Scribed by Cormoran

Spring 1164 AD

We met in this the year of the Stonehenge tribunal and discussed the previous seasons goings on.

Theo went to Monmouth to discuss the apparent war and the fact the March lords were not going to assist the king in his war as they are too scared of the welsh princes raiding over the border if they send there men to assist the king. With this being the case the Baron sent more men leaving this area almost deserted of fighting men. Theo stated that he would go to Powys to conclude a peace deal with the Welsh Prince to ensure the safety of the region. Theo requested permission to go to the glass smith to obtain a goblet to give as a gift to the Welsh Prince as this is apparently traditional in these circumstances. He decided to go in this season and so will not be able to take message to Turold as was mooted in the previous season. Tiarnan will now take the message to Turold instead saying that he would brave the Erechwydd 's wrath.

Vis was then distributed and Medius lost out as acting Pontifex because he did not assign himself any services, he was obviously busy doing other things that escaped the notice of the rest of the covenant. Mundane resources were then investigated and a stipend of 50d was handed out to each of the magi. Astrius and myself agreed to go to Mynydd Merddin to take supplies and investigate the Vis sites there. Discussion of what we would like from the tribunal and various spells were requested these were beast of outlandish size, a ward against lightening, shriek of impending shafts, commanding the harnessed beast and enslave the mortal mind. We decided on an aegis device for the swap of Corlear's notes and also specified the favoured chosen forms of Vis the covenant would like to receive.

Theo set off for Powys going via the reeve's office at Monmouth for a final briefing on the peace treaty. He then headed for Brecon where the prince of Powys had come for the discussion. Theo learnt how to ride on the way to Brecon, which pained him greatly but as he became more familiar with the horse he enjoyed it more and was grateful not to be trudging through the welsh mud of early spring. On arrival Theo was grateful for the rest that the discussions offered although he had learned something of the art of horsemanship. The men were housed in Brecon itself whereas Theo and Anthony his servant were housed in the manor house with the rest of the welsh court. The final discussions took just under two weeks where both sides made concessions to the other, and then a feast was had to celebrate the peace treaty. The prince's advisor kept his eyes constantly on Theo throughout the feast and looked worried about Theo's appearance in some way. The Prince retired after inviting Theo hunting the next morning. The next morning Theo awoke a bit drunken and panicked when he realised that he didn't have any hunting clothes and was worried about staying on horseback.

Theo got left behind due to his incompetence at riding, not that I could do any better if a horse could be made large enough to carry me, that gives me an idea for a spell, and the staring advisor was sent back to escort him to the spot for luncheon. He invited Theo to walk to rest the horse and as they walked he chatted about the other welsh princes. At lunch the prince suggested giving him a name, as he did not know his welsh family name but deferred this decision.

The hunt camped for the night and the mood was cheerful and good. Everyone seemed to be in a good mood as they had got concessions and did not want to attack the dean anyway. During that night lands were offered for some reason to Theo four leagues to the west of Severn Temple, which places them quite near to Mynydd Merddin. Theo returned and discussed this holding with Dialectica and as there were no obvious conflicts then neither of them saw any major problems with accepting this. After discussing the legal issues with Medius he accepted the offer of the land.

Tiarnan entered the Fae regio to take the message to Turold, he ran over the branches using Kieran's potion from the Niniol to the Gofynwy''s cave thus avoiding the snows and the Erechwydd's attention. On the way back he was accosted by two giants and four goblins but managed to evade them and fled quickly back to the covenant.

Astrius and myself went to Mynydd Merddin and eventually after getting angry at his own incompetence he cut open the regio after I offered him some advise. Dermot nimbly moved up the scree slope then lowered a rope and we followed him up until a grog called Amann slipped and tumbled down the scree slope hurting himself a quite a bit. I bravely lowered myself back down healed the man with my magic's and then with him on my back lifted him up the slope. Then I pulled the last man up the slope using my mighty strength. We then pressed on for the settlement. Astrius was cheered when he arrived and although there were a few language difficulties we accepted their hospitality.

The next day leaving Amann at the tower to nurse his bad ankle we headed towards the forest, Astrius gave us a warning that brood were about so we were more cautious. We went to the tree and collected the sap then we approached the stones.

Astrius went into the circle and espied a man with a goat skull staff collecting the Intellego Vis, he challenged him by declaring his lineage and at that the mysterious stranger hid himself behind the rock. Astrius then heard a loud noise of a huge beast and decided to run from the foe. He quickly cut through the levels of the regio desperately trying to get away from the fearsome beast. As he stepped through he glanced back and saw that there was a gryphon behind him and remembered from his knowledge what a formidable beast it was.

At the same time the camp at the base of the hill was assaulted by a large number of brood. A rain of stone spears came flying in as the men who had spotted the ambush charged to intercept the foul beasts. I slaughtered in two blows the brood that attacked me but the men faired badly and will was knocked quickly unconscious and dragged off I observed this and charged after the brood with will under his arm whilst the men continued there fight. I charged after the brood but was suddenly entrapped in a net, using my boots I apported behind one of them and sliced his arm off in one blow the rest of the men were slowly being beaten down as the enemy were powerful indeed. With a screech the gryphons appeared and with its appearance on the battlefield the brood fled. I observed that Astrius was going to face the gryphons alone and so I apported to the top of the hill to face the gryphons side by side with my sodalis. After I arrived Astrius chose to flee to avoid the gryphons leaving me to fight the flying monster alone. He leapt through the regio boundary counting himself lucky to have left me to fight his battle. I hit the gryphon and wounded it but it struck me and if it were not for my amazing capability for absorbing damage I would have been sore wounded. The half eagle half lion swooped again and I tried to follow Astrius through the regio boundary so when it followed us we could fight it together, but I did not pass through and the gryphon did and so I retired to the base of the hill awaiting its appearance but due to the time difference it was a while before I expected any action. Astrius reappeared a few hours later saying that it had flown off over the woods in the higher regio and so we returned to the settlement and thence back to the covenant.


At the council meeting after working out the normal tasks and activities that were going to occur we discussed the events of spring and decided that we should tell Holy Isle that we might have met a member of the unnamed house In Mynydd merthyn. We then went on to discuss the possibility of a private investigation of the Vis site raider but we decided to wait and see if holy isle minded this course of action before proceeding on our own. We also discussed who would go to the tribunal and all but Aelfwin Theo and Astrius stated that they would go however when it came to motions none could be thought of apart from general trade ideas.

A few days later into the season Orlania arrived at the gate and we gave her the hospitality of Severn temple while she investigated the attack by Caelestis, at an emergency council meeting Tiarnan explained about Caelestis' attack and then at Orlanias suggestion Medius cast spells to detect sigils and confirmed it was the fallen magus who cast the spells. They then went on to talk to spirits of the heads of the spirits, which I had bravely sallied forth to obtain with the aid of the Erechwyth. They spoke in a foreign tongue, which luckily Theo understood through some method, which he proceeded to translate for Medius who had cast the spell. But unfortunately the spirit spoke the name of his demonic master and it began to materialise in the great hall. Luckily Astrius created a great light, which banished any shadow in which it could materialise and so it's summoning was stopped. After this start they proceeded to interrogate the spirits of the infernal mages and learnt something of Caelestis' actions.

Around midsummer we went to Blackthorn for the tribunal. Which was quite eventful and I hope to relay my understanding of the events that followed. The first day seemed more like a market with various people selling items and potions we examined them and made some purchases of potions for the covenant. During this period we discovered that Mathus the redcap had died of a fever in the winter, which was a shame as the old man had served the tribunal well apparently.

The rest of the first day Eloria went on to inform us of the happenings within the tribunal. She spoke of the fells and how Medius, De Camp and Arcturus of Narwold should continue to watch them for their evil deeds. She also informed us that instead of a tithe of Vis a tithe of time would be allocated to Quaestori from covenants. Medius was given 3 covenants including Severn temple from which he could claim devices or Vis up to 10 pawns I think and 1 season. She then introduced some new magi to the tribunal but their names elude me as I was away from the council chamber at that time. When I returned she had started to inform us of the laws and changes from the grand tribunal, which worried many there, as the links to the pagans are strong in these islands.

She then told us that the order of Etheopicus was still causing problems and that the impostor king had invaded Colchester this meant the mundane war hung in the balance.

After this informative session she then surrendered the floor to the other wizards of the tribunal and the relevant points are recorded below.

LLandothwyn told us that 5 pawns of Herbam Vis would be given to each magus that showed him or herself at the house ex miscellanean meeting later in the year.

The wizard Caelestis was reported as being back in the country although we already knew this fact due to the previous events at Severn temple. Medius reported on this reappearance mentioning the astrolabe and the events that occurred.

Arcanus asked for some help with spirits and visions he had been having which sounded very mysterious but as I am not one who is skilled in spirits the offer to help him did not appeal to me.

Holy isle announced a tithe of 5 pawns per magus, which created some grumbles from my fellow ex miscellanean's.

Jolyon nervously asked the senior Quaesitor what counts as pagan links and we were told that non-monotheistic religions would be investigated.

Erin offered to help in the production of mundane longevity potions

A Christian cult in London was reported to exist that was taking an interest in order of Hermes.

Xanthia asked for help against food raiders that were coming over the border And asked for a broken Certamen to be heard by the tribunal. The case was about a Certamen to stop someone going to collect there Vis through a forest that was claimed by a magus. This certamen was ruled to be illegal and she is now able to go collect her Vis.

Tiarnan stated that we want to expand spell library and welcomed any offers to that effect.

Moravius declared that he might have time to create an item, which piqued my interest, and so I approached him afterwards.

Pontus asked to reform Borri Tor but was denied, as there were not the junior magi available to bolster the numbers there. Ildenach offered his skills as weapon smith and alchemist.

Kale had a root, which he used as a curative and would pay for more from the east if any brave souls were to venture out that way.

Motus of flambeau asked Astrius to go to North Africa with him but he refused to go as he was needed here as imperator of our covenant.


We gained a rook of Imagonem and a rook of animal from Trevalga to scribe our spells for them, which we thought, was a fair exchange as our spell library is large and they can afford the Vis. Theo revealed that but 3 nights ago the fae knight Turold asked him to assist him in the retaking of Stonevale. Tiarnan asks for us not to go as he stated that meddling in the faerie regio will only make matters worse. Medius then suggested Certamen as a way of solving our differences and then the winner could go and assist the fae that requested his aid. I then suggested a premature attack on the Gofinwes cave by the forces of the Erechwyth to forestall the chance of this awkward request occurring. After a lot of debate it was left in our own hands to decide and realising the difficulty this position put us in I challenged Theo to Certamen and Rego Herbam was called. Before the Certamen Dialectica wanted to finish the council meeting and so she asked if Astrius could make some potions of gift of bears fortitude. After the meeting we fought the Certamen in the great hall and I beat him in 6 rounds. I then inform the legationus that I was going to see the Erechwyth as required by the council mandate. Before listening to my reasons he then challenged me to certamen to stop me from aiding the Erechwyth if Turold attacked Stonevale. I warned him then that I would bring up his neutrality at the next council meeting for he has allegiances in the fae regio that conflicted with mine and therefore he would oppose me doing anything in that regio. He beat me quite easily and so I was unable to assist the Erechwyth if Turold attacked Stonevale. I then went to talk to Erechwyth and on return talked to Tiarnan who called an emergency council where I tell of the travels. Through my discussion with the queen of winter she placed all blame for the return of the sword on Dialectica now this was unfortunately down to my inadequacy of describing the events in the full. I then proposed to the queen a peace plan between the courts but she simply ignored that idea. She wanted me to attack Gofinwes cave and I said that I could not do that as I was oath bound not to attack Turold. She then aported me in front of Turold and he charged me, I attempted to avoid conflict but he paid me no heed and so I was forced to defend myself. With the Erechwyth's assistance I bested the knight and slew him. After I had related this tale Astrius proposed no talking to fae at all as it seemed to be leading the covenant into a disastrous situation in his opinion. Tiarnan opposed this proposal and a certamen was called during which due to some mishap or chance event, which can occasionally occur with magical duels, Astrius was flattened by Tiarnan's magic's to such an extent that he was nearly killed. After he is hastily patched together by the use of potions the council is reconvened and I offered to go and talk to Erechwyth after the house meeting to try and convince her not to "talk" to Dialectica as she threatened to do. At this point I was accused of breaking the primary code, which will be brought up at tribunal.

The house meeting was an eventful occasion for all involved. After I had arrived and settled in I went up to Serenia to talk about my problem. She was helpful and said I should discuss things with my primus. At the house meeting itself most of the talk was about the investigation of the pagans by the quasitori. The meeting got quite chaotic at this point and soon descended to a point where the primus was forced to call an adjournment. That night I talked with Llandothwyn and after much discussion it was agreed that I would attack the Erechwyth to save my soul from going over to being a true fae. He also stated that my trial would be heard at the house, which apparently is quite unusual. My case was tried the next day and I get off on the breach of the primary code by a huge majority. In the afternoon after a break for dinner for most of the magi we reconvened to be shocked by the news that LLandothwyn stated he would step down as primus of our house. After much discussion and argument in which Medius was the centre of many raised voices Fenriata is appointed prima. At this announcement the house erupts into almost physical violence, in the chaos Fenriata leaves and dons the robes of dusky dawn. We leave taking 5 pawns of Herbam Vis each as a gift from the new primus and although she was a Tremere I have no problems with her leading the house in these turbulent times and if things get really bad I am sure LLandothwyn will step forth once more from the shadows. I then go to the court of Goffanons escorted by Jolyon and Sylvannia after discussion with the lord of the mountain I agree to assist in the recovery of Stonevale. I then went to stone vale with Turold and I ordered the goblins and ogres to drop their weapons and then slaughter them. Then leading Turold and his minions I proceeded to the tower of the Tegid Foel and capture that then I gave both to the court of stone as a peace offering.


Medius explained the goings on at the house meeting to the amazement of my sodalis and I explained the events in the fae regio. At this Tiarnan accused me of ex legasis for not obeying the rules of the certamen we fought. Tiarnan stated his case in his eloquent way I then defended myself. The final vote was 4 to 1 in my favour. Then further charges were brought up about the same incident by this time charging me with being excordis. This time I am not successful in defending myself as the vote was 5 to 1 against me. Also I am told that I cannot talk to the Erechwyth without council permission. This does not bother me much as I will not be travelling to see her in quite a while if ever after the way she betrayed me in the incident with Turold. Astrius then asked for legationus to be removed from Tiarnan as he was biased. At this Medius refused acting as Pontifex with Dialectica's fleeing of the covenant to avoid the wrath of the Erechwyth. Astrius was not happy with this decision and so he challenged Medius to Certamen, the duel was in the technique and form of Creo vim and took the effect of making their gifts as blatant as possible. Astrius won easily and so Tiarnan lost his position as the vote went badly against him. Later that season I went to see the Palug and declared that the giving of the sword to Turold was my decision and had nothing to do with Dialectica. I beat a swift retreat after getting assurance that the winter queen would hear my words. The rest of the season although cold passed without incident.