Temple

Since Severn Temple was refounded in 1080 AD, twenty eight Magi have held a seat at council. Two of these have later been revealed to be diabolists and another at the least an ally of the Un-named house who accidentally killed one of his sodales. While life for a young covenant is never easy, this is a particularly unfortunate tally and one that has rendered the progression through the seasons far harder than it ought to be.

Presently, five Magi reside at the covenant, none of whom can trace their membership back to the refounding of the covenant. There is also a good spirit between the members of council, and perhaps the tribulations they have faced will be a strength in future years.

Current Magi

Branwen, filia Deana, member of House Ex Miscellenea
A shape-shifter brought up in the wilds, Branwen understands little of Hermetic traditions and society.

Hypatia, filia Lysimachus, member of House Bonisagus
The sister of the King of England and wielder of powerful ancient magics, Hypatia’s success or failure may dictate the future of the Hermetic Order in Stonehenge.

Jari Alfarsson, filius Stiria, member of House Merinita
Something of a jester, Jari seems to take little in life seriously, though this may disguise hidden motives and plans.

Naevius, fillius Thacius, member of House Verditius
Traditional and conservative in his views, Naevius is something of a fish out of water at Severn Temple.

Pyrrhus, fillius Laurius, member of House Flambeau
A warrior and alchemist, Pyrrhus spends much of his time investigating the secrets of black powder.

Terentius, filius Constantine, member of House Tremere
Forthright and practical, Terentius was trained as a military scout by his house. He has a love for the wilds and a fondness for shapeshifting.

Former Magi

Jean de Caen

Jean de Caen, Magus, diabolist and traitor, was killed by Cynfawr, priest of the Morrigan, by the spring of the Severn on the Autumn Equinox of 1089 AD. He was incensed when Idris tried to prevent him visiting the spring on the holy night, and, not realising the danger he was in, he tried to disrupt the ceremony. Despite the best efforts of the covenant's bowmen, Jean was hacked to death by Cynfawr, who then fled into the forest.

Varsavia, filia Ariana, house Merinita, was the fifth magus to join the refounded Severn Temple and in her time there was an integral part of the covenants progression towards the season of Summer. A good natured and sensitive woman, she was liked by all, particularly Eanfled who had formed a strong bond with her. She was killed in 1104 by the renegade, Idris, while escorting him on a ship to Holy Isle, her skull caved in by a rock as the traitor made his escape. Her death was perhaps the greatest tragedy that had befallen the covenant, and the magi still wear her death heavily.

Idris, renowned as the Welsh war wizard, was always a difficult man to understand. A practicioner of the old faith, it seemed that his magic was always secondary to his faith. It may well have been his religion that led him into his relationship with the Un-named House. Cast from the order, he was finally killed during the battle at Severn Temple in 1106, though the precise nature of what occured is not known.

Lothar Hof had a turbulent time at Severn Temple, changing his allegiance from Bjornaer to Merinita during the course of his residence there. It was this that led to his downfall; wizard's war being declared against him by Magnus of Bjornaer in revenge for Lothar's alleged betrayal. Though he fled to the heart of the faerie regio, his overconfidence had led him to underprepare, and he was slain there with dark consequences for that place.

One of the three founders of Severn Temple covenant, this magus of House Bonisagus is one of the finest young theorists of the order. While he was a central character in the life of the Covenant the elders of his house, in part because of their concern about the number of Bonisagi in Stonehenge and also in recognition of his magical studies, decided in 1122 to invite him to reside at Durenmar. This was of course an offer that Petrus was happy to accept and he now resides at the heart of the order.

This Ex-miscellanean played her own game and was perhaps not best loved within the covenant, though open enmity was always rare. Beginning to rise to a position of some political importance within her house it was a huge surprise when she fled the covenant (having appropriated a number of enchanted items) in the Winter of 1128. She was cleared of the charge of Diabolism that Holy Isle levelled against her and returned from hiding in 1138 but after a settlement was agreed with the magi of the covenant she was formally removed as a member.

This young Bjornaer was a quiet and respectful magus, and there were high hopes for his future among his sodales. Alas, his time at Severn Temple was not long before he was slain by the maga Isabella in an accident during the assault on Blackridge.

This Bonisagus had settled well into the covenant and with his organisation of the tribunals first forum of magic, and his advancing researches, seemed set for a long and successful life. There were dark secrets in his past however and perhaps they played some part in the cravenness that led him to strike a deal with one of the Devil's minions.

Audacia was slain in the infernal tunnels below Swallowcliffe covenant. A powerful wielder of Perdo magics, the first opponent she could not kill - an gigantic infernal serpent - slew her as she retreated with Ruaridh and Madoc. A sore loss to the covenant, indeed.


Antonius died a rather pointless death at the hands of Audacia's spirit warden while investigating her sanctum. He and Ruaridh were searching for the spirit following Audacia's death, but when they found it, they were not prepared for its fiery powers. Dithering about what to do, they failed to put enough distance between themselves and the spirit, and they were enveloped in a blast of fiery magics. Ruaridh's Parma Magica held, but Antonius' did not, and he did not survive.

Having left the covenant following a fiery row with the other Magi, Madoc travelled to Blackthorn to work his mischief. Not realising the seriousness of his actions, he wrote a letter to the Magi of Holy Isle revealing that the Magi of Severn Temple had discovered the location of the fallen Diedne covenant of Swallowcliffe. Ruaridh and Turold learned of his betrayal, and they rushed north to stop him. After many twists and turns, Madoc was slain by Ruaridh, who destroyed his mind with a terrible Perdo Mentem spell developed by Audacia.

Following Madoc's death, Turold fled deep into the faerie realm to evade the pursuit of the Quaesitori. A Verditius by training, he gradually became disenchanted with the politics of his House, and he was contemplating joining House Merinita in the years before he left Severn Temple. Turold had strong connections with the faerie Court of Stone, being the first mortal for many years to possess the ancient art of stonesmithing. Turold now dwells in Arcadia, his memories of the mortal world having long since faded.

An Ex Miscellanean Quaesitor, Ruaridh believed firmly that the Code should be made to serve Magi rather than vice versa. He resented the way his House was treated by Latin Magi, particularly the Tremere of Holy Isle. Ruaridh became caught up with the pagan goddess the Morrigan, and his formerly rebellious nature was replace by grim determination. He fell to his death from the ramparts of Blackthorn as he sought to flee from the covenant after he slew Madoc, who he regarded as a fool and a traitor. His broken sword, Cynwyr, was reforged through the Morrigan's art, and Ruaridh agreed to have his spirit bound within the blade. In this way, he hopes still to have a role to play in battling his enemies.

Theo's story has all the elements of a classic tragedy. Seemingly a humble bard, content to spend his days on the road and his nights entertaining tavern folk with his tales, in his early years, Theo became caught up in events that were always beyond his control when he discovered the Crown of Madh, an ancient pagan artefact. As the years went by, Theo's demeanour became far darker as he sought to protect and extend his nascent kingdom, as - whether manipulated by the pagan Gods or just circumstance - he committed acts that weighed heavily on his conscience. Theo's end came at the hands of his lover, the faerie lady Nimue, who drove a crystal shard into his back in the caves of Mynydd Myddyn, apparently to protect him from the despair of his inevitable defeat at the hands of his enemies.

A kind and gentle Magus, Aelfwin was slain by Dionysus after Medius and Astrius foolishly followed the lich into a basement, losing a Leap of Homecoming potion that allowed Dionysus to bypass the covenant's Aegis of the Hearth in the melee. A level-headed man, Aelfwin had few of the airs or pretensions commonly adopted by Magi, and he took a close interest in the wellbeing of the Severn Temple's covenfolk.

A non-Gifted Redcap, Giraldus spent only a few years at the covenant before he met his end at the hands of Brother Everard, a monk from Tintern Abbey. Giraldus was a gregarious fellow with a great love of storytelling and music. His fae touched bloodline granted a magic to his songs and meant that he rarely loses his way, especially in woodlands. Alas, this was not enough to save him when Everard's men captured him asleep on a barge close to Chepstow. He was taken to Tintern Abbey, where he died under torture as the monks sought to find out more about Severn Temple.

A skilled politian and able administrator, Dialectica was slain by an enraged spirit after Astrius desecrated an important barrow while hunting for vis. The spirit pursued the party as it retreated and attacked while invisible to the mortal eye, catching Dialectica unprepared. Astrius tried to heal her using the Incantation of the Body Made Whole, but his magics went awry, and he caused further wounds to open on her body, ending her chances of survival.

Initially a Traditionalist Quaesitor, Medius' worldview changed considerably during his time at Severn Temple. His interest in his Jewish faith blossomed following a journey to the Holy Land, and he became an active member of the Kabbalah, a society of Jewish mystics. Medius was killed on the deck of the Severn Boar when he attempted to use the dangerous wand Virga Fulgaris to drive off an infernal serpent that was attacking the ship. Misjudging the distance between himself and the creature, Medius was caught by a blast of lightning that burnt him to a crisp.

Foremost a practitioner of spirit magic, Idolon was slain by the a demon summoned by the Black Knives in Bristol. He was attempting to rescue Constantius from the prision in which he had been placed, but he misjudged the nature and strength of his gaolers. Realising that he ws outmatched, Idolon tried to escape the gaol, but he was burned to death by the fires of a demnon sent to pursue him.

Cormoran's giantish blood gave him great strength and stature, but he also inherited the greed and simplemindedness of that race. Capable of both acts of great kindness and cruelty, he was little understood by most of his sodales. Over his years at Severn Temple, he grew protective of the pagan aspects of the site, and he eventually became a druid of the pagan powers. Cormoran's most noble act came at the very end of his life, when he called down the Wild Hunt to destroy Ieuan, son of Idris, knowing full well that he himself would never return to the mortal world.

The blood of the naiads flowed in Tiarnan's veins, which gave him a great affinity with the faerie Court of Water. Though initially wary of responsibility, he came in time to hold the titles of Archimagus and Pontifex. A good friend of both Theo and Marius, Tiarnan was always supportive of their efforts to establish a kingdom favourable to the realms of faerie and magic, though he became noticeably more cautious following Theo's death. Tiarnan was killed by a member of the Unnamed House in the crystal caves in Mynydd Myddyn.

A skilled enchanter of magical items, Fabius was killed by Moorish pirates while travelling to his House meeting on Verdi. He was a well-liked member of the Council who was quick to offer his services to help others. He rarely ventured far from the covenant, preferring to spend time in his laboratory or collecting the uncontested vis sources. Though his minor enchantments were not widely respected within his House, the magi of Severn Temple soon came to realise how effective they could be.

Aeddan's son shared many characteristics with his father, though he was less political and more interested in academic matters. He succeeded to the English throne after Aeddan stepped down, and he was subsequently appointed as Primus Jerbiton. He left Severn Temple to take up residence in Valnastium, though the magi hope that he maintains a connection with his former home.

Son of Theo and Dialectica, Marius used the Crown of Math to engineer a dramatic rise to power, assuming the titles of Prince of Powys and then King of England through political machinations and battlefield success. Appointed as an Archimagus for his great achievements, his downfall came at the hands of the Brothers In Christ, who planted evidence that convinced the Grand Tribunal to strip him of his Gift. He was slain in mysterious circumstances after the Brothers In Christ murdered his son, Urbanus.

Physically malformed, Daedalus is a dedicated and ambitious man who hopes to overcome his limitations to became a Warden of his House. Somewhat of a stickler for rules and order, Daedalus decided to leave Severn Temple after being excluded from the decision and subsequent action to retrieve the Crown of Math and grant it to Lyismachus' apprentice, Emma. He moved to Blackthorn covenant, but he remains cordial relations with his former sodales.

Selfish and suspicious of others, Erla grew up isolated from the Order, which gave her little understanding of, and respect for, Hermetic customs. Of Edith's lineage, she had a fondness for herbs and witchery. A great enemy of Justinian, she conspired against the growing Christianisation of the Britain. She was lost in the crystal caves while watching over Emma.

An Archimagus and Severn Temple’s longest serving Pontifex, Astrius was a staunch defender of the Order against enemies far and wide. Initially extremely rigid in his understanding of the world, over time he became less blinkered in his views. A druid of the Old Gods, he walked a thin line between upholding his Hermetic Oath and protecting the magical powers of the land. He died of his wounds after battling a great demon in Tolmar.

Husam al-Alim
A patient and respectful man, Husam journeyed to Severn Temple from the far Levant to fulfil his destiny. His mystical tradition was entwined with the practices of the Hashashin of Alamut. Hussam had a great fondness for intrigue, and he spent many seasons infiltrating criminal gangs and thwarting the plans of the diabolists of Bristol. Husam was killed by a demonic hound in the battle of Tolmar.

Erudite and imaginative, Lysimachus was as much a natural philosopher as a Hermetic Magus. He specialised in elemental magics, and one day he hoped to modify Hermetic theory to incorporate Aristotelian physics. He served as Chancellor of the King’s College in Gloucester for many years, during which time the university pursued a liberal approach to disseminating knowledge. In his later years, he became embroiled in court politics, even training the King’s sister as his apprentice. He was killed by a demonic hound in the battle of Tolmar.

An esoteric scholar of time, Gnaeus had a mild and unassuming manner that made him easy enough to overlook. Yet, through his writing and quiet wisdom, he came to be regarded as an integral member of the council of Severn Temple. Following Oratio's decision to step down as Pontifex, Gnaeus was the unanimous choice to replace him, as he was respected by all of his sodales. He was killed by servants of a renegade former member of House Flambeau who invaded the covenant.

A former Quaesitor who joined House Corpus Domini and then Ex Miscellena, Oratio's strong religious faith often put him at odds with the rest of the council. His powerful divinatory magics were often crucial to unlocking the secrets of the covenant's enemies. He decided to leave Severn Temple for a new start at Holy Isle after he become consumed by guilt and sorrow following the deaths at Tomer.

A member of House Bonisagus with an interest in Twilight, Volutus also served as one of the Tribunal's foremost diplomats, building up contacts in covenants across the Order. Following an encounter at the Cave of Twisting Shadows, he claimed to be a reincarnation of at least part of Criamon himself. He was lost to the world after he used his powers to destroy the ancient artefact used by the Templars at the Battle of the Dean.