The Alliance of Severn Temple and Blackthorn

Upon this day, the twenty eighth of March in the year eleven hundred and nineteen, three hundred and fifty two years after the foundation of the Order of Hermes, the councils of Blackthorn Covenant and Severn Temple Covenant met to declare an Alliance of mutual support. We shall use these principles to guide our cooperation with the hope of strengthening our Covenants and the Order more widely. We may choose to make addition to this list of principles, or remove or alter such aspects of this treaty, by calling a meeting between our two Covenants and achieving the majority support of each council for such a change. This Alliance represents the cooperation of equals, and may be dissolved by either Covenant by a majority vote of their council. Here follows the declaration;

I. Let there exist between Blackthorn and Severn Temple an Alliance of equals for the good of both Covenants, the Tribunal of Stonehenge and the Order of Hermes. Let this represent the ideal relationship between two independent covenants as envisaged by the founders of our Order. Furthermore, it is the hope of those who sign below that by this Alliance we may create a stable foundation to the politics of the Tribunal of Stonehenge. To this end the Magi of Blackthorn and Severn Temple shall meet as equals to discuss the politics and problems which may exist within the Tribunal of Stonehenge before each meeting of the Tribunal. The purpose of this meeting will be to share ideas, identify problems, and discuss possible solutions to the problems which may beset the Tribunal. The hope is that by such a process the Order shall flourish in the Stonehenge Tribunal, and that the tensions, suspicions, and disagreements which may exist between others, be they individuals, factions or between Houses, shall be eased. It is the hope that this Alliance shall serve as a model of harmony and cooperation to all the Magi and Covenants within the Tribunal of Stonehenge. The place of these meetings shall alternate between the Covenants of Blackthorn and Severn Temple.

II. The Magi of Blackthorn and Severn Temple Covenants agree to lend aid and assistance in the event that the other Covenant is attacked. Magi from one Covenant may find shelter and healing at the other Covenant, so long as their needs require it. We agree to lend what aid we can to each other in times of famine, disease or conflict. We agree that if magical or mundane resources may be spared from one Covenant to aid the immediate needs of the other, then they shall be spared.

III. The Magi of Blackthorn and Severn Temple agree to assist each other in the building of strong and profitable links to the mundane world around our Covenants, and to assist the other in recruiting soldiers and consortis.

IV. The Magi of Blackthorn and Severn Temple agree to open their visitors library to members of the other Covenant. No charge shall be made for such use. We shall endeavour to always trade fairly between our Covenants with respect to vis, and books of Art or spell.

We the undersigned declare this Alliance between the Covenants of Blackthorn and Severn Temple. These principles are intended to serve within the Code of the Order of Hermes and do not supersede the rulings of the Code.

Council of Blackthorn

Caisus, filius Periculus, follower of Flambeau.
Dialectica, filia Providus, follower of Bonisagus.
Gyriania, filia Praevitius, follower of Mercere.
Isabella, filia Cortez, follower of Flambeau.
Quaesitor Serenia, filia Primus Viraxius of House Guernicus, follower of Guernicus.

Council of Severn Temple

Antonius, filius Maria, follower of Tytalus.
Edith, filia Blodwyn, member of Ex-Miscellanea.
Petrus, filius Xeros, follower of Bonisagus.
Quaesitor Ruaridh, filius Yania, member of Ex-Miscellanea.
Turold, filius Corlear, follower of Verditius.