Mundane Texts

The covenant's mundane library has grown over the years, and now it contains an impressive array of tomes on all manner of subjects. One of the largest sections of the library is devoted to texts on the old pagan gods, which Idris obtained from Cad Gadu. Some years ago, a fire started by Idris' son, Ieuan, set much of the library ablaze, destroying or damaging several priceless works. Further texts were lost when the library collapsed following the death of Archimagus Jolyon.

Pilgrim routes in southern England [practical]
Paris [artistic]

Alchemy (Optics): 2
Opus Magus (Roger Bacon): 2 xp
Secretum Secretorum (Unknown): 1 xp

Canon law (Theology): 1
Decretum Gratiani (Gratian): 1 xp

Church lore (Saints): 4 / 2
The History of Miracles (Yania): 2 xp
The Rise of the Dominion (Gregorius of Jerbiton): 2 xp
The Lives of the Saints (Aelfric of Eynsham): 1 xp
Life of St. Bernard (William de St. Thierry): 1 xp
The Book of Pastoral Rule (Gregory the Great): 1 xp
Scivias (Hildegard von Bingen): 1 xp
On Loving God (St Bernard of Clairvaux): 1 xp
Codex Calixtinus (Pope Callixtus II): 1 xp
Ordo representacionis Adae (Unknown): 1 xp
A Discussion on the Nature of Sin (Martinus): 1 xp

Church knowledge (Doctrine): 3 / 3
De Civitae Dei (Augustine of Hippo): 2 xp
A Treatise on Christian Doctrine (Strabo of Criamon): 2 xp
The Holy Bible (Various): 2 xp
Proslogion (Anselm of Cantebury): 1 xp
Theologia Christiana (Pierre Abelard): 1 xp
A Discussion on the Nature of Hell (Unknown): 1 xp

Civil law (Great Charter): 2 / 1
Constitutions of Clarendon (Henry of England): 2 xp
Trés Ancien Coutumier (Various): 1 xp
Statutes of Gloucester (Various): 1 xp

Dean lore (Faerie forest): 1
The Forest of Dean (Varsavia): 1 xp

Faerie lore (Seelie Fae): 4 / 1
Some Thoughts upon Faerie Nature (Varsavia): 3 xp
A Discussion of Mount Olympus (Junia of Merinita): 2 xp
Controversies of the Faerie Courts (Drusilia of Merinita): 2 xp
Legend of the Black Road (Alexis of Tytalus): 2 xp
Extracting Yourself from Faerie Bargains (Perla of Merinita): 2 xp

Fantastic beast lore (Myths): 4 / 4
Physiologus (Unknown): 2 xp
Origines (Isodore of Seville): 2 xp
De Mirabilibus Mundi (Solinus): 2 xp
Beware of These Dangerous Creatures (Viremos): 2 xp
De arte venandi cum avibus (Frederick II): 2 xp
Lairs and Habitats (Beortmaer): 1 xp
De Avibus (Hugues de Fouilloy): 1 xp
Aberdeen Bestiary (Unknown): 1 xp
The Beast of the Moor (Unknown): 1 xp

Herbalism (Healing): 1
Secretum Secretorum (Unknown): 1 xp

Hermes history (Stonehenge): 3 / 2
Pralix’s War Against the Giants (Bellus of Ex Misc): 2 xp
A History of Celtic Magicians (Morrimere of Merinita): 2 xp
The Sundering of House Tremere (Benedict of Jerbiton): 1 xp
Notable Magi of the Early Order (Galba of Tremere): 1 xp
Collected Sayings of the Founders (Vitus of Bonisagus): 1 xp
A History of the Grand Tribunal (Fulmer of Jerbiton): 1 xp

Hermes lore (Covenants): 3
Covenants of the British Isles (Rennius of Mercere): 2 xp
Tribunal records of Blackthorn Covenant (Various): 2 xp
Observations on Hermetic Politics (Rania of Tytalus): 1 xp
A Journey to the East of the Order (Delebon of Criamon): 1 xp

Hermetic law (Tribunal law): 4 / 1
Collected Judgements of the Grand Tribunal (Otho of Guernicus): 2 xp
The Folly of Transitionalism (Pulmo of Guernicus): 2 xp
Interpretation is Unnecessary: Read the Text (Pulmo of Guernicus): 1 xp
The Traditions of the Stonehenge Tribunal (Yolanda of Guernicus): 1 xp
Reading Between the Lines of the Code (Helena of Jerbiton): 1 xp
How to Fight Wizards’ War (Tramaneus of Flambeau): 1 xp
Molesting the Fae: A Guide to Interpretation (Ruminus of Guernicus): 1 xp
Judgements Involving the Infernal (Antonius of Guernicus): 1 xp
Traditions of Tribunal Law (Savius of Guernicus): 1 xp

Humanities (History): 4 / 4
Nicomachean Ethics (Aristotle): 2 xp
The Republic (Plato): 2 xp
De nuptiis Philologiae et Mercurii (Martianus Capella): 2 xp
Consolatio Philosophiae (Boethius): 2 xp
Opus Magus (Roger Bacon): 2 xp
Secretum Secretorum (Unknown): 2 xp
A History of Secular Law (Various): 1 xp
Mathematics (Pythagoras): 1 xp

Islamic Knowledge (Doctrine): 2
The Koran (Mohammed): 2 xp (Arabic)
The Hadith (Various): 1 xp (Arabic)

Legend lore (Wales): 2 / 2
Mabinogion (Unknown): 2 xp
Historia Brittonum (Nennius): 1 xp
The Book of Taliesin (Unknown): 1 xp
Legends of Cornwall (Unknown): 1 xp

Magic Theory (Enchanting items): 8
A Study of the Properties of Aurae (Xeros): 3 xp
The Enchanter’s Craft (Corlear): 3 xp
Reflections on the Mysteries of Form (Corlear): 3 xp
Intelligent Constructs (Corlear): 3 xp
Encyclopaedia Formulae (Euclio of Jerbiton): 2 xp
A Critical Evaluation of the Flaws in Hermetic Theory (Procus of Bonisagus): 2 xp
A Primer on Spontaneous Magic (Scipio of Bonisagus): 2 xp
Mercurian Origins (Parmenion of Mercere): 2 xp
Initial Speculations on Animatae (Corlear): 2 xp
The Familiar Cords (Thetis of Merinita): 2 xp
The Unstated Influences of Planets (Timon of Ex Miscellenea): 1 xp
An Ode to Perdo (Rastus of Tremere): 1 xp
The Magic of the Aegis of the Hearth (Lillith of Criamon): 1 xp
Magic Circles (Daedric of Ex Miscellanea: 1 xp
Attempts to Pierce the Lunar Sphere (Anaximander of Tytalus): 1 xp
The Law of Sympathy (Rachel of Jerbiton): 1 xp
Necromancy for the Neophyte (Staphyla of Tytalus): 1 xp
The Missing Arts (Velius of Bonisagus): 1 xp
A Treatise on Invoking Emotions (Helios of Merinita): 1 xp
Notes on Failed Experiments (Corlear): 1 xp
Amplifying the Power of Materials (Corlear): 1 xp
Unresolved Problems (Corlear): 1 xp

Medicine (Anatomy): 3
The Canon of Medicine (Avicenna): 3 xp
De Gradibus (Al-Kindi): 1 xp
Opus Magus (Roger Bacon): 1 xp
Secretum Secretorum (Unknown): 1 xp

Occult lore (Witchcraft): 4 / 4
A Study of the Practices of the Dark Faith (Eloria): 3 xp
Reflections on the Midnight Art (Nostrius): 2 xp
The Testament of Solomon (Unknown): 2 xp
The Shadows Cast at Midnight (Unknown): 2 xp
Fragments of the Chaldean Oracles (Unknown): 1 xp
Apophasis Megale (Simon Magus): 1 xp
Lillith's Children (Unknown): 1 xp
The Devil's Hand (Radulfus): 1 xp
Opus Magus (Roger Bacon): 1 xp

Occult knowledge (Rituals): 1 / 1
Mysteries Revealed (Unknown): 2 xp

Pagan lore (Festivals): 6 / 5
The Sacred Omphalos (Unknown): 3 xp (Welsh)
Trioedd Ynys Prydein (Unknown): 3 xp (Welsh)
Of the History & Rites of the Druids (Unknown): 2 xp (Welsh)
The Festival of Calan Awst (Unknown): 2 xp (Welsh)
Culwch and Olwen (Unknown): 2 xp (Welsh)
The Bright One with the Strong Hand: 1 xp (Welsh)
The White Horse of Uffington (Unknown): 1 xp (Welsh)
Stone Circles of Ceredigion (Unknown): 1 xp (Welsh)
The Battle of Mahg Tuireadh (Unknown): 1 xp (Welsh)
The Washer by the Ford (Unknown): 1 xp (Welsh)
Dinas Brin and the Princes of Powys (Unknown): 1 xp (Welsh)
The Temple of Nodens at Lydney (Unknown): 1xp (Welsh)
The Rites of Spring (Unknown): 1 xp (Welsh)
Dylan’s Death-Groan (Unknown): 1 xp (Welsh)
Tales of Gwydion (Unknown): 1 xp (Welsh)
Canu Heledd (Unknown): 1 xp (Welsh)
Geraint mab Erbin (Unknown): 1 xp (Welsh)
Celebrating Mari Lwyd (Unknown): 1 xp (Welsh)
Blessed Be (Unknown): 1 xp (Welsh)

Pagan knowledge (Gods): 5 / 5
Verses of the Graves (Unknown): 3 xp
A Guide to Animal Sacrifice (Unknown): 2 xp
Bridget’s Garden (Unknown): 1 xp
Nuada, Elcmar and Nechtan: A Comparative Study (Unknown): 1 xp
Llyr and the Dagda (Unknown): 1 xp
Sacred Uses of the Blood of the Easterners (Unknown): 1 xp
The Sovereignty of Rhiannon (Unknown): 1 xp
Annwn: Destination of the Purehearted (Unknown): 1 xp
The Deep Woods (Unknown): 1 xp
Mabon ap Modron (Unknown): 1 xp
Bran the Blessed (Unknown): 1 xp
Ogmios: The Binding God (Unknown): 1 xp
Protections Against Disease (Unknown): 1 xp (Welsh)
Magicians of Caer Dathyl (Unknown): 1 xp
The Dream of Rhonabwy (Unknown): 1 xp
Poems for Urien Rheged (Attributed to Taliesen): 1 xp
A Critical Study of Pagan Practices (Dialectica): 1 xp