Scribed by Erla

Spring 1267 AD

With Astrius tucked up in his sanctum binding his new familiar, the council was a relatively brief affair. There was some information regarding Emma. She has been troubled by strange dreams, which she cannot recall upon waking. Ominously, Lysimachus thinks there might have been a presence of sulphurous smoke in the room come morning. It seems possible that there’s some connection to the wyrm which emerged from the Black mountains in winter and disappeared somewhere in Mynydd Myddyn. Why would this be? Is it merely some side-effect of Emma’s connection to the Land? Or is this great wyrm attempting to influence the young queen? I counselled that a vigil be kept over her to learn more and offered to help should additional assistance be needed.

There was some petty and narrow-minded argument about my covenant service, with Lysimachus appearing not to understand the value of maintaining and increasing our crop of herbs and plants with useful properties. Perhaps such things are too mundane for our Bonisagus and he considers them beneath such investment – or perhaps he merely holds in contempt any magical practice which he does not comprehend. The rest of the council supported my service, however.

There was also discussion regarding the urgent need to recruit more soldiers to the turb. Our grog numbers have dwindled rapidly over the last few years, but with Eleanor back on the throne perhaps there is a hope in a speedy resolution to this conflict with Wales.

[Erla’s private journal] Justianian travelled out this season to the Franciscan abbey at Laycock. It seems he is determined to join the enemy and complete his apprenticeship as a monk in order to become their House quaesitor. His claim – that he seeks to infiltrate the ranks of Corpus Domini in order to bring down Hadrianus and the others who murdered Aeddyn and conspired to murder Urbanus – is undermined by the fact we learnt more about their magic from Lysimachus’ report of his House meeting than from Justinian’s own interactions with them. However, it’s curious that we’ve not yet heard word from Magvillus regarding his appointment as quaesitor – why would there be such delay? Perhaps Justinian isn’t the only candidate?]


There was some discussion regarding Emma at council. She has been troubled by further dreams, connected to the wyrm hiding in Mynydd Myddyn. Lysimachus reported that she appeared to be arguing or debating with someone in a language he couldn’t understand; but still has no memory of these conversations when she wakes. Justinian offered to help investigate using some of his magic. Husam suggested researching the books we possess on the old ways, to see if we can gain any clue as to what is happening to her.

As other matters were discussed (about an interesting book called ‘the secret of secrets’) there was a curious event at council. An invisible hand appeared to knock over one of the wine glasses on the table as Lysimachus waxed upon the virtues of some philosopher over another. It appears that Lysimachus is being haunted by the spirit of his former companion Phillipe and they can communicate within dreams. He doesn’t think this should cause any problems for the covenant and apologised for the intrusion.

Later in the season, Justinian returned prematurely from his trip to Hibernia. Oh, I probably shoud have mentioned – he was charged as part of his covenant service to investigate what was happening with the diabolists who fled Bristol many years ago. Anyway, his trip to Hibernia turned out to have been quite eventful. Via Wexford, his party followed a river north into wilder lands on route to Glencoghlea. They were attacked by some monstrous woodland faerie creature and poor old Connell was killed in the fight, but they were helped by a faerie fox that later drove away from wisp type spirits which took an interest in them. This faerie ally appeared most disturbed and quickly took its leave when it heard Justinian was intending to visit the Abbey of St Joseph where the magus Hadrianus tends to spend much of his time.

Anyway, he got there eventually. The other magi of the covenant are Ioantha (Criamon), Luigsech (Merinita) and Bradán (Tytalus). Bradán offered to assist Justinian in his investigation.

The party managed to uncover some evidence of activity along the coastal road which heads south from Dublin – a merchant wagon had been attacked, but no bodies had been found at the site. The investigation revealed that a group of diabolists had attacked the merchants and dragged their victims back towards the Convent of St Denis (near to a village called Darradur). Justinian returned via Wexford leaving the matter in the hands of Glencoghlea – specifically Hadrianus – to investigate further.

As is typically the case, Justinian had left the job half done – so the council encouraged him to return to Hibernia to press this investigation.


Justinian reported back upon the second part of his investigation. In a forested area close to the convent, he was able to retrieve the head of one of the merchants who had been taken from the road earlier in the season. However, it seems their activities were noticed and there was a running battle with some of the diabolists. They were later attacked at their camp – some distance down the road – by a group of the diabolists and some men with the skin flayed from their bodies. Between them, Justinian and Bradán were able to kill a fair number.

They took the heads back to Glencoghlea (for some reason) – but their council decided not to try to interrogate the spirits of the diabolists in order to learn more; Hadrianus’ unreasoning hatred for all forms of ‘necromancy’ probably helping to sway his council on the matter. The investigation is now stalled – with Hadrianus apparently due to investigate the convent (at some stage, perhaps). Anyway, any further investigation will apparently have to wait – as Justinian has been called to attend Magvillus this season.

[Erla’s private journal] It appears we have revealed to the White Lady’s allies that we know about the convent without gaining any further leads we could pursue – so all in all, a pretty typical outcome for one of Justinian’s investigations. Anyway, hopefully we’ll discover something about Justinian’s trip to the Domus Magnus of House Guernicus when he returns. If he isn’t to be selected as quaesitor, then who is? At the very least, we should get another name of an enemy to add to our list.]

Anyway, other news from council: Lysimachus talked to Arcanus about Emma’s dreams. Arcanus thinks he has heard the strange language she speaks in her sleep before. He reported encountering a woman in the marshes near Glastonbury who appeared to speak the same language. The Criamon uses some specialised spells to speak with ghosts from ages long past, but was unable to communicate with this individual. I’m not sure where this leads us – but it’s good that Lysimachus is taking the matter seriously. We all have too much invested in Emma to allow some unidentified power to have influence over her!

[Erla’s private journal] Lysimachus asked to be taken to the heart of the forest – in the hope that the Anu might have some insight into what’s happening with Emma. The trip was a wasted one, however. Lysimachus sought to dream of the Anu, as others have done over the years, but was not granted a vision.]

This season marked the 500th year since the founding of the Order of Hermes. The covenant held a great feast and celebration – though many of the magi were abroad or otherwise unable to attend. As occurred a century ago, a number of ghosts of past magi appeared during the night of the equinox. I spent much of my time talking with Edith and I noticed Lysimachus chatting to some of the spirits which appeared around the spring. There had been some fears that the sways and eddies of magic that might accompany this event could interfere with Astrius’ familiar enchantments. However, if this was the case, we heard and saw no sign of anything going awry.

[Erla’s private journal] Edith was most concerned about the outcome from the last Grand Tribunal and the fact that the Brothers in Christ have successfully infiltrated the Order and gained its protection. From the other world, she has seen an end coming to the Order – great bloodshed and strife – which will touch the lives of magi and mundanes alike. She was not able to reveal too much more about this war – but made it very clear that Corpus Dominii had some direct role in the death of the Order of Hermes. She was obscure about this – but did say their ‘appetite for martyrdom’ would see the death of magic. She also said that the forces of magic and faerie would make a stand – supported by the Old Gods – and though the Order would be lost, there was hope that magic might survive if the battle was won.]


Astrius reappeared after being away for a year binding his familiar. There were some physical changes to his appearance, which is not unusual, but no indication that the events last season had unduly troubled his work.

It turns out that Emma may be in communication with Myddyn . It seems Lysimachus conducted a trip deep beneath Mynydd Myddyn and found the wyrm within the ‘crystal caves’. It is believed that these magical crystals somehow contain the memories – perhaps even the spirit – of that long dead sorcerer. The wyrm, in consuming some of the crystals, may be acting in as some sort of conduit between Myrddyn and Emma.

Astrius knew a fair amount about such magical creatures – warning us not to underestimate the magical power of such a beast merely because they lack the ‘glamour’ of their dragon cousins. Myrddyn also had considerable knowledge, and possibly power, over such serpents – and Astrius speculated whether this had been something of a plot by Myrddyn to gain some influence over Emma. It seems impossible – but we know the magic of that place is strange and who knows the capabilities of Myrddyn?!

Anyway, Astrius doesn’t trust Myrddyn’s motives in this – especially as Emma appears unable to relate anything of their conversations and has sometimes seemed distressed within her dreams. The question is though – do we interfere with Myrddyn’s plans, perhaps by attempting to kill the wyrm? Husam reported that Primus Olafsson had made offer of aid should be decide to take on the beast. However, Lysimachus appears to have a bit more trust in Myrddyn’s motives and counselled against precipitous action. He suggested instead researching the woman Arcanus had reported encountering near Glastonbury – speculating that it might be the legendary Morgana (though I’m not sure what we’d learn from someone reputedly Myrddyn’s most dire enemy). Apparently there’s a Welsh bard that Husam knows, Lluddwyn, who may know some legends or stories that might help; apparently he’ll be coming to the covenant in the summer of next year.

Husam and I briefly visited Snig’s end just to check there was no resurgence of Fell activity in the area. We found no sign of either a regio or any obvious tracks within the wood. During the day there was no detectable aura – though we did identify an infernal aura was present after the sun set.

The rest of the season passed peacefully as far as I know.