Vis Sites

The covenant is fortunate enough to have access to several different sources of vis, many of which were located by investigating the old covenant's records. With such a high magical aura it is also possible to extract a fair amount of Vim vis with a season's work. It is the Ministrator's job to organise the collection of the uncontested vis each year.


Spring: Spring; Boar Tide
Summer: Vervain; Boar Tide; Mossy Pool; St Briavel's Well
Autumn: Spring; Fissure; Trellech Stones; Boar Tide; Heart of the Forest
Winter: Boar Tide

Uncontested sources

The spring. The magical spring in the covenant's grounds floods once a year, providing around five pawns of either Creo or Perdo vis. The type of vis produced appears to depend on whether the power of Anu (Creo) or the Morrigan (Perdo) is in the ascendant. At the Autumn Equinox, pagan ceremonies conducted by Caelwyn produce five pawns of Corporem vis.

Vervain. A few sprigs of Vervain, an otherwise nondescript herb, grow in the woods surrounding the covenant . Around five pawns of Herbam vis can be harvested each year. The Magi are careful to ensure that at least one sprig remains unpicked each year so that the source continues. It was lost once due to the corruption in the Heart, but was restored by the maga Edith.

The mossy pool. Madoc and his band discovered a waterfall and small pool deep in the Forest of Dean. A patch of silvery moss grows in the pool. This moss contains three pawns of Vim vis.

The Boar Tide. On each solstice or equinox, a great wave, known as the Boar Tide, races along the course of the Severn. It is possible to take some water from the crest of the wave, most easily through Rego Aquam magic. The Boar Tide produces either three pawns of Rego vis or one pawn of Aquam vis, depending on the season.

The fissure. Twenty miles northwest of the covenant, there is a large fissure in the ground. A tunnel leads deep into the earth. It is filled with sulphurous smoke and gas, which makes it extremely hazardous to travel down the tunnel. At the end of the tunnel, small spheres of molten rock can be chipped from the wall. Up to five pawns of Ignem vis can be gathered each year.

Trellech Stones. A series of ancient standing stones are located in a small magical aura close to the River Wye and the village of Clearwell. A strange lichen slowly grows on the stones; harvesting it each Autumn produces a pawn of Intellego vis.

St Briavel's well. There is a natural well at the top of Clearwell hill. On Saint Briavel's Day (mid-summer), the water takes on a strange sheen. Around five pawns of Rego vis could be gathered when the water overflowed. The well was once lost due to mining at Clearwell, but its power was restored by the Anu.

Lost Sources

The holly bush. In the wood there used to be a Holly bush that bore many berries. Once a year these could be picked, providing about five pawns of Muto vis. The site was lost when the witch Deanne picked all the berries at one go several years ago.

Faerie mushrooms. Several large mushrooms used to grow on the mound at the centre of the lowest level of the nearby faerie regio each year. Around five pawns of Imagonem vis could be collected. Tiarnan made a deal with the Palug that allows him to harvest all but one of the mushrooms in return for protecting the glade against others who might try to steal them. The site was lost when Cormoran and the Erechwyth minions invaded the glade.

Stonevail. The mines at Turold's landholding in the faerie regio produced a variety of rocks, some of which were magical. It was usually possible to harvest aropund five pawns of Terram vis per year. The vis was transported to the covenant by Cyrgyg using the faerie wagon. The site was lost after Cormoran attacked Sir Turold.

Pears from Nynniaw's trees. These trees grew from seeds presented to the covenant by Nynniaw on the centenary of its refounding. Nynniaw announced that they would henceforth bear fruit in return for a gift from Tiarnan. The pears on the trees are a source of three pawns of Muto vis. The site was lost with Nynniaw's retreat from the world.

The Holly Bush. Close to the lost covenant of Witherendun, a bloodthirsty holly bush lures victims by offering its berries as a prize. It can be persuaded to give up a few berries, which contain Perdo vis, in return for the sacrifice of a suitable animal.

Elfshot. A faerie wood close to Witherendun is home to. Group of elusive faeries, who sometimes shoot small arrows at intruders. These arrows, which can put a man to sleep if they strike true, are a source of Mentem vis.

The Pool of the Dead. Deep within a regio within Witherdenun covenant lies a pool of icy water that fills a crystal-lined cavern. On the night of the new moon, the ghosts of the dead can be summoned by name. The water is also a source of Intellego vis.

Transformed Deer. In the forest close to Witherendun, there is a group of silver deer that can be hunted by those of sufficient skill. They are a source of Animal vis. The hunter should beware, though, for eating their flesh can result in the subject being transformed into a deer within a few moments.

Contested sources

The cave of snakes. The cave of snakes on the second level of the faerie regio contains a pool of viscous black liquid. The pool is very shallow, and several small black spheres lie on the bottom. These were assumed to be the tears of the Ruadan. The covenant's records tell of up to ten pawns of Perdo vis being harvested each year, but the current Magi have never managed to recover more than four. The cave used to be guarded by a shadowy snake-like creature, probably a powerful water faerie, but this was defeated by Tiarnan and the Erechwydd. The cave now lies within the Erechwydd's lands.

Faerie birds. A few multi-coloured birds dwell on the lowest level of the faerie regio. They are extremely rare and difficult to spot. Each of their (typically five) tail feathers is worth one pawn of Auram vis.

The ancient barrow. There is a barrow of an ancient king several days travel to the north. It is guarded by a malevolent spirit, which drains the life from intruders. The bones of the fallen are a source of Mentem vis.

Nectan's pool. This pool was discovered by Tiarnan while exploring the faerie regio. It is extremely difficult to find, and it is said to be sacred to the pagan spirit Nectan. The water in the pool apparently gives the drinker the ability to learn about the past, present or future. It also contains Intellego vis.

Cave of Dylan-eil-ton's shield. In this underwater cave, where Carwyn recovered an ancient shield crafted for the Lladra's husband, dwell a group of giant eels. Catching them is difficult, not least because of the twisting passages and the unhelpful interference of some nearbvy spirits, but the eels are a source of Animal vis.

The Giant's Tower. Formerly owned by the dark knight known as the Tegid Foal, this tower was often fought over by the Courts of Stone and Ice. It has since been granted to Cormoran by the Erechwydd, presumably to tempt him back into her service. The tower appears to have a great many rooms, all of which are filled with unusual objects. Some of these contain vis, though the Magi have not discovered whether the selection is random or follows some pattern.

The underwater cave. Tiarnan discovered this underwater cave in Wales, which once belonged to Blywyddan covenant. It is reached by a difficult swim through black waters. Strange crystals may be prised from the floor, each of which contains a pawn of Vim vis.

Grey Hill. This hill is located fairly close to Chepstowe, yet it proves difficult to find for any but the most determined travellers. The hill is a magical regio with several levels (2, 3, 5 and 7). On the second level, buried objects left by past visitors can be extracted as a source of Terram vis. On the third level, spirits of the dead can be contacted by those leaving offerings. On the highest level, patterns in the stars can sometimes grant visions.

The Green Chapel. A great Tor rises above marshy ground near to the village of Glastonbury in Somerset. In a magical regio that starts at the foot of the Tor, there is a chapel covered in thick green moss, which is a source of Terram vis. The faerie knight Sir Maurice guards the chapel, which is believed by some to be the burial ground of an ancient king.

Mynydd Myddyn. The magical regio at Mynydd Myddyn contains several possible sources of vis. Those discovered so far are:

The tombs of the celts. The celts bury their dead in a series of tombs close to where they live. The tombs are haunted by the spirits of the dead, who resist the attempts of any who would seek to disturb their rest. Buried deep within the tombs are bronze weapons and armour, some of which contain Terram vis.

Myrdin's brood. The wizard Myrdin created a race of bestial servants many years ago. They eventually rebelled against his control, and they now war constantly against the celts. Merrdin's brood live in a complex system of caves, which are protected by traps and snares. Each of the creatures contain two pawns of Corporem vis.

Magical animals. The awakened forest contains a herd of magical deer with golden eyes. These can be hunted by skilled bowmen. The deer are a source of Animal vis. The forest is patrolled by a fearsome bear that may protect the deer against hunters.

Oak trees. Near the centre of the awakened forest is a great oak tree, whose sap is a source of Herbam vis.

The magical stones. On a hill that rises above the awakened forest lies a series of stones shrouded in mist. The stones are in a higher level of the regio than the rest of the forest. The moss and lichen that grows on the stones is a source of Intellego vis.

Pool of the Maiden.
Near the top of the steep slope that marks the entrance to Mynydd Myddyn lies a small spring. The spirit of a young woman - said to one of the aspects of the pagan triple goddess - dwells in a higher level of the regio by the spring. Leaving an offering of a human figurine placates the spirit. The water in the spring is a source of Creo vis, and the moss by the sides of the spring are a source of Rego vis.

Llifiau's lake. During the daytime, this lake, which is inhabited by a great serpent, is dark and poisonous, and the surrounding forest is warped by the fumes. The water is a source of Perdo vis. During the nightime, the lake's water appears hale once again. Fish within this version of the lake are a source of Aquam vis.

Twisting caverns. An extensive series of caverns leads underground from a narrow entrance to the west of the entrance to the regio. Nearest the entrance, a seam of clay streaked with strange colours is a source of Muto vis. Further into the caves, lime formations are a source of Perdo vis. Still further in, mercurial silver, which is a source of Imagonem vis, can be found on the bed of a fast-flowing underground river. Finally, sulphur deposits, which contain Ignem vis, can be excavated from a deep cavern that may lie within an infernal aura. Several tunnels remain to be explored.

The Heart of the Forest. Madoc discovered that acorns sometimes fall from the large oak tree in the Heart of the Forest. Theo made a deal with the Anu that means that two pawns for each of the Magi, each of which contains a pawn of Vim vis, can be harvested from the site. The vis is typically divided among the Magi rather than being placed in the covenant stores.