Jack the Giant Killer visits the covenant, offering a challenge to Cormoran.
An attempt to broker a peace deal with the werewolves of Mynydd Myddyn fails.
Tax convoys are attacked in the Dean, possibly by the Fells.
A vampire, inadvertently released by Theo, slays Fulgaria and Du Camp at Narwold.
Theo loses a contest with the Grandfather Wolf and concedes their ownership of the woods.

Theo explains how he had released three vampires from the otherworld in more detail.
Theo uses the Nechtan’s water to learn of the vampires’ weakness to elemental forces.
Jack the Giant Killer slays Cormoran’s father and is, in turn, slain by Cormoran.
Theo is punished at the Tribunal for releasing the vampires.
The covenant secures Eloria’s casting vote by giving up Mynydd Myddyn.
Yvonne summons Guyere’s spirit, but they are both destroyed by the Magi.

Medius, Cormoran and Astrius investigate the regio at Snig’s End.
Tiarnan rescues Marissa from the tritons’ prison.
Theo and Tiarnan visit the Court of Lugh with Sylvania.

Cormoran and Tiarnan attempt to find magical fish in the Severn, but they are unsuccessful.
The King’s Court meets and discusses Aeddan’s future.
Dialectica returns, having been imprisoned on Theo’s orders.
Several Magi rescue Alicia of Trevalga, who had been kidnapped by bestial men.

Ieuan attacks Theo; he is driven off, but not before destroying Viremos.
Dialectica rejoins the covenant after Theo is persuaded to drop his opposition.
Theo reveals that Ruaridh’s spirit is bound into his sword.
The Magi destroy a demon that had been hiding in Huntley’s church.
Theo is slain by Nimue at the Crystal Cave in Mynydd Myddyn.

Tiarnan learns that Theo’s death has caused frictions between the faerie courts.
The King’s Council meets again to discuss Theo’s death.
Arcturus describes a Christian cult that he has infiltrated.
Fergus binds the spirit of a former grog so that he may provide a warning if Ieuan returns.
Tiarnan is expelled from House Merinita.
Astrius takes up Theo’s former blade.

Tiarnan becomes Carwyn of Ex Miscellanea and is readmitted to the covenant.
Ieuan attacks the covenant, arriving via the Cauldron of Bran.
Cormoran becomes lost in the otherworld, but he is rescued by Astrius.
The werewolves of Huntley attack a caravan, no longer bound by Theo’s bargains.
Medius is attacked by faeries on the way to Narwold.
Carwyn finds the shield of Dylan Eil Ton, a welsh sea god and the Lladra’s husband.
The lich Dionysus hoodwinks Medius and kills Aelfwin.

Petrus arrives to analyse the magical aura, claiming that it encourages secrecy and betrayal.

Giraldus joins the covenant.
Pendaran’s ghost visits the covenant, warning Cormoran of a war amongst the giants.
The covenant repurchases Mynydd Myddyn from Blackthorn.

Astrius is appointed as a permanent hoplite for the Tribunal.
Astrius and Carwyn visit Mynydd Myddyn, where they are attacked by the brood.