Scribed by Idris

Spring 1099 AD

The weather outside was cold and wet as we assembled for our first council of the new year. The fey regio is in Winter now so we must have a care whilst in the woods. To this end it was suggested that we map the woods and also resume patrols outside the covenant, though sticking to the roads for now. As Turold has his house meeting to attend in some far off land and the journey will take him over a year he will delay his service until after his meeting.

On a worrying note we heard that the miners in the mining village of Black Knee were to hold a "Christening" of some sort; fortunately my fears of servants of the Christ God coming to the village to further the spread of the accursed Dominion proved groundless as the event was merely a ceremonial feast. Varsavia found a rook of Auram vis from the fey regio and does not think that we should have any problems continuing to collect the imagonem vis despite the change there.

Ruaridh says that he has found a mad christian priest Aren’t they all? named Godwin in Gloucester who has been able to recruit a cut-purse in the ranks of the diabolists whom he hopes will provide him with information concerning their activities. It seems they are amassing monies but to buy what we do not know. I have been requested to add as a formal note here that the council has asked Ruaridh to organise relations and investigations with this priest and the coven.


Godwin’s spy says that his master Guyere, who has eyes filmed with blood, is getting close to the Prince Regent Hugh. This surprises me little, I have little doubt that most Normans would sell their souls quite readily. At the Ex-Miscellania House meeting I heard of the death of my pater Daffyd, killed by Holy Isle covenant by the same poison that Darius used to kill Lexor. Uriens went to the covenant to find out what had happened and was denied entry, whereupon he called forth a tower of water that stretched from sky to sea and threatened to bring the walls crashing down if he was not let in. There was much outrage at this announcement amongst many members of the house at this news. Much as Daffyd hoped I suspect. However Ruaridh clearly does not understand the feeling in the house; he is too Latin in his ways I fear. And I know he still thinks of me as naught but a hedge wizard.

Uriens proposed summoning Primus Guernicus to investigate Daffyd’s death and if he fails to come then House Ex-Miscellania will wizard’s march Holy Isle en masse. I hope Daffyd was careful but I fear that the real truth will be uncovered. We will also try and get an Ex-Miscellanian quaesitor for Stonehenge so that perhaps we can see some sort of justice for members of our house at last. Whilst Ruaridh and myself were at our meeting apparently one Casus of Flambeau passed through the Temple looking to settle in the Tribunal for the fight against Diedne. I see the vultures are circling already.


It was decided at council not to press the investigation into the diabolists for fear of breaching the phohibition in Primary Code against interfering with the mundanes. Shortly after the autumn equinox, Stassius the Redcap arrived. King Robert it seems has taken Jerusalem and butchered everyone inside how very noble! then killed some more "Egyptians". Primus Guernicus will investigate Daffyd’s death and until such time then the status of Holy Isle as a dedicated covenant will be revoked. I am also to be tried at the next tribunal for my activities in the Welsh rebellion. Jania will act against me and I have asked Petrus to act for me. While he thinks little of me as a wizard I am sure that as a sodalis he will support me to the best of his abilities. News also from Godwin: Guyere will attend a banquet held for the Prince. We scry as best we can but learn only that some sort of deal is being done between them.


Gwynneth, one of the Earl of Monmouth’s men, arrived here asking for help for the Earl’s wife who is badly ill. We sent our last healing potion with two men but they were attacked by wolves on the way and the potion was lost and one of the men killed. I think that this attack was carried out by wolves driven by hunger rather than the corruption that lies in the dell but investigations there lead me to believe that the moon will be full in a couple of years. We must be careful ere this happens and the covenant suffer the same terrible fate that befell Lydney. Also of some strangeness, a Cor came here: it was shot but as we approached its dying body it offered a necklace of black pearls to Ruaridh which he freely took. When will he have a care when dealing with the fey? Has he learnt nothing?.