Memorable Quotes

These probably won't mean very much to anyone who wasn't there at the time. But they make us smile...

Ah, but you and I are intelligent men! We can say what we mean. We do not need to disguise our intentions, to hide behind walls or to tip-toe carefully around each other. We can talk. We can do a deal.

- Sylvester (in just about every conversation he ever had).

What? Yeah, I stuck him like the pig he was.

- Gwyrnach apologises for murdering a grog from Solis Castle.

Got 'im!

- Wulfstan, as his arrow hits Gwyrnach in the back from a hundred yards at night.

One in the eye for the Normans, eh? One in the eye for the Normans!

- Just about every Welshman before the uprising of 1081 AD.

He seems pleasant enough, but, well, he's a bit dim isn't he?

- Petrus' first impression of Idris.

Jean: Sylvester cannot be allowed to testify against me, Oscytel.
Oscytel: Say that again, my lord, and he will not.
Jean: He must not testify.

- Jean effectively signs Sylvester's death warrant.

Leave that to me, my lord. He may be a fox now, but he's still one of the men.

- Oscytel makes it clear that even Eanfled is expected to toe the line.

Pah! They're all useless when it comes to interacting with people. They're either impractical or welsh.

- Ruaridh curses under his breath as he realises that he'll have to deal with 'mundane relations' again.

Henry: Get away from me, you miserable worm!
Belindt: Ah, but I'm your worm, my lord!

- Belindt fails to ingratiate himself with Henry of Lakewood.

Damn all that! I'll flatten the magical aura between here and Gloucester!

- Petrus gets very agitated by the possibility of giant spiders descending to the lower level of the regio.

Yania: Have you ever associated with members of the un-named house?
Idris: Er...what exactly do you mean by associated?

- Idris' last words in Severn Temple as the Quaesitor sees through his attempts to evade her questioning.

Lothar: I've read a lot about you.
Gofynwy: What did you read?
Lothar: Oh, I can't remember!

- Lothar's reputation spreads to the faerie realm.

Antonius: You have met the Knight before?
Eanfled: Met who the night before?

- Eanfled gets confused when discussing faerie Knights.

In discussion regarding Antonius' prosecution of Lothar for reckless endangerment:
Lothar: Is that a mental or a physical injury?
Petrus: It doesn't matter, it's an injury.
Lothar: Well his person is injuring my mind.

- Frankly we despair.

Lothar: He suggests that I just shut up and sit down.
Ruaridh: Perhaps there is wisdom in his words.

-With great restraint Ruaridh shows why he is now a Quaesitor.

Ruaridh: Should I ask for a smaller sized portion for dinner?

- Ruaridh sees the lighter side as Lothar is transformed to the size of a mouse.

Petrus: We give you permission to use whatever female domesticated weasel you can get hold of.

- Council grants Lothar his latest request.

"Every step I take, every move I make"

- Realising the horror of the wood withdrawing its aid Lothar stumbles upon a musical future echo

"You only have to sit at the same table as him and you learn"

- Caelestis' admiration for Petrus' erudition somewhat overflows

"I've had thoughts about Petrus"

-The troupe gets alarmingly puerile as Caelestis continues to espouse on the great learned one

"Well, it can't hurt"

- Antonius shows rather excessive optimism after being volunteered to wait for the Pybaw in Blackney

"We had a less than satisfactory experience with a member of House Bjornaer"

- Turold reminisces about the good old days with Lothar

"I propose that, since none of us are knights, we mob him"

-Cyrgig's infallible logic proves invaluable when battling Tegid Foel

"If you don’t mind my saying so sir that’s a bit of an omen that is"

- Gwynan, welsh pagan archer, after Castellan Jarod had been crapped on by birds for the sixth time in a row

"From what I've heard, it's all getting a bit hairy up there."

- Dialectica accurately sums up the situation in Scotland during the recent rebellion

"Don't try to get out of this by wiggling like a worm."

- Ruaridh comes up with a particularly poor insult during an argument with Madoc

"I think you might be getting involved with some very strange people."

- Ever observant, Aledd warns Madoc of the dangers of joining House Criamon

"He did appear to have a talent for shapeshifting."

- A master of understatement, Caelestis reveals something of Meredith's powers to Eloria

"I wouldn't trust strange women living in trees if I were you....."

- Ruaridh gets some advice from a friendly crow.

"It's certainly a hideous spell. I must develop it at some stage."

- Audacia hears a report of how Ruaridh was once afflicted by the Curse of the Leprous Flesh.

Audacia: State your opinion, Turold. I will not judge you either way.
Turold: In all truth, I do not believe Ruaridh to be in danger.
Audacia: Then on your conscience be it!

- Open minded as always, Audacia agrees not to begin a search for Ruaridh

Perhaps Ruaridh, given that he's dead, could technically be considered no longer a member of council.

- The sharp-witted Aelfwin sees a way to overcome the unanimity requirement to invite another Magus to join the covenant.

They'd never let us into the cathedral, but it might be worth us using one of the less salubrious places of God.

- Maelgwyn debates the best place to discuss the gang's plans without the being spied on by the diabolic agents of the Fells.

Cormoran: I have sworn against eating manflesh.
Giant: What?! You're a vegetarian?!

- Cormoran realises that his kinfolk have some odious habits.

Cormoran: Take this potion. It will transport you back to the covenant in an instant. However, it is very valuable, so use it only if we are surrounded and there is no way out.
Diarmiud: What does it taste like?

- Diarmuid is never one to miss an opportunity to try new food or drink.

Henry: "Oh good! We'll get four pennies for that."
Diarmuid: "It does seem rather a shame to come all the way into the depths of the faerie regio just to find a load of crap to sell in Chepstowe market."

- Henry and Diarmuid discuss what to do with a useless comb with broken teeth they have discovered in the Tegid Foel's tower.

If you keep going round with rats in your hair and smelling of cider, you're never going to get a wife.

- Cormoran's father gives his son some advice.

Kai: To follow your analogy - the light is on and we can see the path. All we need is to cross the gaping chasm.

Tiarnan: Yes… with gardening.

- It seems that those of House Merinita could teach the Criamon a thing or two about 'enigmatic wisdom'.

Robert: There's a giant killer in the woods looking for your father.
Cormoran: What?!!
Robert: There's a giant killer in the woods looking for your father.
Cormoran: Ok, fine.

- Cormoran is a little slow on the uptake.

Bodkin: I like the Bwbachod...they give me wood.

- Carwyn's new faerie companion reveals his interest in the fae of the forest.

Carwyn: That's all well and good, but I should remind you that several of my closest friends are small furry animals.

- Carwyn tries to teach Luke, a skinner by trade, to use a little tact when discussing his profession in front of Kai and Eanfled.

Mortalitus: Then you need to recruit more people. And then kill them.

- Mortalitus explains to Cormoran that there are certainly ways for him to provide more fresh bodies for his research.

Astrius: All right, let's abandon logic as a potential solution.

- Astrius, somewhat exasperated by Cormoran's list of potential plans to defeat the giants of the north, takes an unusual approach to narrowing down the options.

Cormoran: Out of interest, don't we have a spare lab?
Tiarnan: We did but, if you remember, you blew it up.

- Cormoran's efforts to replace his laboratory equipment after another accident are thwarted.

McKeidh: But some Magi consider themselves so wise that they can ignore the advice of others.
Cormoran: I have no illusions about how wise I am.
McKeidh: If you believe that you are less than wise, you would be wise to give them a wide berth.

- McKeidh tries (and fails) to persuade Cormoran to be wary in his dealings with the pagan powers

Cormoran: I need your guidance, for I am not wise in the ways of the mushroom.

- Cormoran is at a disadvantage when negotiating with the Morfan

Maximus: I don't know, do monks eat sausages?

- Maximus tries to divert the conversation with Brother William away from more weighty matters

Maximus: If someone says to me, "Bernard, you are a duck," it doesn't make me a duck.

- Maximus employs flawless logic while being interrogated by Brother William

Erla: I have my reasons. They are not very reasonable.

- Erla's internal dialogue reflects her dark moods

Pyrrhus: Why don't we dress up as faeries and mug them on the way?

- Pyrrhus discusses standard House Flambeau battle tactics